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Season 8

Episode 10

(Let Your Talent Blossom (1)

Jiang Xiaowei’s face turned red upon hearing Su Yu’s joke…

“Make fun of us all you want…” Wei Liao smiled as he looked at Su Yu and Huo Mian.

“Here, let’s make a toast… to destiny linking the two of you together under such a strange combination of circumstances.” Su Yu got up and picked up a wine glass.

Huo Mian stood up as well…

“I’m glad that you guys came today.” Jiang Xiaowei smiled, exposing her canine teeth.

Huo Mian was relieved as well…

Thank god Jiang Xiaowei managed to save the party…

Huo Mian was originally going to leave after the party, but Jiao Xiaowei wouldn’t let her.

After the guests all left, Jiang Xiaowei and Wei Liao changed into casual clothes. They were just about to leave when Jiang Xiaowei’s phone began ringing…

It was from Du Jianan…

“Xiaowei… I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine.”

“Xiaowei… Tingmei went back to the town she was from and cut her wrist… I couldn’t watch her die… so I took her to the hospital. But I know my parents will never accept her, and she will never become my wife.”

Du Jianan’s voice was hoarse and exhausted, he didn’t sound like he was lying…

“So?” Jiang Xiaowei raised an eyebrow.

“So… can we push our engagement party back a few days…?” Du Jianan tried to ask.

“Hahaha…” Jiang Xiaowei laughed in a low voice.

“Xiaowei, give me this opportunity, I promise that I will treat you well. Let’s get married at the end of this year… I promise to never see Tingmei again.”

Du Jianan anxiously promised…

“I’m sorry, you didn’t show up at the engagement party today, so someone did your job for you.”

“What do you mean?” Du Jianan was confused.

He was still in Tingmei’s town and only turned on his phone after he saved her. His first call was to Jiang Xiaowei.

He didn’t love Jiang Xiaowei, but she was really a good choice for a wife.

She was young, pretty, smart, and had an overseas degree. Born of a scholar family, she earned a lot of money and was employed by the public security bureau.

She couldn’t be more perfect…

Marrying a woman like this would be considered a win, even if he didn’t love her.

They had only met once for lunch. Just once.

“What I mean is… you were eliminated from this game because you were late. There’s no second chance because someone else took this opportunity. I’m engaged, and I have you to thank for my upcoming marriage. I’ll make sure to invite you to our wedding.”

Then, Jiang Xiaowei quickly hung up the phone and blocked Du Jianan’s number without hesitation…

She didn’t care why, but she would never forgive a man who left her hanging on the day of their engagement party.

She wasn’t a comedian who performed under the bridge and didn’t know how to appease other people with words or consider things from every angle.

If Wei Liao hadn’t helped her today, she would’ve become a joke to others…

Therefore, she would never forgive the person who hurt her and would never give him a second chance to hurt her all over again.

“Who was it?” Wei Liao asked carelessly.

“Du Jianan, of course,” Jiang Xiaowei said magnanimously.

“Um… is he the one who ran away?”

Truth be told, she didn’t like Gao Ran’s cousin one bit.

Compared to Gao Ran’s moral standing, he was a scumbag on this earth…

“Yeah, he told me he was sorry and asked me if I could push back the engagement party.”

“Sh*t… I can’t believe he would say something like that. You should slap him across the face,” Su Yu cursed viciously.

Wei Liao smiled but didn’t say anything. He felt like he should be thanking Du Jianan for running away.

Thanks to Du Jianan, he and Jiang Xiaowei ended up together, against all odds…

“Hey, do you guys think that I’m someone who’s easily bullied?” Jiang Xiaowei smiled as she asked the other three in the car.


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