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Season 8

Episode 55

(She Finally Felt A Sense of Crisis (6)

“Thanks for thinking so highly of me… you’re my first, where would I get an ex-girlfriend?”

Huo Mian knew this; they were each other’s first love…

Of course, he didn’t have an ex-girlfriend… she was just trying to get a feel of the overall situation…

“Then who is she? A relative?”

“No, she is the daughter of my father’s good friend. Her parents went abroad when she was young, and she lived with my parents and me for one year. Later, she went abroad as well. After her parents came back, she didn’t. I heard that she’s been in Italy all this time, and we haven’t talked in years.”

“It’s interesting that she has your number.”

“That’s easy, her parents live in C City, and her last name is Song. Do you know who her father is?”

“Who? Don’t tell me it’s Song Qingguo.” Huo Mian was talking about the director of the State Land Administration.

He was an incredibly powerful individual…

“Oh… that’s her uncle, her dad is Song Jianguo.”

“Song Jianguo? Oh my god… Mayor Song?”

Yes, the name of C City’s current mayor is Song Jianguo, who is the older brother of Song Qingguo, the director of the State Land Administration.

“Yup.” Qin Chu nodded.

“She’s the mayor’s daughter?” Huo Mian was surprised.

“That’s also why GK has been able to develop so fast, Uncle Song and my father are really good friends, and ever since I became the president, he’s helped me out a lot and granted the corporation huge chunks of land.”

“So… you and her are the true childhood sweethearts, not me?” Huo Mian asked, slightly jealous.

“Honey, are you jealous?” Qin Chu laughed as she looked at Huo Mian, who was pouting.

“Of course I’m not,” Huo Mian said, feeling off.

“Good girl… we’re not childhood sweethearts, she lived at my house for one year when we were 8 years old, what did we know back then? Later, she left, and we never kept in touch.”

“Really? Didn’t she go looking for you in the States?”

In Huo Mian’s opinion, the United States and Italy were pretty close together. Since both were foreign countries, how could they have not seen each other even once? (TL Note: Yo Ms. IQ 130 you sure about that? There’s a fcking ocean in between)

“No, not even once. I haven’t seen her in 21 years, I swear.”

Qin Chu wasn’t a man who lied, and Huo Mian trusted him, 100%…

“Fine, I kind of believe you.”

“What do you mean ‘kind of’? You have to believe me, okay?”

“I was just weirded out… if she’s the mayor’s daughter, why did she ask you to pick her up? Where’s everyone else?”

“How would I know what she’s thinking?” Qin Chu felt like he was wronged.

“If I weren’t in the car, would you have gone to the airport?”

“Honey… can we not talk about this anymore? You sound really really jealous right now.”

“No, I don’t…” Huo Mian laughed as she punched him.

The duo went back to South Hill Manor together…

Yang, on the other hand, was sent to the airport by Qin Chu…

He followed his directions and arrived outside exit H. Sure enough, he saw a tall, beautiful woman.

She looked to be about 170 cm tall; the long floral dress, paired with a round grass hat looked very stylish on her.

He slowly drove up to her and parked the car…

“Are you… Miss Song?”

“Hi, I’m Song Yishi.” The woman smiled.

Yang was a little dumbfounded, because… she kind of looked like Lin Chiling.

Even her sweet smile resembled that of Lin Chiling.

“Um… Hi, Miss Song, President Qin called me to come and pick you up.”

“Okay, thanks.”

Song Yishi was very polite; before Yang had the chance to get off the car, she placed her luggage into the trunk, not at all like a rich brat.

Then, she got onto the back seat of the car.

Yang was driving a black Bentley today…

President Qin told him to, which meant that this woman wasn’t just anybody.

“Miss Song, we are we headed to?”

“Golden Garden in the New Administrative District.”

Song Yishi’s father and mother were visiting abroad in South Africa.

Therefore, no one from home was here to pick her up, so she had no other choice but to go to her uncle’s house first.

“Oh, okay.” Yang nodded. He knew that most people who lived in that district were government officials.

It seems like this woman was a child of a powerful official.

“Is Qin Chu really busy today?” Song Yishi suddenly asked.

“Yeah, President Qin and Young Madam were busy all day at the company’s 30-year-anniversary party.”

“Young Madam? Qin Chu got married?” Song Yishi was surprised, and her expression became complicated.

“Um… yeah, he’s married. He got married 6 months ago.”

“I thought he came back to the country 6 months ago.”

“He got married as soon as he came back,” Yang said slowly.

Song Yishi seemed to be in a bad mood; she fell silent and looked out the window…

“Miss Song… are you… good friends with President Qin?” Yang asked.


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