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Season 4

Episode 23

(She was not Emily)

Jennifer looked embarrassed, then she said, "Mr. Gu, what do you mean?" Jacob looked at her coldly, "Did you send someone to block me from looking into Lu Jewelry?"

"Mr. Gu, I..." Jennifer knew she was already caught and the only thing she could do now was to admit it, "Jacob, I'm doing this for your own good. I just want you to be able to move on. You're still trapped…"

Jacob cut her off, "She isn't just my past!"

"Okay, even if that's the case!" Jennifer said bitterly, "That woman just looks like Emily but she's not Emily."

"As if you know better than I do. Why? Have you seen her yet?"

"No, I haven't..." Jennifer lied.

"Then it's up to me to decide whether it's Emily or not,"

Jacob stood up looking absolutely ruthless. Then he spoke, "Jennifer, this is the last time you're going to meddle with my affairs. If this happens again, I'll show you no mercy."

Jennifer shrunk at this vision of Jacob - she grew pale and pursed her lips.

"Get out!" Jacob said without even looking at her.

Jennifer hurried out of his office like a little mouse.

Throughout the years, Jacob had done nothing but crush her pride, her self-esteem, and whatever little dignity she had left.


That morning, Emily was able to go to work on time.

It was cool outside much to Beryl's delight.

After her class, Beryl's baby sitter took her out for a walk because Emily always said that it was good for her to get some fresh air every once in a while.

As soon as they stepped outside, Beryl kept looking around as if she was looking for something.

"Beryl, what are you looking for?" her baby sitter asked, a bit surprised and a bit curious.

Beryl looked mysterious and said, "I can't tell you. It's a secret."

"So you have a secret, huh?"

"Of course, everyone does!"

The baby sitter responded gently, "Yeah, that's true!"

Beryl frowned at that and pursed her lips, "Zoe, how come you always say I'm right? And you always just agree with me. Shouldn't you have your own opinion sometimes?"

Zoe couldn't help but laugh, "Well, it just so happens that I often agree with you but you're right," she chuckled.

Beryl always liked talking walks outside and she was already ahead of Zoe, looking curiously around her.

It turned out, she was looking for the stray puppy that she was petting the other day. How adorable!

It was a pity that Emily forbade her from petting the puppy again because the puppy might be dirty considering it was a stray. But she really just wanted to look for that puppy again.

Bark! Bark! Out of nowhere, a little samoyed came running towards Beryl.

Beryl was immediately drawn to the samoyed that it had totally slipped her mind that she was originally looking for the stray puppy she saw the other day.

"Beryl, your mother told you not to touch any dogs....." Zoe reminded Beryl but Beryl didn't seem to hear as she had already ran off with the samoyed.

"Beryl! Beryl!" The babysitter tried to chase after her.

Beryl was still a child after all. She was so drawn to the samoyed that all she could think about was running after it until the samoyed stopped in front of a pair long legs and started snuggling against it.

When she looked up, she saw a handsome face.

"Hello, Beryl," Jack greeted her, smiling, "We meet again."

Beryl stepped back instinctively.

Jack was careful with his movement. He bent down to touch the samoyed's head and said to Beryl, "Do you like the puppy?"

Beryl longingly looked at the samoyed, "Yes, I do."

Jack smiled at her knowingly, "Then would you like it if I gave it to you as a present?"

It was indeed easier to please children. If Beryl grew to like him then maybe Emily would soften soon and she could finally give him a chance.

"Sorry, no, I can't take it," Beryl shook her head resolutely.

Jack was a little shocked, "Why? Don't you like it?"

"It's yours and I can't take it," Beryl said simply.

"But this samoyed is a gift I bought for you."

"My mommy won't allow me to keep it anyway," Beryl seemed a bit upset now, "If she would allow me then I would have kept that stray puppy the other day. It was so cute!"

"Beryl!" Finally, Zoe was able to catch up. She looked alarmed when she saw Jack and picked Beryl up immediately, "Sir, what's going on here?"

Jack was always good at talking to people. "Nothing, Beryl just wanted to play with my dog," he said with an easy smile, "She can play with it as long as she likes," he added.

Beryl looked at him and then suddenly recalled what had happened the other day and how her mommy didn't seem to like him so she said, "Zoe, let's go home. I'm done with playing with the puppy."

".... Okay then, let's go home." Zoe could sense that something was wrong with this man but she couldn't pinpoint it, so she was relieved when Beryl said that she wanted to go home because she was starting to feel ill.

"Beryl! Beryl!" Jack got more frustrated and helpless as he watched the babysitter and Beryl walk away.

Did he really look scary?

He really thought he would make Beryl happy today and thus get on her good side!

The next day, Jack's secretary was a bit confused and shocked at the vision of Jack looking through a shrub, "Mr. Jack, what are you doing?" he asked a bit flummoxed.

Jack didn't even look up, "I'm looking for a stray dog."

What? The secretary was getting more and more confused as Jack had just bought a samoyed the other day. Why was he skipping work to look for a stray dog in someone else's district?

Even though he didn't know what Jack was doing, he still helped him look for the dog, "Mr. Jack, I think..."

"What is it? Did you find the dog?" Jack asked, looking at his secretary in the eye.

The secretary gulped before he hesitantly spoke, "I think you stepped on... dog poop..."

Jack sighed unable to say anything.

He looked down and found his left leather shoe deep in dog poop. Shit! Even then, he wouldn't go home until he found that dog.

Jack asked his secretary to buy him a new pair of shoes. He threw out his old one and put this new pair on. Hours later, he found the dog in a patch of grass along with other puppies.

Bark! Bark! Bark! The dog was barking at them as if she was trying to protect her babies from him.

The secretary nervously looked at Jack, he was starting to get worried about him, "Mr. Jack, you can't go near him. He seems so angry."

"No! I have to do this! You can go home if you like, I don't need your help! I need to get that dog!" Jack shouted.

The secretary stepped back and a moment later, he saw Jack screaming and heard a lot of dogs barking.


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