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Season 8

Episode 6

(A Different Kind of Challenge (7)

“Why is he here?” Jiang Xiaowei was a little surprised.

“How would I know? I thought you told him about it.” Huo Mian remembered that Wei Liao had asked her about it yesterday. He didn’t seem to be here today to celebrate, was he really here to steal the bride?

“I would never do that…”

As soon as Jiang Xiaowei finished her sentence, Wei Liao and Su Yu walked up to them…

“You look beautiful today,” Wei Liao said with a smile.

“Thank you,” Jiang Xiaowei answered politely.

Neither of them acted like the funny and careless people they usually were…

All of Su Yu’s attention was on Huo Mian…

Originally, he had no intention of attending Jiang Xiaowei’s engagement party, since he wasn’t even that close with Du Jianan.

However, Wei Liao insisted on coming…

Tang Chuan was vacationing abroad with some female friend…

Su Yu was the only one Wei Liao could come with, but Su Yu said that there was no way he was coming.

In the end, Wei Liao played his biggest card and told Su Yu that Huo Mian would come as well.

Then, Su Yu gave tacit consent to coming…

Upon seeing Huo Mian in an outfit that made her look really young, Su Yu thought that she looked really cute.

However, he never spoke from his heart, and so he said with a stern face, “Did you mistake yourself for Chibi Maruko-chan? How old are you? Are you a pedophile or something?”

“Su Yu, are you the po-po? Why do you care? Is there nothing going on at Imperial Star?” Huo Mian refuted.

Jiang Xiaowei chuckled on the side. They quarreled non stop whenever they saw each other, with no exceptions.

“Guys, sit down… let me go say hi to some of the guests. Mian, take good care of Young Master Su and Wei for me.”

Then, Jiang Xiaowei smiled apologetically and left…

In the beginning, Huo Mian felt a little awkward. Then she noticed the massive amount of people in the ballroom. What was she being such prissy pants for?

Therefore, she found a seat and sat down with Su Yu and Wei Liao.

Huo Mian sat beside Wei Liao, who sat beside Su Yu…

Then, Su Yu coughed lightly, and Wei Liao immediately got up…

“I need to go to the bathroom, haha.” If he sat between Young Master Su and Huo Mian, Su Yu would probably slaughter him.

“What’s wrong with your hand?” Su Yu looked down and saw Huo Mian’s bandage-covered hands, with a layer of blood scab on top.

“Oh, I had a fight with someone last night and hurt my hand…”

“You got into a fight?” Su Yu looked at her like she was from outer space.

Last night when he saw her, wasn’t she eating pork trotters? How in the world did she end up getting into a fight?

His mind suddenly shifted, and he asked her happily, “Who did you have a fight with? Qin Chu?”

The schadenfreude he displayed was so obvious that everyone on earth could probably tell…

Huo Mian, “…”

“You’ll benefit from talking less. Your words expose your low IQ,” Huo Mian said faintly.

“You didn’t fight with Qin Chu? Who else would have the guts to fight you?” Su Yu was curious.

“Stop being so nosy, knowing more won’t do you any good.” Huo Mian didn’t want to tell him anything.

Then, she picked up a bottle of blueberry juice from the table, but Su Yu snatched it from her right away…

“Women shouldn’t drink so much juice, it’ll make you fat. You should drink water…”

Then, Su Yu pushed a bottle of Evian water in front of Huo Mian.

“Xiaowei… I want to switch seats.” Huo Mian couldn’t take it anymore, so she got up and waved her hand at Jiang Xiaowei.

Jiang Xiaowei came over with a smile on her face. “Haha, why? Are you sick of Su Yu?”

“If you’re not, you should sit here.”

“You little brat, you’re sick of me? Do you know how many women want to sit with me?”

Su Yu was testy at the fact that Mian was sick of him.

“All those women don’t include me, okay? Plus… you’re suffering from late-stage narcissism. Next time, remember to carry around medicine.”

Su Yu, “…”

“What are you guys so happy about?” Wei Liao came back from the bathroom and joined their conversation with a smile on his face.

Jiang Xiaowei glanced at Wei Liao with a surprisingly complicated expression on her face…

Before anyone had the chance to say anything, Jiang Xiaowei’s assistant walked up to her and whispered something in her ear.

Then, Jiang Xiaowei’s expression changed slightly…

“What’s wrong?” Huo Mian noticed that something was up, so she looked up to ask her.

“My fiancĂ©e… I think he… ran away.”

“He ran away?” Huo Mian, Wei Liao, and Su Yu were all dumbfounded.


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