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🔞👑(A whore for the prince)🔞👑

This Story is Strictly rated 🔞
     👑🔞Episode 20👑🔞

‘Look I'm not lying to you Audrey and i don't care if you believe me or not but that isn't me!!'..Nicki protested...

‘Okay fine then I'll call Prince himself'..Audrey replied and turned around...

How was this even possible..

Same hair color..

Same walk..

Same face..

Same everything but it wasn't her...

‘Okay you're right it wasn't you but....wait do you have a twin??'..Audrey said as she walked in back...

‘No i don't'...Nicki replied..

‘Whoa are you sure?? Well since it wasn't you then I guess I'm off then,Adios sweetie'..Audrey muttered and left...

So she was just gonna go after that mass on confusion??..

There was only one person she could call and that person she hadn't talked to in years...

📲:Who the f**k is this??'..Mr Tello groaned as he picked up his phone and Nicki gulped hard...

📱:Uhmmm hey Dad'...She said and his eyes widened...

📲:Nicki minaj?? Is that you??'..He asked..

📱:Yeah it's me dad i just uhmm....

📲:If it's about that Danny boy then it ain't my concern'..Mr Tello grunted..

He was always a selfish son of a b*tch as her mother used to call him..

📱:That's not why I'm calling you Dad,I'm in Australia'..

📲:Australia?? What are you doing there??'..

📱:Work issues and all but that's not why i called,i saw somebody while walking on the road walked into a club and she looked exactly like me!!'..

📲:Maybe it was just the weed settling in on your head Nicki and —

📱:I'm not an addict like mom!! if you don't have an answer just say so!!!'..Nicki screamed...

📲:Ohhh okay fine then...You uhhh..Danny isn't the only sibling you have but I can't answer any more of your questions..Your mother will bye'..



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