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Season 8

Episode 7

(A Different Kind of Challenge (8)

“Yeah…” Jiang Xiaowei smiled nonchalantly.

“But there are so many people, what are you going to do now?” Wei Liao looked at Jiang Xiaowei sympathetically.

“Do nothing.” Then, Jiang Xiaowei turned around to leave.

Wei Liao sat down beside Su Yu; neither of them said anything…

“Does anyone know what’s going on?” Huo Mian said as she looked at them.

“I know that Du Jianan was dating his secretary, but the Du Family looks down on her.”

“Yet another story of people breaking apart lovebirds. How sad…” Huo Mian felt sympathy towards people who had to give up on love because of their family backgrounds. She and Qin Chu went through the exact same thing.

“Does Xiaowei know about this?”

“She does, I told her about it, but she said that she didn’t care. Something about marriage being a tool that both parties could utilize…”

“If Du Jianan doesn’t show up today, Xiaowei will be really embarrassed… if he didn’t want to get engaged, he should’ve said so. What a scumbag.”

Then, Huo Mian couldn’t help but get up from her seat…

“What are you doing now?” Su Yu looked at her.

“I’m going to go ask Gao Ran.”

She was sure that Gao Ran would come to an event like this.

However, after a lap around the ballroom, she didn’t see him…

Therefore, she took out her phone and called Gao Ran.

“Hey, Huo Mian.”

“Where are you?”

“I’m on duty.”

“You didn’t come to your cousin’s engagement party?” Huo Mian was somewhat surprised.

“I didn’t, why?”

“I heard that your cousin ran away, and Xiaowei doesn’t know what to do.”

“He’s been in love with that female secretary for a long time, he won’t be happy even if he married Jiang Xiaowei.” Gao Ran seemed to know quite a lot.

“If that’s the case, then why not make things clear from the beginning? What is a girl like Xiaowei supposed to do with a mess like this?” Huo Mian blamed.

“I think my cousin was pressured by my aunt and the others… Never mind, it’s not our business. I’m on duty, let’s talk later.”

After hanging up, Huo Mian became even more depressed…

She walked up to Jiang Xiaowei and held her hand. “Xiaowei, you should tell your parents to cancel the engagement party, I don’t think Du Jianan’s coming.”

Jiang Xiaowei nodded. “I’m fine, don’t worry about me. I know what to do.”

Su Yu and Wei Liao sat beside each other…

Su Yu looked at him and smiled. “Shouldn’t you be happy that she can’t get engaged?”

“Why would I be happy?”

“I’m not going to expose you, but yeah, laugh all you want.”

Su Yu knew how Wei Liao felt about Jiang Xiaowei…

Wei Liao did feel relieved upon seeing that her engagement fell apart…

However, his heart still ached for her…

Weren’t women supposed to be the ones that ran away? Jiang Xiaowei was such a proud woman, and her fiancée running away would seriously hurt her pride.

She was probably devastated…

The engagement party was supposed to start at 10:30 AM.

It was already 10:27 AM, but Du Jianan still hadn’t arrived…

His parents were anxious, and he wouldn’t pick up his phone.

When they called Du Jianan’s office, his staff said that he wasn’t there.

Both the Du and the Jiang families were embarrassed that Du Jianan disappeared into thin air…

Jiang Xiaowei’s parents didn’t care about money nor fame, but their reputation…

Now that something like this happened, her parents were anxious and worried, and heartbroken for their daughter.

“Xiaowei… you should leave first. Your father and I will announce that your engagement party has been canceled and deal with whatever happens afterward,” Jiao Xiaowei’s mother said.

“It’s okay, Mom, it’s my engagement. Let me do it.”

Then, Jiang Xiaowei picked up a microphone and walked to the center of the stage…

Faced with more than 300 guests, she slowly said, “Dear guests, thank you for coming to our engagement party, but sadly, Mr. Du Jianan thought through some stuff before it started and didn’t think that we were compatible. Therefore, we decided not to get engaged.”

As soon as she finished, all the guests began discussing amongst themselves…

“I feel bad for her…” Huo Mian looked heartbreakingly at Jiang Xiaowei, who was standing on the stage.

Just then, she added, “But today’s a good day. Since I’m already here, I don’t plan to leave with my hands empty, nor do I want to waste all this food. Therefore, I came up with a bold idea… Do any of the single men here want to get engaged to me? If you have the guts to come up, I have the guts to leave with you. If you have the guts to marry me, then I will have the guts to spend the rest of my life with you.”

After Jiang Xiaowei said all that, the entire ballroom went into uproar…

Was she publicly picking a fiancée? It’s crazy…

“This woman has gone mad…” Su Yu took a sip of the blueberry juice and said in all seriousness.


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