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Season 8

Episode 42

(Huo Mian’s Opponent (3)

That was how potent Su Yu was; he wouldn’t give Huo Siqian back her phone even after he saw Huo Mian’s photo.

Instead, he annoyingly commented, “I don’t see smoky eyes, boo.”

Huo Mian was scrolling through the comments when she saw Huo Siqian’s comment. She jumped up in fury…

“Do you want to die?” she answered aggressively.

“Mian, Su Yu stole my phone and commented on my behalf. That’s obviously not me, it’s not my style, haha.”

He had a point; only Su Yu was bold enough to make fun of Huo Mian’s smokey eye makeup from last time.

“You guys are together?”

“Yeah, we bumped into each other at a business dinner,” Huo Siqian answered truthfully.

“I see, keep your phone safe next time… If you comment randomly again, I will block you.”

“Yes, Princess.”

After Huo Siqian replied, he immediately placed his phone back into his pocket…

“How did she react?” Su Yu asked annoyingly.

“She almost blocked me.” Huo Siqian glanced at Su Yu.

“Hahaha… she gets pissed off as soon as someone makes fun of her, but then she’s allowed to make fun of others.”

“You can’t talk sense with Mian, because she is the sense.”

“Fine… why do you have such a sister complex?”

“I don’t have a sister complex, I have a woman complex, okay?” Huo Siqian replied arrogantly.

“Isn’t that the same thing? Everyone in your family is weird…” Su Yu commented.

“Never in a hundred years will a girl as smart as she be born into the Huo Family.” Huo Siqian smiled profoundly.

In the end, Huo Mian thoroughly enjoyed a delicious bowl of ramen alone…

She didn’t forget to send a WeChat message to Qin Chu; she didn’t say anything and just sent him a photo.

“You’re at Ah-Xin’s Ramen?” Qin Chu immediately figured it out.


“Lucky… eat as much as you can.” Qin Chu sent her a smiley face.

He took the little free time he had to secretly WeChat Huo Mian; the government officials and the performance artists were like old friends, although it was the first time they met.

He didn’t have much to say to them, but because of his status, people came up to toast him once in a while.

Usually, he wouldn’t have to drink, but since they came all the way here for GK’s 30-year-anniversary, Qin Chu had no choice.

Therefore, he soon became somewhat tipsy…

Huo Mian didn’t go straight home after she had dinner; the people at the company were still working, so she decided to drive back to GK.

She wanted to go home with Qin Chu…

Yang and the others were drowning in work… Huo Mian was pulled in to sign a bunch of documents in lieu of Qin Chu.

She looked at the time; it was almost 9 PM. Sleepy, Huo Mian fell asleep on the couch…

She hazily felt like someone was touching her lips…

In the beginning, she thought she was dreaming. However, the dream felt too real.

Terrified, she opened her eyes to suddenly to see Qin Chu’s face, inches away from her own.

His face was still drop-dead gorgeous like always, but today, he reeked of alcohol.

“When did you get back? You scared me.”

“Just now.”

“Are you drunk?”


“Don’t try to trick me, drunk people always say that they’re not drunk. How did you get back here? Did you drink and drive?” Huo Mian was a little surprised.

“A driver from the company picked me up.”

“That’s good. Let’s go, you’re drunk… you won’t be able to work anyways. Let’s go home.”

Then, Huo Mian held his hand in hers and began dragging him out…

However, they only took a few steps before Qin Chu suddenly stopped in his tracks and pulled Huo Mian back.

He pulled Huo Mian into his embrace, and under the watchful eyes of countless employees, he kissed her hard on the lips.

Huo Mian was petrified to the spot…

If she remembered right, there were probably dozens of people working overtime today.

GK’s busy employees were first shocked and then proceeded to applaud loudly; they all admired their president’s courage.

Ni Yang had just finished with rehearsals and reported back to the company when he saw this sweet scene…

He immediately covered his eyes. “This is unsuitable for children.”

“What’s going on? Is President and Mrs. Qin going to perform kissing tomorrow?” Ni Yang’s manager, Yingzi was dumbfounded as well.


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