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Season 8

Episode 21

(Bridesmaid (2)

“Uhm… I’m not pregnant.”

Huo Mian was shocked that Qin Chu would even think of that… It seemed like he was in a rush to have a baby as well, even though he never spoke of it.

“What’s the good news then?” His charming voice came from inside WeChat.

“Director Wu called a lot of people to a meeting today, they wanted… me to take a medical exam, so I could become a doctor.”

“Then what about you, is that what you want?” Qin Chu cared more about what Huo Mian wanted.

“Truth be told, it is.”

“Then very well, go for it. I’ll always support your decisions.”

Qin Chu’s tone contained hints of happiness…

His wife was never supposed to be a nurse anyways, it was truly a waste of her talents…

“But… I don’t even know if I can.”

“Don’t think, you definitely can.”

“Haha… you really do trust me.”

“Of course,” Mr. Qin’s reply still remained very confident.

“Okay, with your faith, I’ve become more relaxed and will think about it with less burden. I told Director Wu that I will consider which department to choose. After all, I’m interested in several departments.”

“Okay,” Qin Chu replied with one word filled with spoiling adoration.

After they ended the call, Huo Mian was in a great mood…

She then posted on her WeChat friend circle, “The gift God will give to you might come late, but it will definitely come.”

“Sis… are you pregnant?” Jing Zhixin asked impatiently in the comment section below.

“Nope,” Huo Mian immediately replied.

“Girl, what’s this good news? Share it with us,” Zhu Lingling asked teasingly.

“I won’t tell you, it’s a secret.”

“Pish… why are you pretending around me? Tell me, tell me.” Zhu Lingling grew impatient.

“Don’t tell me you’re about to be a mom?” Gao Ran also joined in on the gossip.

“Not at all, you’re really overthinking.” Huo Mian was speechless at Gao Ran’s guess.

Ni Yang quietly liked her post…

“I am looking forward to your decision,” Huo Siqian commented; he was the only person who knew the reason behind Huo Mian’s post.

The hospital nurses all liked Huo Mian’s post, and even though they didn’t know what had happened, it must be good news, since Director Wu personally called her to the meeting.

“Head Nurse, are you going to be promoted again?”

“Yeah, something like that…”

“Oh yay… then you have to treat us to a good meal.”

“I definitely will.” Huo Mian was very happy, and she slowly replied to every single comment.

After Huo Mian got off work, she immediately ran to get groceries at the supermarket.

Since the temperature had dropped, and the two of them were both carnivores, Huo Mian bought supplies for hot pot.

Then she sat at home and sent a text to their four-person WeChat group.

“Hotpot is ready, come quickly everyone.”

“Haha… wait for me, I have to wash my hair. I’ll be there soon,” Zhu Lingling immediately replied.

“Oh right, are you at South Hill Manor or Imperial Park?”

“Imperial Park~” Huo Mian and Qin Chu only stayed at South Hill on weekends, so they spent more time at Imperial Park.

“Okay, wait for me.” Zhu Lingling was quite joyful.

“I’ll be off from work soon, wait for me for a bit,” Gao Ran also replied.

It was actually just Qin Chu who hadn’t responded…

Huo Mian was just about to call him to ask when he’ll be here when she heard the keys turn in the door.

Huo Mian immediately ran to the door.

“Honey… you are back so early today.” Huo Mian smiled.

“Because there are a lot of things to celebrate today…” Not only did Qin Chu return early, but he also held a bottle of red wine in each hand.

“You made a trip back to South Hill?”

“Yeah, I took it from the wine cellar.”

“So I’m allowed to drink some wine today?” asked Huo Mian excitedly.

“No, the three of us are going to drink wine, you’ll drink milk.”

Huo Mian, “…”

She immediately pouted. Mr. Qin sure was ruthless…


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