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Season 8

Episode 47

(Huo Mian’s Opponent (8)

"Hey guys." Huo Mian's greeting included everyone.

"You're really pretty today…" Jiang Xiaowei grabbed Huo Mian's hand.

"So do you. Young Master Wei sure spent a lot."

"She's my woman, it's only natural for me to spend money on her." Wei Liao looked at Jiang Xiaowei lovingly.

Although they haven't hung out in a while, just by looking at them, Huo Mian could tell that they've been getting along just fine…

The Jiang Family was of a scholarly background, and Jiang Xiaowei was a straight 'A' student.

The Wei Family, on the other hand, was basically royalty, and Wei Liao was a second-generation heir.

They all say that in this era, money isn't everything but you can't do anything without it…

Poor couples live in sorrow, and more often than not, married couples fight to the end of the world because they don't have enough money.

However, she had never heard about married couples fighting because they had too much money, unless they got married in the first place with ulterior motives.

Therefore, the notion, 'a happy marriage is based on money', proposed by foreign experts, had a point.

"I saw your exclusive interview, your answers were awesome, very Huo Mian-like." Wei Liao gave her a thumbs up.

"I was just trying to get the media off my back, don't make fun of me."

"Huo Mian, I heard that you picked neurology."


"That's awesome! Once this party's over, let's talk academics." Jiang Xiaowei was such a workaholic.

"No problem, I'll be waiting."

"You don't have to be so dedicated to your jobs, this isn't a place to talk about work." Wei Liao chuckled.

Tang Chuan pushed Su Yu, "Come on, Young Master Su, it's not like you see her every day. Say something."

"Hey…" For some reason, Su Yu was acting really reserved.

Huo Mian smiled and nodded at him…

"I think smokey eye makeup suits you better." Su Yu's one sentence completely ruined the overall atmosphere.

"Security… please ask him to leave, thanks."

Everyone laughed out loud at Huo Mian and Su Yu's short exchange…

Of course she wasn't actually asking for Su Yu to leave, but the way he talked made people crazy.

"Haha… Su Yu, you're the king of sarcasm." Tang Chuan laughed until his stomach began to hurt.

"I was just telling the truth, I can't be fake and won't say anything toady."

"Telling the truth is different from not knowing how to talk… you always say stuff that invites a beating."

They chit-chatted for a while before going into the ballroom…

Huo Mian didn't see Zhixin and her mother until the performances were about to start.

"Why were you guys so late?"

"I don't want to talk about it… (TL: and then she talks about it) we went to pick Yue up, but she said that she's busy, and had something going on with her stomach or something. She didn't want us to take her to the hospital, so we wasted some time on the road, there was a traffic jam to here from Yue's home."

"Mom… your dress is beautiful." Huo Mian had asked for someone to prepare a suit and gown for Zhixin and her mother.

"Mian… I can't believe you would pick out such a bright-colored dress for me." Yang Meirong said, but she was still in a good mood.

Huo Mian was originally worried that her mother would refuse to wear it, but she didn't…

Yang Meirong was wearing a classic Chinese-style-, bright red velvet qipao. She looked beautiful, like royalty.

No one would dare say that Yang Meirong was just a normal citizen…

Jing Zhixin, on the other hand, wore a sapphire vest, suit pants, and black leather shoes. He looked mature.

"Hurry up and go in, you guys are in the second row."

"Got it, thanks Sis, love you."

Jing Zhixin and her mother went in as well…

As Huo Mian was about to walk in, she bumped into Qin Chu.

The air-conditioner in the ballroom was on high, and the first row was especially cold. Huo Mian couldn't help but shiver.

Qin Chu quietly took off his jacket and put it on Huo Mian. They held hands while watching the performance.



"Are your parents here?" Huo Mian didn't see Qin Chu's parents and couldn't help but ask.


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