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Season 4

Episode 5

(Believe it or not)

Emily had just hung up the phone and she was in her bedroom, tossing and turning. When she finally calmed down, she realized she made a mistake in having the call in the first place.

Knowing Jacob, it wouldn't surprise her if Jacob was able to track her down via that call alone. She must leave M country right away.

Emily regretted her sloppiness but what she didn't know was Jacob was in M Country too and Jacob was going to find her sooner or later.

Emily started to pack a few things till she realized, how could she leave? Should she still go to Victor for help? But she had already caused him so much trouble.

And only Sean could save her and her child...

After pondering on it for a while, Emily decided to call Sean and ask for his advice. She told him that she was planning to leave but she didn't say why.
Sean seemed to be quite relaxed when he offered, "Then go to D Country. That's where my hometown is. It's a bit sudden but you look like my sister. Like I said, I've always wanted to show you to my parents..."

Emily was taken aback, she bit her lip, and said, "Is that... appropriate?"

"Miss Emily, is it okay if you do me this favor? Will you? My mother's had poor health for years, still upset and grieving over my sister's death..."

"... Okay, I will," Emily took a deep breath and then asked, "Can we go now?"

"Now?" Sean sounded a bit surprised but he didn't press it, "Okay, I'll pick you up in a while."

Sean wasted no time. He immediately drove to the manor to pick Emily up. So no matter how fast Jacob was, he was still one step behind that when he got there. All he found was an empty manor.
Bang! He landed his fist on the wall, angry and anxious at the same time.

But Emily really didn't want to be found. Because even if Jacob said that he would be willing to compromise, Emily wouldn't believe a word of it. She was so quick. How could she be gone?

Someone must be helping her!

Sam was reporting the result of the investigation, "Mr. Jacob, this manor is Mr. Victor's. As for the servants, they refused to talk, so I didn't get anything from them."

"All right," Jacob said as he glared at one servant. Then he made his way upstairs and pushed open a bedroom door.

His nose was met with a waft of something that smelled like lily. The room was decorated very sparsely. Just a lily and cactus on the windowsill and a pregnancy handbook on the table.

Every corner of this room had traces of Emily in it.

Jacob took a deep breath to calm himself down. He turned and went back downstairs. He told Sam, "Find out where Victor is right now and where he's headed next."

Emily's probably with him.

Jacob knew this speculation of his to be true because he didn't know that Sean existed.


In the cemetery, a man dressed in a suit was holding the tombstone without a care in the world. His eyes bloodshot.

"Mr. Gao, It's time to go back..." the assistant said, worried.

Every time Victor got drunk, he would come here and hold Anne's tomb tightly, crying helplessly.

Every time when he woke up from drunkenness, he would be very remorseful and regretful, because he came to Anne's tomb in such a messy image. He had promised her to live happily every day, and to dress up carefully each time he came to see her.

And every time he woke up from a night of drunkenness, he would regret everything he'd done and come back to Anne's tomb an apologetic mess. He had promised her that he would live happily and that every time he visited, he would dress up.

But no matter how hard he tried, he just ended up in this never-ending cycle.

When Jacob arrived, the assistant was focused on getting Victor to leave that he didn't notice Jacob. Jacob had already holstered Victor off the ground by his collar.

"Where's Emily?" Jacob roared.

"Go away." Victor pushed him away without even looking at him.

Jacob glanced at Sam who had just caught up. Sam immediately took out a bottle of water, opened it and poured it on Victor's head.

Victor finally jolted, "Jacob? Are you insane?" he asked.

"Where's Emily?"

"Why are you asking me?" Victor said with a sneer as he raised his hand to wipe the water off his face. His assistant hastily went to his side to hand him a handkerchief.

Jacob was so sure that Emily was with Victor but now it seemed he was wrong. "I was just at your manor," he said as a way of explaining.

Victor was surprised at this, "Wow, you've slowed down."

"She wasn't there!" Jacob protested.

"Well, she's probably run away," Victor said with absolutely no remorse or concern, "Now that she's run away, why don't you go start looking for her? If you wait a little longer, you'll never know how many men are already lingering over her."

The assistant was astounded, 'Was Mr. Victor making fun of Jacob for being cheated on? Wow, that's big of him.'

Victor's words stung Jacob but he didn't have time to waste energy on that so he just said, "She couldn't have run away alone! If it wasn't you then who is she with!"

Victor immediately thought of Sean. He was her doctor after all and he'd been the one taking care of her this whole time.

Jacob was flummoxed as to why Victor was silent, "You know something?" he suspected.

'Anne's dead so Emily was of no use to Victor anymore. Maybe he was taking revenge but he knew Victor wasn't like that. So where's Emily?' Jacob thought. Victor asked his assistant to call Sean, but he couldn't get through. Now Victor was confused.

"Sean," Victor blurted out.

"What?" Jacob asked.

Victor nervously spoke, "Emily's doctor. He must have kidnapped her."

Jacob's eyes narrowed as he stared at Victor, his voice was cold when he spoke, "You better not be lying to me right now."
"Up to you," Victor said simply.

Then Jacob turned around and left. He was walking very fast as he kept murmuring Sean's name over and over again.

Victor just watched him walking away as a mocking smile appeared on his face that was gone as soon as it came.

He wasn't obligated to help Jacob find Emily so keeping Jacob in M Country was his small revenge. At the end of it, he still hated the guy.

Even if he knew his hatred was absolutely unreasonable.

Taking Emily in was just a convenient way to get back at him but by the end, he just didn't want Jacob to get what he wanted - as simple as that.

But now that Emily was kidnapped by Sean...

He wasn't sure either. So he didn't know what he was going to do. It didn't sound right to him.

Anne," he whispered as he slowly crouched down in front of Anne's tombstone again. He opened his mouth to say something but eventually closed it, letting the leaves rustling be the only sound he could hear.


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