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 Season 4

Episode 9

(Uncle will you like to be my boyfriend)

Jacob went totally numb, as he exposed himself to Jack's hard punches.   

 Emily never slept with Jack...    

The baby in Emily's womb was actually Jacob's...    However, knowing that fact did not help with anything right now.    

"If you hadn't forced her to abort the baby, she would have never ran away! If you did not want to raise the baby, I would have been glad to help you!" Jack yelled, his voice came in short gasps, full of anger and disappointment. He battered Jacob, until he released him and let him fall to the floor.    

"It's all your fault! You killed her!+88888888/+++///q" Jack cried out desperately.  

Blood leaked from Jacob's nostrils and his nose was twisted right. He coughed up the blood pooled in his mouth on his clothes. Jacob's lips trembled, as he tried to say something, but his face was swollen and he could barely utter a word.   

 'It's not true. But so what?   

 It does not matter now anyway, ' Jacob despaired in his mind.   

 Every piece of evidence showed that Emily was on board that plane. No one could have survived such a terrible crash.    

This was the first time Jacob had to deal with "death". The emptiness in his heart, the numbness pounding his brain and the shear nothingness that now took hold of his soul threatened to engulf him entirely.    

In despair, Jacob slumped to the ground with a pale, white face, as he watched Jack burst into tears with his face buried in his hands. All he had left of her was the fading image in his mind. Entranced, he still remembered the first time Jack had brought Emily to the Gu mansion for the first time. It was the first time he had laid eyes on her.  

Emily seemed a little intimidated, but the happiness in her heart could not stop from flowing out of her eyes. She was so pure, like a dew-kissed begonia flower in the morning.   

 Emily followed Jack and greeted Jacob,"  Hello, Uncle."    

Jacob closed his eyes tight, desperately thinking that if she had never met him then everything would have been fine.    'Jack is right. I should die with Emily...'

 Jacob scorned himself in his mind.    

"Jacob! Jacob! What's wrong with you? Wake up! Jacob..." Jennifer's voice was fading in and out of Jacob's ear and soon the whole world succumbed to the silence.  


Four years later, at the airport of Jingshi City.    

A stunningly beautiful woman, dressed like an urban fashionista, carrying a child in one hand and pulling her suitcase with the other, walked out in 10cm high heels. 

She was wearing a long coat, with a cascading front tulip hemline that ended halfway before reaching her ankles.   

 When she arrived at the exit, she took out her phone, and just as soon as she turned it on, a call came in.    

The name "Sean" popped up on the screen, as she paused for a brief moment to see who it was and then cut the call directly.    

"Mommy..." The little girl in her arm looked at her curiously and the puzzlement in her big eyes was obvious, as she spoke in native German,"  Why didn't you answer Uncle's phone?"  

"Because Uncle made a wrong call,"  The woman answered casually and then changed the topic,"  Beryl, let's go get you a piece of cake, shall we?"   

Beryl fell for her mother's trick as she bobbed her head up and down happily and said,"  I want a strawberry cake!"    

"Strawberry..." the woman repeated, under her breath. Her eyes dimmed as she remembered a long lost memory of a young girl she once knew who also loved strawberry cakes very much. But now that girl was already gone, along with her old self and her old life.   

"Mommy, what's wrong with you?" asked Beryl. She noticed that her mother had drifted off somewhere in her mind, so she reached out her tiny hand and touched her mother's face.    

Emily finally drew back her thoughts and smiled at Beryl. "I'm okay. It's nothing, sweetie,"  she said.    

The people from the branch of Lu Jewelry soon came to pick up Emily as she waited at the exit for a while. Before they got on the car, Emily kept her promise and bought a piece of strawberry cake for Beryl.  

The little girl was glowing with joy and she carried her cake in a beautiful box as she hopped along the way like a bunny. 

   Since Beryl was in poor health, Emily rarely bought her sugary foods such as cakes. As this was a special occasion for Beryl, she cherished every moment of it.    

Beryl's exuberant smile, brought out the happy side of Emily and she asked her in German,"  You seem pretty happy?"    

Beryl curled her eyes as she nodded her head and answered,"  Yeah."    

The female assistant sitting in front smiled at them through the back mirror and praised,"  Madam, your daughter is so adorable. Just like a doll."  

"Thanks,"  Emily replied in a gentle voice and translated to Beryl,"  She said you are adorable."   

 Beryl's Chinese wasn't so good, but she understood after Emily explained it to her. To show her gratitude, Beryl thanked her in Chinese with a slight stammer, which amused the assistant.    

Emily gently poked Beryl's cute nose and said,"  You need to work hard on your Chinese in the future."    

Beryl frowned and answered,"  Chinese is really difficult, but I can communicate in English."    

Emily disagreed with Beryl's thoughts, so she explained,"  We are in Z country, so you will need to speak Chinese eventually. Moreover, you are also Chinese, don't forget that?" "Do you want to be a Chinese who cannot speak Chinese?" Emily added.  

Beryl thought about what her mother had said for a while. Before long, she shook her head and answered,"  I will learn how to speak Chinese."    

"Good girl,"  Emily replied. Emily lowered her head and kissed Beryl's cheek and said,"  We are going home."   

 Z country was Emily's home and now it was also Beryl's home.    

Apart from the people in her past life, Z country was the one place Emily missed the most in her heart.    

Emily gazed out the window as the car drove at a steady speed down the road. Suddenly, the driver pulled the brakes really hard when the traffic light went red, and Beryl's cake fell down.   

 "Mommy, my cake!" Beryl yelled and flung herself onto the cake without a conscious thought.    

Emily was so frightened that she quickly pulled Beryl into her arms and said,"  Sit still. Don't worry, I will pick it up for you."

  The people from Lu Jewelry did not know that Emily brought with a child so they did not prepare the child seat. What's more, Beryl was in poor health so Emily felt so nervous.    

The assistant quickly apologized,"  I'm sorry, ma'am. I am so sorry..."    

"It's okay. I will pick up the cake,"  said Emily. Relieved, Emily sighed gently and held Beryl with one hand to keep her safe and then bent over to pick up the cake.    At the same time, a black, luxury Maybach stopped at the red light next to Emily's car.    

When Beryl looked out the window, she saw the face of a handsome man closing his eyes to rest in the car next to them.    

Beryl thought that the man was very handsome. In fact, to her he was the most handsome man she had ever seen. She stammered as she tried to flirt with the man in Chinese,"  Hi, uncle..."  

The man opened his eyes at the sound of Beryl's voice and then turned to look at her.    

The moment their eyes met, it felt like the entire world around them had gone silent. Beryl couldn't even utter a word as she planned to tell her mother, 'Mommy, that uncle is so handsome!'    

On the other side, Jacob looked at the girl with a straight face, but he couldn't shake the strange feeling he was getting in his heart.   

 "Hi, uncle, do you want to be my boyfriend?" Beryl finally chose to say it in English, as she stared at Jacob with her big, round eyes.   

 For some reason, her eyes felt very familiar to Jacob...  

Meanwhile, Sam, was baffled by Beryl's confidence. He was amused by her courage to flirt with Jacob, the man who had a reputation for being as cold as ice!

'Oh, my God! What a crazy world!' Sam could not help thinking to himself.

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