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Season 8

Episode 18

( Let Your Talent Blossom (9)

“I have psychological trauma from those who are my mother’s age…” Huo Mian spoke truthfully.

Mrs. Su giggled happily upon hearing what Huo Mian said…

“You’re really an honest little girl. I’m surprised that you would say that… no wonder Yu likes you that much.”

Mrs. Su spoke very straightforwardly, making Huo Mian blush slightly…

Even though the whole world knew that Su Yu liked her, it was still strange hearing it from Mrs. Su.

“Yu… is the only son of our generation, and our family loves him more than anything, especially his grandpa. However, he has always been eager to excel and worked very hard to make something of himself. He never told me about the pain and sufferings he endured during this time in the army. I know my own son, and even though he absurdly started a company after his discharge, deep down, he is a very hard-working child. Over these years, there have been a lot of girls around him, but he had never brought any of them home, and never told me about them. However, he already mentioned you to me… at least twice.”

“Mrs. Su…”

“Let me finish…” Mrs. Su kindly looked at Huo Mian.

She continued to say, “I know that Yu appeared a bit too late in your life, and since you’re already married, it doesn’t matter how much he likes you. He is immoral and will be considered ‘the other man’, as young people call them these days… but there’s nothing right or wrong with love. There’s nothing wrong with truly liking someone. Plus, he hasn’t done anything to wreck your marriage, isn’t that correct?”

“Right, he never did,” Huo Mian nodded and spoke the truth.

Before Su Yu found out Huo Mian was married, he gave her roses and a sports car in such a high-profile manner…

However, after he found out that Huo Mian was married, he started pushing down his feelings, so he wouldn’t cause Huo Mian trouble.

He would rather lick his own wounds deep at night than disturb Huo Mian for one minute or a second…

This was clearly very difficult for this wild and arrogant young master…

“So as his mother, when I see Yu holding himself back like that, suppressing his feelings towards you, it’s quite heartbreaking, but I also know that you already have a happy family of your own, and he clearly shouldn’t be like this…”

Huo Mian didn’t say anything…

Mrs. Su seemed to be a very reasonable person, as everything she said made sense and was very genuine.

“But I’ve come here today… just to see you. I believe the girl Yu fell for must be the best girl in the world. You shouldn’t feel pressured… in the future, if there’s anything you need our help with, don’t hesitate to come and find me.”

Mrs. Su patted Huo Mian’s hand…

“Thanks, Mrs. Su.”

“No problem, eat it while it’s hot. These dim sums were all freshly made, and I’ll be leaving now.”

Mrs. Su really didn’t say much else; she only wanted to see what sort of woman her son fell this hard for.

She saw the news as well and read the thread that slandered Huo Mian.

However, she only believed in what she saw with her own eyes. Even though Huo Mian didn’t have a stunning appearance, she was really beautiful on the inside.

Her job might not be so pronounced, but she worked very hard…

The way she acted and spoke wasn’t graceful enough, but it was done in good taste.

Mrs. Su believed in her son’s taste…

However, it was unfortunate that Huo Mian already had a husband… she already had a family of her own.

Truth be told, Huo Mian became a little depressed after Mrs. Su’s visit…

It would be wonderful if Qin Chu’s mother was as gentle as Mrs. Su, then she wouldn’t need to put Qin Chu through such hardship.

Some outsiders called her the daughter-in-law that started fights, and others even called Mrs. Qin a dreadful mother-in-law.

Regardless, the horrendous mother and daughter-in-law relationship was known to all…

At this thought, Qin Chu hadn’t visited the Qin Manor in days, just to protect her…

Huo Mian still felt very terrible deep down…

“Head Nurse, Director Wu is here and has asked for you,” one of the nurses knocked on the door and reminded Huo Mian.

“Okay.” With no time to eat, Huo Mian stood up and headed upstairs.


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