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Season 8

Episode 43

(Huo Mian’s Opponent (4)

Huo Mian almost went crazy when Qin Chu kissed her in front GK’s employees…

However, Qin Chu was incredibly persistent and didn’t allow her to refuse. She could only pander to him…

Finally, after a minute, Qin Chu slowly let her go.

“Is my wife pretty?” He seemed to be asking everyone.

“Yes, she is,” the employees answered.

“Mrs. Qin is exceedingly beautiful.” Yang immediately kissed the president’s ass.

“My wife is the best woman in this world.”

“That’s right, sir, you’re always right.”

“My wife…” Qin Chu wanted to say more, but Huo Mian covered his mouth.

She smiled apologetically at the staff. “Thank you for the hard work, everyone, we’re going to leave now. President Qin’s drunk.”

“Mrs. Qin, let me drive you home.”

“No, it’s okay, there’s still a lot to do here, you should stay. I can drive.”

Huo Mian dragged Qin Chu all the way downstairs…

“Sister Mian… your husband seems to be a little out of control,” Ni Yang said.

“I don’t want to talk about it… I’ll deal with him when we get home. Go home, don’t be late tomorrow, or else I’m going to kill you.”

“I promise to be punctual.”

“President Qin and Mrs. Qin can be really childish sometimes. Although they’re both calm and controlled, they’re still in their twenties. They can be really funny sometimes,” Yingzi exclaimed.

“Yeah, but they look so great together… I always thought that they were perfect for each other.”

“A perfect couple.” Yingzi smiled.

After they arrived downstairs, Huo Mian dragged Qin Chu onto the passenger seat and got onto the driver’s seat herself.

“Honey… I’m thirsty.”

“Here you go.” Huo Mian passed him a bottle of Evian.

“Honey, I’m hungry.”

“I’ll make you some noodles after we get home.”

“Honey… I want… you.”

Huo Mian was speechless…

“I really can’t help you with that. It’s not like we can have car sex,” Huo Mian answered quietly.

“Honey… I think you’re thinking too much. I said that I wanted you to drive to South Hill Manor, so we can stay at our castle.”

Qin Chu, half drunk and half sober, opened his eyes to look at Huo Mian.

She looked really cool, driving with such a serious expression.

She even had the guts to drive his Maybach up to 80 kilometers an hour…

“Fine, let’s go back to South Hill Manor.”

Huo Mian decided not to get mad at Qin Chu, who was drunk…

He had an IQ of a child right now.

She thought there wouldn’t be any traffic police at this hour, but sadly, before she drove up onto the overpass, she was pulled over…

A young cop heartlessly flagged her down… and gestured for her to stop.

“Damn it, I can’t believe they would flag me. I was only a little over the speed limit.”

Huo Mian was a law-abiding citizen and never ran a red light without reason.

She would never drive in the wrong direction or even forcefully switch lanes like a hooligan.

Today was an absolute exception; Mr. Qin was drunk, and that was the only reason why she was speeding, just a tiny bit…

“DUI check.”

“Okay.” Huo Mian cooperated and blew into the breathalyzer.


The machine showed that there was an excessive amount of alcohol in her body…

“Come out, I’m giving you a DUI ticket.”

“DUI? Are you kidding me? My husband is drunk… and I’m driving.”

“You drank as well, right?”

“No, not even a drop.”

Huo Mian had ramen and a bottle of water for dinner… she had absolutely zero alcohol.

“But the breath analyzer shows that you’re driving under influence.”

“That’s not possible, your machine is broken…”

The cop was dumbfounded by how bold and righteous Huo Mian was being, so he turned around and waved his hand.

A colleague walked up, “Give me your breathalyzer.”

Then, she breathed into another breathalyzer…

“How’s that possible?” Huo Mian was flabbergasted.

Just then, she suddenly remembered something important…

Although she didn’t drink, but before they left the company, Qin Chu forcibly made out with Huo Mian.

Was it because the alcohol in his mouth was still in her breath and so…?

Seriously? How did she forget something like that? She wanted to explain, but felt embarrassed.

“License and registration.”

Huo Mian obediently passed the cop her driver’s license.

Just then, the other cop glanced at the Maybach’s license plate, and carefully pulled the other cop off to the side.

“Um… we can’t pull over this car, it belongs to someone important and we can’t afford to piss them off… It’s the only Maybach in the city with the top configuration… even the bureau director can’t stand to offend them.”

The cop was immediately dumbfounded…

“This is a Maybach…?”

“What did you think it was?”

“I thought it was a brand under Volkswagen… I was just wondering why the logo was upside down…” The little cop felt like crying.

“So… officers, can we go now?” Huo Mian smiled as she asked them.


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