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🔞👑(A whore for the prince)🔞👑

This Story is Strictly rated 🔞
     👑🔞Episode 14👑🔞

They both reached the bathroom and Steve bent down to analyze what could be done to his fake wife's dress...

‘Okay your dress is ruined and this can't be possible cause Australia's channel is known for 100% quality and I do not like my money getting wasted'..He grumbled...

‘ what do we do??'..Nicki asked..

‘Go back to the mansion of course'..He murmured handing his big jacket over to her...

‘You always say mansion and suite,don't you ever call anyone your home??'..She asked again and he frowned..

‘My life is none of your business young lady,your job is to just warm my bed and not to ask questions about my personal life!'..

‘Okay fine but I..I haven't seen my brother'..She muttered as they stepped out of the bathroom...

‘You'd face time him...Today'...


Minutes later they were back in the house and Steve had already gone into his shell of a office...

The maid handed a phone over to her which was already on a phone call and in a minute Danny's face appeared...

‘Oh my God Danny!!'..She cried out and her brother sighed..

‘How are you doing??'..She asked..

‘I'm good,they're treating me pretty well for a prisoner,even though i have chains I still have Netflix to watch,a bed,24 hours electricity and good food'..He replied frowning at the noticeable change in his sister...

‘So you're his whore now huh?'..He asked and Nicki nodded in shame...

‘Have you no shame?? You shouldn't be with him Nicki!!!'..He yelled and Nicki frowned deeply...

‘What do you mean by that?! If I wasn't here you'd have been dead by now knowing mom and dad wouldn't give a shit about you?!!'..She yelled..

‘He won't kill me?! You should kill him instead!!'..Danny scoffed and then disconnected the call...

‘Your brother is an ungrateful son of a b*tch'..Steve muttered from behind her and she wiped away her tears running away.



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