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Season 8

Episode 14

(Let Your Talent Blossom (5)

Director Wang immediately shook his head. “Absolutely not. The young madam wasn’t causing trouble at all. She actually gave me a great idea… Of course, she also gave GK another magazine cover, what a clever woman.”

As the director of Livi, Director Wang had seen all kinds of women.

Huo Mian was the first to impress him with just a few sentences.

The woman was incredibly intelligent. Not only did she consider every angle, but she was also considerate of everyone’s feelings.

As the saying goes, ‘behind every great man is a great woman’.

With a couple of this caliber being in charge, GK couldn’t fail even if it wanted to.

“Hungry? Let’s go get something to eat.”

Qin Chu went over to the studio after Assistant Yang told him Huo Mian was there.

He quickly finished his work and came over.

“Wait, Honey… why don’t we take a picture together? The best photographers are here!”

“Now?” Qin Chu was surprised.

“Yeah… we didn’t get the chance to take our wedding photos after we got married. This is a great opportunity.”

Without a response from Qin Chu, Huo Mian took him by the hand and dragged him into the backdrop.

She then gestured an ‘okay’ sign to Director Wang.

Receiving Huo Mian’s signal, Director Wang immediately asked one of the photographers to take the couple’s photograph.

Despite its candid nature, the three sets of photographs came out absolutely perfect…

Huo Mian took out her phone and carefully recorded the pictures shown on the computer.

Satisfied, she then headed out with Qin Chu…

“If I knew that pictures made you so happy, I would’ve arranged it much earlier on. Honey, I’m sorry…”

Qin Chu owed a lot to Huo Mian. Back then, in order to quickly obtain their marriage license, they got married abruptly.

There was no ceremony, no honeymoon, and not even wedding photos.

Thinking back to that, Qin Chu felt guilty towards his wife…

“Don’t be silly! I don’t care about those things. It’s just that today, the photographers of Livi were there. What a great opportunity! Do you know how amazing they are? Look at this lighting, it’s a hundred times better than any camera filter! Haha.”

Looking through the photos, Huo Mian was excited like a child.

Qin Chu walked behind her as he felt his heart fill up…

No matter how busy his days got, having his beloved wife near him made everything worth it.

“Honey, what are we going to eat later?”

“Whatever you want.”

“Spicy hot pot? I’ve been craving spicy stuff recently.”


The duo then got into Qin Chu’s car, and he drove to a high-end hot pot restaurant.

The restaurant owner was from Inner Mongolia; the beef and lamb meat were fresh as could be, and the restaurant ambiance was also amazing.

The pair chose a table beside the second-floor windows and dug in…

Suddenly, a woman’s voice disrupted their meal.

“President Qin, what a coincidence!”

Qin Chu looked up and saw Annie Liang dressed in a skin-tight miniskirt. Her hair was down, she was wearing sunglasses, and her lips were ruby red.

Huo Mian also looked up, but for a moment, she couldn’t recognize the woman.

It wasn’t until Annie Liang took her sunglasses off that Huo Mian realized who she was…

“President Qin… I came back yesterday, so could you please arrange some work for me? I’m so bored at home.”

“That’s the job of the film and television company. It has nothing to do with me.” Qin Chu’s words were devoid of emotions.

He kept his head down and continued picking out shrimps from the hot pot for Huo Mian…

Annie Liang pouted and continued, “President Qin… don’t be like this… Jiang Linyue was the one who got me here. Now that she’s gone, no one’s taking care of me. Back then, I only came to GK for you. I betrayed Imperial Star Entertainment and endured a lot of backlashes. Now that I’m here, you can’t just keep me locked away.”

“Don’t worry, GK will give every one of its artists a chance,” At the sight of an indifferent Qin Chu, Huo Mian couldn’t help but respond to Annie Liang.

Surprisingly, Annie Liang completely ignored Huo Mian and turned her gaze towards Qin Chu once more.

With teary eyes, she said, “President Qin, I heard that both Ni Yang and Mo Xue’er are appearing on Livi. We signed with GK at the same time, why can’t I go on as well? How could you be so biased… I’m not any less beautiful than Mo Xue’er, so how could you treat me so poorly…”



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