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🔞👑(A whore for the prince)🔞👑

This Story is Strictly rated 🔞
     👑🔞Episode 17👑🔞

Angrily Steve walked away after grabbing an ice pack and went upstairs to his room..

She was having balls now,He thought as he stared at himself in the mirror.His hands raked through his hair and he frowned seeing the scar on his left breast part...

That scar was a reminder of what he suffered Years ago and why women couldn't be trusted...

‘What are you doing here??'..He asked in a growling tone as Nicki walked in..

‘I made herbal tea for you..sorry i uhmm for the pain you're feeling'..She replied..

‘Your job isn't to take Care of me like I'm some little child,your job is to warm my bed and be my whore cause that's what you are!!!'..He screamed and Nicki ran away crying..

Damn he was really in a bad mood...


‘What do you want??'..Da Costa De Luna asked as his visitor walked into his office..

‘He knows someone is after him Costa!! He's going to find out soon enough if you're not careful!!'...She yelled and Da Costa smiled...

’You do know that playing with the Prince of Chicago is fire right?? And I'm just doing this because of what you promised me?'...

‘Yes i am well aware of that and I want Steve dead in two weeks or else you'd be in his place'..She warned and walked away leaving Da Costa who lit his cigar...

She was playing with fire and he was that lighter...


The next morning after a checkup with the doctor Steve pulled his over in front of the cafe which Nicki and Audrey were inside...

With a push of a button he called Audrey.

‘Both of you get here now! Nicki follow Me'..He said and Nicki frowned...

‘Where are...where are you taking me??'..She asked and just then someone jacked her purse running away...

‘Hey!!!'..she screamed and ran after the thief...

‘Nicki get back here now!!!'..Steve yelled..

‘That purse has everything i own I'm not letting him get away!!'..she replied increasing her pace and he rolled his eyes the other way angrily...

‘Nicki get back....'..His voice trailed off as soon as he heard the screeching of a car..

‘Someone has been hit!'.

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