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Season 4

Episode 11

(Daughter of Family Lu)

Emily took Beryl to a highly respectable suburb in Jingshi City. It was in a remote area but it was peaceful, free from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

Emily had returned to Z Country on important business affairs, but since she was worried about leaving Beryl behind, she brought her along with her.

If everything went well, she would soon return to D country with Beryl. To ensure that Beryl was taken care of, Emily hired a nanny and also a teacher, to give Beryl lessons. Once they had settled in, Emily took office at Lu Jewelry.

Headquartered in D country, the Lu family were engaged in the jewelry industry. In foreign countries, their company could compete with Victor's to some extent, but in Z country, its market was still slightly inferior.

Coupled with the suppression of other groups, the company's development was not as satisfactory as they thought it would be.

The whole reason behind Emily's return to Z Country was to help develop the company's products in the market.

Since the Lu family had paid considerable amounts of money to help her, she felt obligated to return the favor.

Disregarding Sean's objection, Emily brought her daughter along so that she wouldn't have to worry about her all the time.

She was no longer the Emily from her past life. Now she was Cloris, the daughter of the Lu family.

The first day was the office handover. During the handover period, there were so many things to deal with that Emily was buried up to her neck with work.

However, since she wasn't used to staying away from Beryl for too long, she hurried back as soon as she was done with work.

On her way back, Emily was greeted by two female employees of the company, who said hello to her politely.

With a confident smile on her face, she nodded her head in response and proceeded on her way.

One of them looked at Emily snidely after she walked away, and said, "What's up with her? Who does she think she is? What powers does an overseas manager have?"

The other one warned, "Keep your voice down. She's the daughter of the Lu family."

"She can't hear us from so far away. Besides, did I say anything wrong? Why would the daughter of the Lu family leave her comfortable life and come to this broken company?" the first employee asked. She gaped her mouth open and yawned lazily, before she added, "Ah, yes. You do not know how arrogant the employees of LA Jewelry and Lin Jewelry are, even the gatekeepers look down on us Lu Jewelry employees."

Meanwhile, they didn't know that Emily's hearing was impeccable. Albeit, unintended, Emily heard everything they had said, but after all these years she had learned how to tune out all the gossips and criticism from her head.

Moreover, in the face of absolute power, all criticism was merely a joke.

Only when she heard the name "LA Jewelry", she paused on her tracks.

The female employee continued, as if she had no sense of loyalty to the company, "If the company goes bankrupt quickly, we can get our severance pay earlier... Manager? I didn't see you come back?"

Emily approached them step by step, and the redness of their faces gradually grew deeper, as they realized Emily must have overheard them.

Emily stood in front of them in her high heels, with an icy cold expression on her face, and said, "Could you please say that again?"

One of them swallowed, and looked up at Emily's eyes. Feeling extremely guilty and remorseful, she said, "Sorry, Manager, I was wrong to say that..."

"If you want to work for another company, I can approve your resignation now," said Emily.

"No..." they both refused, as they cowered in fear. They weren't completely witless. Although the performance of Lu Jewelry was not as good as their competitors, the company's employee welfare benefits was one of the best in the industry. Ambitious employees were not willing to work there, whereas the mediocre and incompetent ones didn't mind staying.

Although, occasionally they complained that there was no commission without performance, they did not want the company to go bankrupt.

Unfortunately, Lu Jewelry was indeed facing hard times.

"Your remorse proves that you can still be saved," she said to them. Emily glared sharply at their red faces, and continued, "Don't you know it's not good to boost the enemy's morale and diminish your own spirit? You are the employees of this company. if you do not have the confidence in your company, how will the others feel? Do you know how many people are waiting for us to fail?"

The female employee could not help but respond, "We don't want to, but there is no way..."

"I will find a way," Emily assured. With a blank expression on her face, she continued, "So, I need everybody to work hard and give their best! I want to make Lu Jewelry compete with the best in the business. And I also want you to stand up for your company!"

The radiance in Emily's eyes and the confidence in her voice gave the two female employees a new-found inspiration.

"Yes, manager..."they both replied in unison.

Emily patted one of them on the shoulder and said, "So, keep in mind, less gossip, more work. And as punishment, you two will work overtime."

Perhaps due to poor performance, there was no drive within the employees of Lu Jewelry to do better. Moreover, due to the lack of quality leadership, the workforce did not have the right kind of morale boost they needed to improve their performance.

The reason why they were chatting away idly every day was because they were in a comfortable and less competitive environment, where no one would push them to strive harder.

What Emily wanted to do was to break the ease and get them out of their comfort zone.

"" The two of them wailed in a low voice as they watched Emily walk away from them. Their faces were wrinkled into bitter gourd, but they had to accept their fate.

They chatted as they took the elevator to the office.

"I was just about to go to the movies with my boyfriend, and I blew it... Ah!

Why is there such a thing as overtime!"

"You are lucky that manager didn't fire you! Another person in her place may not have been so forgiving after you said all those mean things about her... By the way, Lily, have you noticed that our manager looks like another person?"

"I thought so too," Lily responded. "But I just can't remember who that person is?" she added.

"Don't you think she looks like Emily? Remember her?"

"Yeah!" Lily's eyes lit up, she continued, "She was the CEO of LA Jewelry and she also won first place in the international jewelry competition... Alas, what a pity..."
Emily's plane crash set off a wave in Jingshi City because of her special identity.

The dynamic love story between Emily and Jacob was what thousands of girls yearned for. The news of her death had broken countless hearts in the city.

It's hard to love something and not be sentimentally attached to it. So many fans cried their hearts out for her.

Disheartened, Lily sighed and said, "Emily was both beautiful and talented. She had an amazing career, a love worth dying for and place in the Tao family as their own daughter... Who knew it would all end like that?"

"I suppose we all have to go when God calls us. Maybe God wanted something back because she had so much."

"Alas, if I fall in love with a good man like Jacob, I won't regret anything, even in the face of death."

Eventually, people moved on and stopped talking about them. Especially after four years since the event occurred, time had changed reality drastically.



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