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Season 4

Episode 16

(Because she was who she was)

"Mom…" Beryl was overwhelmed when she saw the sad look on Emily's face.

She reached out her small hands to wipe off the tears streaming down Emily's face. "Mommy, please don't cry. I'll be a good girl from now on," she promised.

This just made Emily cry harder. As she held Beryl's tiny body against hers, she felt worse because she felt like she wasn't a good enough mother to her. "Mom, I'm sorry. Please don't be sad."

"Beryl, it's not your fault. It's mine." Emily wiped off her tears,"I promise I'll spend more time with you from now on. All right?"

Beryl nodded her head and tears welling up in her eyes,"Okay." They went to bed, but Emily, with Beryl in her arms, couldn't sleep. She didn't fall asleep until it was almost dawn because she had a lot on her mind.

So the next morning, Emily didn't wake up in time so she had to hurry going to the office.

Beryl stood at the door, still half awake. "Mom, be careful. Don't run!"

Emily's heart melted at this that she almost wanted to bring her to work today. But she realized that now that Jack knew where she worked, he might ambush her in her office and thus, see Beryl.

"Okay, just wait mom here at home. The tutor will be here soon. Be a good girl for mommy?"

"Okay," she said smiling.

Emily bent down and kissed Beryl's cheek. It was still difficult for Emily to leave Beryl even though it was for work.

She found it hard to be apart from Beryl even if it was just for a minute. Maybe, she'd feel better later on.

As expected, another bouquet was waiting for her when she arrived at the office. The roses were pink today instead of red and they looked like they were freshly picked.

She didn't even give it a second glance as she dumped it into the trash bin. Her colleagues started to notice this and couldn't help but come up with their assumptions - they started to gossip about her.

"She just got here and someone's already sending her flowers?"

"What's her deal? Why is she rejecting him?" Her flowers are always so beautiful, how could she just throw them out! Do you know who's sending them to her?"

"We'll find out soon enough. It's a pity, she's beautiful and all that but she's cold and distant."

Emily often overheard them gossiping about her. But she could not care less as long as they weren't messing with her work.

But it seems like Jack wouldn't take no for an answer. Around noon, he sent for a car to the name of Manager Lu. Is

Emily was sitting in her office minding her own business when she was informed of this, she frowned,"What does he want me to do with the car?"

Her assistant spoke carefully,"I think he wants to... help out? Because your car's still in repairs."

Help out? But Emily was the one who crashed her car into Jack's, not the other way around. So if anyone ought to be helping out anyone, it should be Emily to Jack. Jack was just trying to get on her good side.

But Emily wasn't stupid enough to fall for it,"Where is he?"

Her assistant answered,"He's down at the lobby waiting for you."

"Tell him I'm busy and I have no time."

"But..." She wanted to remind Emily that Jack was the eldest son of Gu clan. But she shut her mouth when she saw the look on Emily's face,"Yes, madam."

Jack was starting to feel dispirited. What was he doing wrong? Didn't she like all his gifts?

Just as he was starting to get frustrated, Jack saw several female employees from Lu Jewelry going down. So he decided to talk to them.

They were surprised to find that this rich and handsome man wanted to talk to them, their eyes were glowing,"Jack? You must be Jack, right?"

"Yes, I am." Jack smiled charmingly,"I just want to know what Miss Lu likes. Would you know anything about that?"

They were a bit disappointed when they found out he was just here for Emily. But they already guessed that because he was the one who came with the car that was supposedly for Emily.

"You like Manager Lu, don't you?" one of them asked.

"Yeah, I like her very much," Jack replied without hesitation,"I was wondering if any of you could help me win her over."

He took out wads of cash and handed it to them. He was so casual you wouldn't have thought he was handing out thousands and thousands of cash.

They exchanged glances with one another. They didn't see the harm in helping Jack especially if it would help them earn a little extra cash.

So they took the cash with smiles on their faces,"I suggest you double your efforts. She's a bit hard to win over because she's always cold and distant and all she does is work."

"She's definitely a workaholic. All she does is work, I've never seen her interested in anything else. By the way, I don't think those flowers are working.

She just throws them out every time."

"I think she doesn't like anything too flashy. You can do it, we'll support you!" No one else in the office knew that Emily had a daughter aside from her assistant.

And the assistant kept her mouth shut so all the rest just assumed Emily was single.

These women didn't have any bad intentions at all. After all, they didn't even know her that well. She had just flown in a few days ago so they barely knew her.

Whatever information they told Jack wasn't top secret or anything. It was actually kind of stupid if they turned the money down.

Jack was deep in thought because the Emily they were describing wasn't the Emily that he recognized from before. He was just doing how he'd won her over before but it wasn't working anymore.

"Thank you."

Even though they barely said anything, Jack was still able to get some use out of it.

One of them suddenly asked,"Jack, don't you think that Miss Lu looks like someone? She seems familiar to me."

Jack felt his heart pounding and pretended to act casual,"Really? Who?" Did she know something?

"Emily..." The woman blurted out but when she saw the look on Jack's face,"Jack... Are you pursuing her as a replacement for Emily? Because if that's true then I won't help you anymore."

To her, Emily was completely different from Miss Lu. They may have looked like one another but they were definitely two different people.

So if Jack was just pursuing Miss Lu as a replacement for Emily then it would be completely unfair.

Jack immediately loosened up. "Don't worry, I like her for who she is not as anyone else," he said in a serious tone.

When it came to Emily, Jack's eyes always softened and he was always sincere.

There were so many people who looked like Emily. But he wouldn't even so much as look at them because they weren't Emily. He liked Emily because she was who she was. He would always love her even though she went by a different name and identity now.

He would love her forever.

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