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Season 8

Episode 60

(A Vicious Woman (1)

“That’s not it. The truth is, I can’t do anything about it… I have to act according to my own abilities.”

The Huo Family was a giant ball of mess; Huo Mian would never get into it just for Wei Dong’s business.

Plus, this would involve too many people; what was she supposed to do if she accidentally offends Mo Xue’er?

Mo Xue’er was an international superstar who helped GK at a time of crisis… Huo Mian would never forget that.

Wei Dong’s request was a little too far fetched…

“Then can you ask Qin Chu… to let our company handle GK’s projects this year?”

Huo Mian almost laughed out loud upon hearing Wei Dong’s questions…

Was he an idiot or just greedy?

Did he take her as a fool? GK’s annual projects involved billions in capital and funding.

How could they ever hand it over to a third-rate construction team? What a joke! Not only would she refuse, even if she didn’t, but the board of directors also would never have went for it…

Was he kidding her?

“Wei Dong… ever since the incident in T City, GK stopped outsourcing all their real estate projects in fear that contracting outside companies would hurt the company’s reputation. I really can’t help you.”

Wei Dong felt bad that Huo Mian refused again…

He asked, “Is it because you hate me for not lending you money when your brother was hospitalized?”

Huo Mian looked at him in disappointment…

“So that’s the kind of person you think I am.”

“Isn’t that the truth though?” Wei Dong was unhappy.

“All I can say is, thank you for not helping me or lending me money. If you did, I would never have had the chance to get back together with Qin Chu.”

“Huo Mian, do you know how despicable Qin Chu was? At the time, I wanted to lend you the money; my dad didn’t let me, but I still wanted to help you, despite anything else. In the end, Qin Chu came looking for me and threatened me. He said that if I helped you, he would bankrupt my family business… don’t you see how despicable he was?”

“Oh really? So, he went looking for you?” Huo Mian didn’t know that Qin Chu had spoken to Wei Dong back then.

“Yeah… so do you really think you’re happy? He basically forced you into reconciliation.”

“I’m sorry, but I’m really happy right now.” Huo Mian smiled.

Wei Dong was at a loss for words…

“I don’t care what Qin Chu did. I love him all the same, because he’s Qin Chu.”

“You won’t be happy this way.”

“So what? I can’t help you get the project, so you wish for my unhappiness?”

“No, that’s not what I meant, I just…”

Before Wei Dong had a chance to finish, the skinny woman walked out…

“What are you doing here?” she asked Wei Dong.

“I needed to talk to Huo Mian.”

“What did you have to talk to her about behind everyone’s back?”

Wei Dong didn’t know what to say…

The woman then glanced at Huo Mian. “Since you married rich, don’t be so restless and try to steal other people’s husbands.”

“You sure think highly of yourself… does your mom know how imprudent you are?”

The woman’s expression changed upon hearing Huo Mian’s counterattack…

She thought that Huo Mian was easily to bully because up until now, she didn’t say anything.

But, she was wrong. Huo Mian wasn’t easy to bully; she was a time bomb that might go off at any second.

Once she did, then it’s hell you go…

“Oh, so rich young madams have poor manners too…? What a disappointment,” the woman said with disdain.

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