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Season 8

Episode 16

(Let Your Talent Blossom (7)

“The incident in Dong Tao Town you told me to investigate…”

“Yes? Did you find anything?” Qin Chu sounded anxious.

It was the most important thing on his mind because it was important to Huo Mian…

Huo Mian’s biggest wish right now was to find her biological parents…

“It’s very complicated. I don’t know where to begin.” Rick’s voice sounded very heavy.

“It’s okay, tell me.”

“If it’s possible… I suggest that you stop investigating.”

“Why?” Qin Chu asked suspiciously. He was aware of Rick’s investigative abilities. The man wouldn’t be so unconfident without good reason.

“Because… none of the men I sent out to investigate… came back.”

“They all died?”

“I’m not sure if they died, but I cannot reach any of them. You know our line of work; once we lose contact with our people, there is little hope of finding them.”

“How could this be?” Qin Chu furrowed his brows. Huo Mian’s identity was far more complex than he had thought.

After witnessing the death of Uncle Yang during his last visit to Dong Tao Town, he knew that things were not as simple as they seemed.

He didn’t, however, expect it to be this complex. Dong Tao Town was only an ordinary small town. What dark forces could possibly be hiding behind the scenes?

“Although I didn’t get any useful information, I can tell you this for sure. Dong Tao Town is a complicated place. There are a lot of eyes and ears lurking around. Anyone who investigates there is discovered by some hidden power, sooner or later. We’re out in broad daylight, but they’re in the shadows. It’s very dangerous for us… Plus… I don’t think there’s only one force controlling all of this. I’m pretty sure there are others involved. Basically, the water is very deep. I’ve contacted the local boss there, whom I’m pretty tight with. From what he told me, the events in Dong Tao Town are considered to be supernatural. The people behind it are more frightening than ghosts… He told me to give up.”

“How could this be?”

“So… I’m thinking that your wife’s identity is very troublesome… Even if we do find what she’s looking for in the end, it may not be a good thing. Maybe giving up is the best option.”

“Alright, I understand…”

“But it’s alright. If you want to me keep investigating, I will keep helping you.”

What Rick didn’t tell Qin Chu was that he had already lost nine men during this investigation.

Qin Chu wasn’t a fool, he could tell from the man’s tone.

Even a man like Rick couldn’t succeed.

It looks like Dong Tao Town really was a complicated place.

Do ghosts exist in this world? Of course not. Sometimes, however, people are scarier than ghosts.

A person’s evil conspiracy may be more hair-raising than supernatural forces…

Qin Chu hung up the call, feeling a sense of heaviness in his heart…

There were grave dangers lurking ahead, but he couldn’t give up.

He had to find Huo Mian’s biological parents, no matter what it took…

He loved her and wanted to make all of her wishes come true.

He was the same young man as the one who stood atop the podium and told everyone that his wish was to grant all of Huo Mian’s wishes.

His words may have been a joke to others, but it was his life-long promise to Huo Mian…

“Mian, don’t worry. No matter how dangerous things become, I will never stop looking for your parents.”

Huo Mian’s eyelashes fluttered…

She wasn’t asleep; she heard the conversation between Qin Chu and Rick.

Although she couldn’t hear what Rick was saying, she could tell, from Qin Chu’s reaction that something happened in Dong Tao Town.

Huo Mian wasn’t a fool; she knew of the complexity that was Dong Tao Town. Even so, Qin Chu was still willing to investigate for her.

She was truly moved…

– The next morning at the GK Headquarters –

Assistant Yang walked into the office with a large pile of receipts. “Sir, these are the receipts from the Film and Television Department’s party yesterday. Please sign it.”

“More than 80,000 yuan for food, singing, and spa? Who told them they could do that? Where did they have the guts to ask the company for reimbursement?” Qin Chu was furious.

“Uh… Director Ning said that Young Madam approved it.”

Assistant Yang was very anxious. When he received the receipts, he didn’t know whether his boss would approve of them as well.

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