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Season 4

Episode 22

(We used to be lovers)

"Beryl, just put the puppy down." Emily didn't think she would have to tell Beryl twice to put the puppy down, "Did you hear me?" she asked again.

"Mommy, the bad guys are coming!" Beryl jogged to her, and put the puppy down. The puppy scurried away instantly.

Emily looked up and saw the man nearing them. She froze in place. What was Jack doing here?

"Miss Lu, What a coincidence!" Jack looked at her and Beryl with a gentle smile plastered on his face.

Emily's heart was beating rapidly as she tried to hide Beryl behind her. Then she suddenly felt conscious as if Jack would notice that she was purposely hiding her daughter so she remained in place, "Oh, such a coincidence."

She knew that her secrets would be divulged one day but she didn't expect that that day would come so soon. Like now. She should have prepared herself before she flew back to this country.

Jack just wanted to clear things out but Emily seemed to have forgotten, "She looks just like you, is she your daughter?"

Beryl piped in, "Mommy, he told he was my dad just now."


Emily clenched her fists but her face was calm, "He's not your father. Jack, this is the last time you're going to talk to my daughter and this is the last time you're going to play such a cruel joke on anyone."

"Miss Lu, listen to me, I can explain."

"Beryl, go wash your hands and don't touch the puppy anymore." Emily said completely ignoring Jack as she pulled Beryl inside.

Jack stepped forward and blocked Emily from leaving, "Miss Lu, whether or not you remember the past and whether or not you are Cloris or Emily or whoever you are, I just want you to know that Beryl is my daughter."

"I don't know why you left in the first place but now that you're back, I'm not letting you go," Jack added.

Unsurprisingly, the thing that Emily feared the most had already happened. Since it looked like Jack really believed that she had lost her memory, she just kept up her pretenses, "Sorry but I know who Beryl's father is and it's not you."

"What?" Jack thought that the only other possibility was Jacob but they haven't even met yet, "Are you lying to me?" he asked.

"I'm not lying," Emily held out her left hand to Jack - on her second finger rested a simple ring that she bought just now in the market. "I've been married for four years now. Beryl just turned three this year."

"I don't believe you," Jack insisted as he closely stared at Emily, "It doesn't matter if you remember our past or not because I can just tell you. We used to be lovers!"
"Sorry, but I've never met you before," Emily held Beryl's hand tightly, then said, "I hope this is the last time that you bother me with stupid things like this, thanks."

"Emily..." Jack actually hoped that they could start all over again but as time passed, it just grew more difficult for him to connect with her.

And now he finds out that she's been married all this time? Who was she married to?

How could this be? How dare someone marry her before he did!

Emily was still nervous even she'd already left and Jack was already gone. She was only pretending to be calm. She was meeting too many people and doing too many things nowadays which exhausted her.

"Mommy, my hand hurts," Only when she heard Beryl's soft voice did she get back to her senses as she released her grip on Beryl.

When she saw that Beryl's wrist had bruised a little, she felt guilty and apologized, "I'm sorry, Beryl. This is all my fault. I'll treat your wrist later, okay?"
"Okay," Beryl nodded gently as she walked into the living room with her. Emily took out their first aid kit and wiped some medicine on Beryl's wrist and just kept apologizing, "Sorry, I didn't mean to, sweetie..."

"It's all right, mommy. It doesn't hurt anymore..." Beryl said, her eyes looking up at her so innocently.

Emily sighed softly and said, "I won't do it again, okay? I promise."

This was a crazy day. She always thought she would be able to handle things well but as it turned out she was mistaken.

Jack already found Beryl and even though they got away today - Jack wouldn't stop until he got what he wanted. Or in this case, until the truth comes out.

All these kept Emily worried. When she was done, she walked to the window, only to find Jack still standing outside. She closed the curtain, took a deep breath, and went back to her routine.

She had changed so much throughout the years - she grew strong enough to protect both her and her daughter. Even if Jack already knew about Beryl, she would do everything she could so that he wouldn't be able to take her away.

Beryl walked up to her quietly, and hesitated, "Mommy, is uncle Jack really my father?"

Emily didn't answer her question instead she looked into her eyes and asked, "Beryl, do you feel like something's missing? Like something that can only be filled by a father?"

Children were emotional and sensitive and Beryl knew that Emily wasn't too fond of Jack so she shook her head and said, "No, I just want you, mommy, you're more than enough."

Emily squatted down and hugged her little girl, "I'll always protect you and I'll always do what I can to make you happy, okay?"

Meanwhile, Jacob had already sent someone to investigate both Lu Jewelry and Cloris. And he found exactly what he was looking for.

Lu family, Country D... Four years ago, Emily was kidnapped by a doctor whose name was Lu. And then the plane that Emily was supposed to be on crashed.

What if Emily wasn't there when the plane crashed? What if all the evidence of Emily's death was deliberately falsified by Sean? Four years ago, they all turned a blind eye against Sean and his mysterious family.

If he was just a doctor then he couldn't have done all of this. But if this Lu family from Country D was involved with Sean then everything would suddenly make sense.

The Lu family was a strong and powerful force in Country D. They ran a jewelry business as their front but behind the scenes, they were just laundering money. Even Jacob didn't know how powerful they really were.

But as long as it had something to do with Emily, he would stop at nothing to get to the bottom of this.

Knock knock! It was Jennifer - she walked in and said, "Jacob."

Jacob raised his head and he had a cold look on his face, "We're in the office, please call me Mr. Gu."

Jennifer turned sour but she still obeyed, "Yes, Mr. Gu."

"What's up?"

"I was asked to bring you something."

"Put it here." Jacob tapped on the table nonchalantly then he looked at Jennifer coldly, "What else?"

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