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Season 4

Episode 12

(Emily and cloris)

Emily just arrived home and barely opened the door when Beryl rushed out from inside, throwing herself directly into Emily's arms.

"Mommy, I missed you so much... "

Emily picked her up and kissed her on the cheek, "Mommy missed you too. Were you a good girl today?"

"Yes, I was! You can even ask Zoe if you want," the look on Beryl's face was expectant, as if she was thirsty for praise from her mother.

Zoe was the baby-sitter that Emily hired. She was very diligent and honest, and most importantly she could speak English, so she could communicate with Beryl in English.

Zoe heard Beryl so she laughed and said, "Yes, Beryl was a good girl today."

Emily's eyes were filled with joy. She kissed Beryl on the head and praised her, "Such a sweet and good girl!"

Beryl's eyes twinkled and said," Yes, mommy, I'm always a good girl."

"Yes, you're mommy's good girl," Emily cooed. Beryl was a bit on the smaller and lighter side compared to other kids her age. Whenever Emily looked at Beryl, her heart just glowed, overflowed with tenderness.

Emily experienced some difficulty when she gave birth to Beryl. She actually fell into a coma and had to stay at the ICU for three months after just barely escaping death. Beryl also was in an incubator for two months after she was born.

When Emily first saw Beryl, she was unable to control her tears. She had gone through so much to keep this child that it was almost like she was fighting fate itself.

The doctors that Jacob hired for her were profession but they all suggested that they give the baby up for the sake of her health and while Sean was skilled himself too, any move they made could've been harmful for her.

The slightest mistake might have killed her and the baby.

Luckily enough, they were able to fight against all odds. After all, the only thing they have in this world is one another.

She named her Beryl, which refers to a kind of precious stone, because she saw her daughter as the most precious treasure.

"Madam, dinner is ready. Let's go, Beryl," Zoe said.

Emily stopped her train of thought. She looked at Zoe and smiled, "All right, thanks, Zoe. Beryl, come on, it's time to eat."


After dinner, Emily took out her laptop and went back to work and Beryl just sat quietly beside her, eating an apple.

Emily called up her new assistant, Lucas. He answered the phone right away, "Hello, Emily," he greeted.

She told him all about her ideas in great detail, "Can you do a comparison report on LA Jewelry and Lin Jewelry? Make it as clear and as specific, I want all the details and I want it tomorrow morning."
Lucas responded, "Sure, no problem." They ironed out a few details first before hanging up. After which, she immediately received a call from Sean.

Emily didn't answer right away. She just stared at the screen for a period of time before finally deciding to answer, "Hello, brother," her tone was low and she spoke slowly.

A man's deep voice rung through the phone, "Emily," he said.

Emily suddenly felt a little nervous. In these four years, Sean and his family had never referred to her as Emily like that identity of hers was completely gone. They all called her "Cloris."

Cloris was the name of Sean's daughter - she died unexpectedly and Sean's family hasn't been able to recover.

She licked her dry, chapped lips, "Yes, this is Cloris."

"No." Sean's voice was cold, "The moment you returned to Z Country, you couldn't be Cloris anymore. You're Emily, okay?"

Emily took a deep breath and kept silent. "Why did you go back to Z country without telling me? You didn't have to do that."

"But I'm the best one for this task, aren't I? I know this country better. You're right. No matter what happened, I'm still Emily and I belong to this country."

The tone in Sean's voice finally gave him away, "Really? Do you really want to open up the market for Lu Jewelry or are you just using this opportunity so you can see someone specific?"

"Sean, I'm an adult. I know what I'm doing," Emily cut him off. she didn't want to listen to any of this anymore.

Sean sounded resigned, "Okay, what are you running away from? Come on, you don't need to pretend in front of me anymore. Think about why you left Z country with me that time."

"Sean, I really appreciate what you did for me before," Emily calmed herself down before continuing, "I'll do anything you want me to. Any business concerning Lu family is my business."

"Why did they choose you? There are so many other people to choose from." And then he used her other name, "Cloris, I don't need you to do anything as long as you stay in D Country. Stay with me. Is that so hard?"

His voice gave him away - there were so many feelings under there that even Emily was confused. She got up and walked towards the balcony.

"Sean, Cloris was your sister's name and if you're going to choose to call me that then I hope you don't see me as anything else but just as your sister," Emily sounded final and resolute which made Sean a bit upset, "If you're going to call me Emily, then I won't consider you as family because we're not. "You know what I mean, right?"

Sean didn't respond but Emily could hear his heavy breathing. She hung up before Sean could even respond.

As the night deepened, several tiny stars started to litter the dark sky. The orange light of the street lamps helped lift up the gloomy mood of the night.

Emily had mixed feelings about Sean.

That plane crash four years ago was true. It was an accident. But Emily never got on that plane - only her luggage did. It was an accident so no one expected the plane to crash. The luggage that was on the plane became evidence that she was dead so Sean took the opportunity to bribe someone and identify her DNA in the findings of the crash site.

Everyone thought Emily was dead.

When they came to D Country, she found out that Sean did have a sister but she died in an accident at such an early age. And Emily did look like her a lot.

No one talked that much about Cloris in their family because it was too painful.

But when they saw Emily, it was like their world lit up, like they felt like they could get another chance for Cloris.

Cloris and Emily were so similar that they started to give all their love to Emily. Until, they started treating Emily as their own daughter.

She also changed her name to Cloris eventually.

She became the apple of everyone's eyes in the Lu family even if she really wasn't Cloris. Nonetheless, Emily was grateful for everything they'd done for her.

The Lu family helped her out when she needed them the most. They gave her love and affection. She owed a lot to the Lu family.

That's why she was willing to do anything for them.

But Sean was right too about one thing. She not only returned to Z Country to open up the market for the Lu clan but also for other reasons.

Because she found out something about Sean - something he'd been hiding in his heart.

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