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 Season 4

Episode 3

(You should Stay away from me)

"Admittedly, no,"  Sean said shortly. This alone was enough to startle Emily but he continued, "But there's a reason why I'm so nice to you."   

 Emily asked him in a trance, "And what's that?"    .

"The first time I saw you, I immediately remembered my little sister. You look like her a lot but she's already passed away." When Sean talked about his sister, his eyes turned gloomy.   

 "I'm sorry,"  Emily said, "I didn't mean to remind you of that."   

 Sean smiled at her gently, "It's okay, it's been years. I just never thought I'd see you as my sister and I can't help but be nice to you. It would be a joy to me if you saw me as your brother too."    

"Doctor Sean, thank you..." Emily didn't feel uncomfortable with this, but instead, she felt sad for Sean.  

She also understood what it felt like to lose family.    

She was so used to being sunken in despair as if nothing good was going on in her life. She struggled to find strength in anything, looking for something to hold on to.    

Since being a substitute for Sean's sister comforted him so much, why couldn't she do that for other people if it would help them?    

Family affection was different from love. Love was unique and often hard to replace but family love and comfort could be found anywhere in anyone. 

 Later on, Sean did a full physical examination on Emily to see if there were new problems. But except for couple of scars, she was okay. He left after emphasizing that she needed to rest because there were still some things about her body that needed attending to.  

Emily didn't sleep well at first, but after she lit the incense Sean gave her, she was able to sleep better.    

The next morning, Emily got up early and went downstairs.    

She slowly walked along the hall way making sure to hold on the rails when she lifted her eyes and bumped into someone.   

 "Emily,"  the man said.    

The memory of last night immediately came rushing to Emily. she felt so overwhelmed that she even missed a few steps and almost slipped.    

"Ah!" she screamed, as she put her hands on her belly subconsciously. Next thing she knew she was in Victor's arms.    
Victor had rushed over in time to cushion her fall.  

Emily was startled at this - she wasn't used to seeing Victor like this.    

"Be careful when you're walking,"  Victor reminded her, not knowing that he was the reason why Emily slipped in the first place.    

"... Fine." Emily responded, stopping herself from turning around and going back to her room. "Mr. Victor..." she said.   

 Before she could finish her sentence, Victor interrupted her, "I'm sorry for what happened last night. You should've pushed me off or something. I'm just sorry, okay?"   

 Although he sounded cold and distant as usual, Emily could tell he was sincere. She gazed at him and said lightly, "It's okay. I forgive you."    

After all, he had done so much for her and here he was apologizing to her, she had no reason not to forgive him.  

Victor hummed and nodded.    

Emily still couldn't believe that he was the same person from last night. To her, Victor was disciplined, cold, and restrained.    

But Anne was an exception.    

When she thought of Anne, she sighed in her heart.    

Emily stopped Victor when she saw him leaving, "Mr. Victor, why don't you stay for breakfast?"    

"No, it's fine,"  Victor said flatly.    

"I know this may seem weird but may I ask where you're going now?"   

 Victor stopped in his tracks and paused before he answered, "To the cemetery." 

   Emily bit her lips and asked, "To see Anne? May I come with you?"  

Victor turned around and stared at her clear. He was at a loss, not saying anything.    

"Mr. Victor, please. I won't be of any trouble to you. I just want to visit her."  

  "Okay,"  Victor finally agreed. He lowered his head as if his mind was deep in thought.    

Later on during the day.    

At the cemetery.    

Victor was ahead of Emily while they were walking. He was wearing a perfectly crisp suit. Today, he was wearing a bow tie. Moreover, he shaved, fixed his hair, and even spritzed on some perfume.    He looked so dapper as if he was going out on a special date.    

Emily was walking slowly behind him, her mind racing.  

Finally, Victor stopped in front of a tombstone.    

"Anne." His face grew soft, and he was so different. His voice was inaudible, whispering, "I'm here."   

 Emily watched him carefully place the bouquet on the tomb, kneel down on one knee, and rubbed the photo on the tombstone with his hand. His eyes were full of longing.    

Her heart ached at the sight of this and unconsciously stepped back perhaps to give Victor some privacy.    

Victor even seemed to have forgotten that Emily was there in the first place. His gaze was fixed intently on the tombstone.    

"I'm sorry, Anne. I didn't keep my promise to you. It was hard... too hard..."    

Victor continued, "Can you forgive me? I don't want to do it anymore if you're not here...  

Promise me, it's okay. Promise me, you won't get upset. I'll do everything else. I'll keep living the way you wanted me to,"  Victor cried in despair.    

Although Emily could only see Victor's back, she could still feel his sorrow.    

After a long period of crying, Victor gathered himself and put on his usual stoic expression, "Anne, someone came here to visit you too today. Do you still remember her?"    

Emily realized that Victor was referring to her so she turned around and looked at Victor, hesitating before she took a few steps forward.    

"Anne, it's me,"  She spoke lightly, as if she was afraid to disturb anyone, "Sorry it took so long for me to visit you."   

 Victor looked up at Emily - he looked absolutely calm as if he hadn't just been crying a few minutes ago. "Anne's always had poor health so she didn't have much friends growing up. She really saw you as a true friend and talked about you a lot especially when she was dying,"  he said.  

But Jacob had blocked his right to return to the country. Even if he wanted Anne to be happier, Victor couldn't take her back neither. Jacob thought he was a threat to Emily. But fate is tricky and they've brought them together again.   

 Even though she came a little later.   

 If she'd been here earlier, would that have made Anne happier? But he wasn't sure if he would force Emily to sacrifice herself for Anne again.    

And now that Anne was gone, there was no point in entertaining those thoughts anymore.    

"I'm sorry,"  Emily pleaded as she felt a wave of guilt in her heart.  

When she returned to the country, she had nothing but problems. Although sometimes, Anne would cross her mind, it was often interrupted by something else more urgent and pressing.

She had reached this point in her life when she thought everything was going to collapse. There was no time for her to pause and think of anything else.

But Anne was still thinking of her.

She took a handful of candy out of her pocket and knelt before the tombstone and like a child, said, "Anne, I have candy for you."

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