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Season 4

Episode 10

(His heart frozen)

Over the past few years, it had become difficult to deal with Jacob, let alone to find out what he was feeling. Sam, afraid to do anything wrong, just wanted to get away as soon as possible.

Sam only needed a green light to make up his mind. He slammed his foot on the accelerator and soon the car was speeding off.

Beryl's face disappeared in front of the car window and Jacob didn't have time to say anything else. He felt dazed because his heart was aching and he didn't know why.

What was wrong with him?

What was it with that little girl that seemed familiar and at the same time, made him ache in his heart?

Sam thought he had made a good decision and breathed a sigh of relief. Until, he realized that the atmosphere was feeling heavy and true enough, when he looked up at the rearview mirror, he saw that Jacob's face had darkened.

Sam felt his insides turning and couldn't help but wonder if he'd made the wrong call.

"Sir, should I turn around?" Sam asked in a tentative tone.

"No need, just keep driving," Jacob said blankly, rubbing his eyes with one hand and the other placed on his chest, feeling his heart beat rapidly.

This was ridiculous! What was this feeling? He thought his heart had stopped beating a long time ago. The fire that Emily had set in his heart died along with her burning everything else it left behind. Since then, his life was barren and empty. He was practically a zombie.

But now he couldn't believe that his heart's beating was actually quickening.

'It's just because she has the same eyes as Emily, Jacob, stop indulging yourself. The day Emily died, you died too. You're just an empty body now.

You have no right to live happily, ' he reminded himself.

"Okay, Mr. Gu," Sam replied. He opened his mouth wanting to advise Jacob to rest but he shut it close when he saw the look on Jacob's face. All he could do now was do as he was told.

Since Emily died, Jacob was nothing but a working robot. He put all his energy and time on his work. In these four years, he'd rarely gone home.

But he was not a robot - he couldn't work day in and day out without even resting.

Because if he did, his body would give up on him. Sam was at a loss as to what he should do and just hoped that someone could come and talk some sense into Jacob and perhaps, even give him some joy.

Meanwhile, in the other car, Emily was kneeling and looking for the cake box that fell. Fortunately, she was able to find it right away.

Emily recalled that Beryl was talking to someone earlier so she handed the box to Beryl and asked, "Who were you talking to?"

Beryl took the box and opened it to see if the cake was still whole - it was and she was relieved. Her big black eyes widened. "Mommy, the cake's fine! And I have a surprise for you. I just saw a handsome man!" she excitedly said.

"Really?" Emily said, unconcernedly, as she helped Beryl fasten her seat belt.

"Now sit down, and hold it carefully, okay? We might not be as lucky if we drop it again," she reminded.

"Okay," Beryl said, as she nodded and looked out of the window. She was a bit disappointed that she wasn't able to hear the handsome man's answer because he left right away.


When Jacob arrived at the office, there was a new problem waiting for him.

Jack had made a lot of progress over the years and with the support of Mr. Gu, he was able to garner more power in the Gu Consortium. He also made sure that he picked a fight with Jacob.

Jacob was certainly not scared of Jack and they both had a lot to prove so they brought their conflict where it mattered - business. They constantly fought one another for power and gain - or at least, that was what everyone thought when in reality, this was still all because of Emily.

But it was all futile effort because as far as they were both concerned, Emily was dead.

Jack used to pick fights with Jacob before to win Emily back, but now he did it to avenge Emily. He was dead set on taking everything away from Jacob.

At the meeting, after another heated discussion, Jack scowled at Jacob's pale face and said with a sarcastic smile, "Mr. Gu, I think you're a little pale these days.

Maybe you need to go to the hospital and see a doctor. I mean, it would be just awful if you die, you might scare our staff."

No matter how Jacob beat up his body, he would rather die first than give Jack the satisfaction of killing him with his cold, bare hands. "Yeah, we'll all die someday. I'll just make sure you go first," he said coldly.

"Yeah, so just drink some vitamin C for me, will you? I'm scared you might go first," Jack said wickedly. With that, Jack stood up and walked out of the room, slamming the door behind him.

After he left, Jacob began to cough violently. His chest heaved and his body was limping and drooping and it was like his insides were about to be coughed out. He took deep breaths to calm himself down before he returned to his office holding his files.

Jack and Mr. Gu, over the years, had been secretly rendezvousing to overthrow Jacob out of power. But what they didn't know was that Jacob was already on step ahead of them and he was doing everything he could to fight them off.

After a while, the door in his office flew open.

Jacob remained in desk and assumed that it was just his secretary so without looking up he said, "Come in."

A steaming cup of milk was placed in front of him.

Jacob frowned and asked distastefully, "Where's my coffee?"

"Too much coffee's bad for your stomach," a concerned voice said.

Jacob looked up only to find Jennifer standing in front of him. He frowned at her, "What are you doing here?"

Throughout all these years, most especially after Emily had died, Jennifer continually expressed how much she loved Jacob, which made Jacob very unhappy.

Jennifer could sense in his tone that she wasn't welcome but that didn't faze her.

"I've never seen anyone who works harder than you. But your health, Jacob, it's suffering. Eventually, your body's going to give up on you. You're killing yourself."

"This is my business," Jacob said petulantly.

Jennifer almost blurted out "It's my business too", but Jacob already interrupted her, "Get out. You're not supposed to be here," he said crossly.

He clearly wanted her to leave.

Jennifer's face turned sour, she bit her lips and refused to leave, then said, "Jacob, look at yourself, you're a zombie! Why are you doing this to yourself? Emi—"

Jacob's face changed as soon as he heard Emily's name. "Shut up!" he shouted.

After all these years, no one dared mention her name to Jacob - it was an unspoken rule.

Jennifer had a resigned look on her face. She fixed her gaze on Jacob. He had lost a lot of weight which emphasized his facial features. His face was sunken and pallid. His eyes were like two black holes and despair filled it.

Ever since Emily died, he had lost all his passion to live.

While Jacob never even mentioned Emily to anyone, Jennifer knew very well that he missed Emily all the time. This woman was like a scar in Jacob's life but instead of healing as time passed by, it just kept decaying inside.

This woman was like a scar in Jacob's life but instead of healing as time passed by, it just kept decaying inside.

Jennifer abhorred Emily so much. Even in her death, she still had Jacob on her chains. She was still the woman in his heart. It wasn't fair.

Jennifer was fuming of jealousy and hatred. She had so much more to say to him but when she saw the look on Jacob's face, she bit her tongue instead. "All right, take care of yourself," she agreed.

Jennifer couldn't believe that until now, she'd lost to a dead woman. How funny and ironic that was.

Jacob didn't respond - he just kept his eyes on the document he was reading. That itself was already a message - he didn't have to say another word to make it clearer.

Jennifer squinted her eyes and turned around and left hesitantly.

It was probably the most difficult thing she ever had to do - let Jacob go. He'd lost all the life and spirit in him - it had died along with Emily.

Now that Jennifer had left, Jacob was the only one left in the office. He looked through his documents but he couldn't focus, he was feeling restless and unable to settle himself down.

Eventually, he put them back in the drawer, his hands were quivering as he took out a photo. It was taken around Christmas of that year. Emily had it with her for her keepsake and it was later found in the plane crash.

Jacob just kept his eyes on the photo - he felt the pain ringing throughout his aching body and his body was frozen at the same time as if all the blood had stopped flowing.

The seasons kept changing outside but in Jacob's heart it snowed all year round. He felt as if he was in hell.



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