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Season 4

Episode 24

(To my Dearest Princess)

Jack hastily picked up the puppy and ran off. The mother dog noticed it right away and started to chase him.

His secretary was surprised at this. What had gotten into Jack and why was he acting like this? Stealing a puppy? What was he thinking?

Finally after half an hour, Jack was able to get rid of the mother dog. He and his secretary had kidnapped a puppy successfully with a few bites and scratches here and there.

"Mr. Jack, you need to go to the hospital for your rabies vaccine," the secretary said, concerned. They were already inside the car with the puppy but Jack was seemingly more concerned with the puppy than with his wounded arm.

"I will," Jack said as he handed the dog to him, "Take him to the vet and get him washed up and checked and all of that. Make sure he's healthy."

He wanted Beryl to have a healthy and flea-free pet dog.

The secretary took the dog and nodded and then as it struck him, he asked, "Mr. Jack, what about the samoyed at my place?"

"Oh…you can have him." Jack replied.

"... Um, okay, thank you sir," the secretary replied, confused.

Jack leaned back on his seat feeling slightly relieved. He had accomplished his mission. He started picturing Beryl with the puppy - playing with him and hugging him. For the first time, he felt what it was like to be a father and it was the sweetest feeling in the world.

'Beryl is my daughter!

She's going to accept me eventually! I'm sure of it!' Jack said to himself.

After Jack went to the hospital, he went back to his office. He acted as nonchalantly as he could while he kept an eye on Jacob.

Jacob was surprisingly calm. He seemed to believe him and he was acting like nothing had happened.

But Jack had an inkling that this just wasn't the whole story. It can't be this easy. Sooner or later, Jacob was bound to find out everything. In fact, he was most probably be doing something right now to find out the truth.

Jack was changing a lot too - he was no longer the old Jack who had no power.

He'd grown enough that he was able to face Jacob head on. Jacob was no longer a threat to him but he was still worried that Emily might still have feelings for Jacob and that would be his biggest problem.

There were so many tangles and obstacles from their past. Jack also knew that he himself was also the reason why Emily left in the first place.

And if things started to unravel, Emily might decide to return to Jacob which was the last thing Jack ever wanted to see.

Now, Emily was claiming to be Cloris and she didn't seem to remember anything from the past. But what if she suddenly remembered everything? Then Jack would even have less of a chance than he did now.

So the most important thing he should do now was to win Emily over and get her to fall in love with him before Jacob could even enter the picture. Once Emily fell in love with him, Jacob would be nothing but a sore loser. 'So now my main focus should be on Emily and on making sure Jacob doesn't stand a chance. I should make plans for all scenarios...'

Jack became so absorbed in planning his next move that he completely forgot what he was doing.

"Wow, what happened to Jack? Did you get into a fight with a dog, Jack?"

Jacob's voice snapped him out of his daze. They were in their regular staff meeting and Jack had zoned out.

All of the staff turned to Jack. His suit was dirty with paw marks everywhere and his arms were wrapped in bandages. Everyone wanted to know what happened to him.

"I'm fine," Jack said and turned to Jacob reluctantly, "Leave me alone, Jacob. This meeting isn't about me. Don't waste our staff's time."

'I've got more important things to worry about right now. I won't waste my time with you, Jacob. By the time Emily falls in love with me, you'll just be sorry, ' Jack thought in his head.


The next afternoon, Jack took the puppy to Emily's house.

Jack quickly surveyed the building as he stood in front of the gate. The house was fairly nice but it wasn't good enough for Emily and Beryl.

Emily and her daughter was new here to Z country. Emily was too busy with her work to look for a decent place to live.

Jack put a new item on his plan list—to get a better house for Emily and her daughter.

Jack adjusted his tie and smoothed over any wrinkles in his car window before he went uptairs.

'Emily's at work so it'll just be Beryl and the nanny in the house. Beryl and I are definitely going to have lots of fun together! Daddy time!'

Ding dong! Jack pressed the door bell and hid by the bushes right away.

The nanny came to answer the door only to find a pink gift box lying on the floor with a cute bow knot on top of it. She picked up the box and saw a beautiful card attached to the box, on which wrote:

"To my dearest princess Beryl."

"Where did this come from? No one's here... That's weird..." The nanny was confused. There was no sign of anyone, not even a delivery man. And Emily didn't say anything about a parcel being delivered today. "Well, it's for Beryl. Beryl! You have a present!" she raised her voice to call Beryl.

"Wow! Really?" Beryl was playing with her building blocks in the living room when she heard the nanny. She excitedly ran outside. "It's pink! My favorite color!

Who's it from? Do you know?" she said as she took the box.

"I don't know…but I think you shouldn't open it before…" Before Zoe could finish what she was saying, Beryl had already opened the box.

Woof! A little white puppy was sitting inside the box with his fluffy hair popping out of the box. His little legs were wandering around, looking genuinely adorable. It was the same puppy Beryl met downstairs the other day.

"Puppy!" Beryl's eyes were shining with excitement. But she quickly covered her mouth with her hand and lowered down her voice. Emily would never allow her to keep it. She knew that. So little Beryl turned to the nanny and whispered with a pity look on her face: "Don't tell Mommy, please…"

"I don't think Ms. Emily will…" Zoe didn't know what to do.

Before she could decide, someone suddenly showed up. It was Jack with a huge smile on his face, "Beryl, do you like it?"

This time, Beryl didn't step back. She just asked him directly, "Is this from you?"

Jack stooped down so he was the same height as Beryl. He read from a book that this made kids feel comfortable thus increasing his chances of being liked.

"Yeah, I know you liked this puppy," Jack said in a gentle voice. He was so happy that Beryl was talking to him.

"Where did you find him?" Beryl asked. "I found him in the woods." Jack replied.
"Oh…" Beryl suddenly saw the wounds on Jack's arm, "Did you get hurt?"

"It's okay, don't worry about it, it was just the mother dog..." Jack stopped himself, 'What an idiot! Why on earth would I tell that to her?' he scolded himself.

Beryl's eyes widened: "How could you! Now the mother dog doesn't have her child! I don't want him now. I want him to be with his mother dog!"

Jack didn't know what to do. Everything he did seemed to be stupid and useless.
"But I thought you like the puppy…" He tried to convince her.

"What's happening? Beryl?" A voice came from the inside - a voice that Jack recognized to be Emily's. The look on his face changed, "Oh, your mommy's home! That's good! Ha ha ha!" he said, chuckling in an attempt to ease his nerves.

'What's Emily doing home? Isn't she supposed to be in the office?'

Jack tried to go and hide again but it was too late because Emily had just walked out and she'd already seen him. She was surprised to see Jack there with Beryl and with Beryl holding a big box with a puppy in it. Emily frowned and asked, "Jack? Why are you here? How did you get in here?"

'How did I get in here? Through the front door, of course. I can even get a key to your bedroom if I wanted, '

Of course, this was just Jack talking to himself. He didn't say any of those out loud. "I just... I saw your door was open... and I was passing by... and oh, I was going to give my gift for Beryl. It's this puppy, see? It's so adorable.

I've already had him checked at the vet.

He's clean and healthy. Beryl said you would never allow her to keep it but see, she loves it so much! So maybe you should let her..."

Jack had rambled on as he was trying to make a good impression on Beryl when she interrupted him, "Mommy! He stole this puppy from his mother dog! He's a bad guy!"


  1. JACK, see your life outside.

  2. I hope Jack continues failing in his attempts. Jacob where are you? Quit wasting time

  3. Jacob who hasn't even done anything is already like by berly that's father and daughter Bond



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