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Season 8

Episode 23

(Come and Be My Bridesmaid (4)

“Everything happened too suddenly. Director Wu announced it abruptly today, and I haven’t had the chance to think about it…”

“So you still haven’t decided yet? Which ones are you considering?” asked Zhu Lingling.

“I’ve interned in the Gynaecology Department… and I’m currently responsible for South Side’s Orthopedics Department. I’ve always been quite interested in neurosurgery, but I’ve been helping Department Director Li in the Neurology Department, and there’s also ophthalmology. I’ve also written ophthalmology papers, but that was a long time ago. I’m not very interested in ophthalmology anymore, so I’ll be choosing one of the other three.”

“All of it sounds so complicated… but I think you should still pick gynecology.” Zhu Lingling smiled as she sucked on her chopsticks.


“Because if I ever have a baby, then I could get you to deliver it.”

“What… are you really going to destroy my bright future for your own selfish intentions?” Huo Mian also laughed.

“Orthopedics isn’t bad. I was playing soccer with a bunch of people from our bureau a while ago and tore my ACL… so I went to get it checked up at an orthopedics clinic, but damn… people were everywhere… appointments were super hard to get. Those orthopedics doctors were so arrogant that one would think they owned the place. If you become an orthopedic doctor, then I could do you some favors in the future, haha.”

“You two are all thinking about yourselves, so I won’t consider your suggestions.” Then, Huo Mian tilted her head to look at Qin Chu, and she flirtingly asked, “Mr. Qin, what do you think?”

“Even though I studied neurosurgery, I think you should choose neurology,” Qin Chu slowly said.


“Because the neurology morbidity rate has been high, and Chinese people haven’t been taking these rates seriously. Truth is, illnesses like depression and schizophrenia are just as detrimental as cancer… These illnesses seem fine on the surface, but it threatens the life of patients at every moment of everyday… I especially feel bad for children who suffer from autism… Since you have to pick a specialty, then you should think from every angle. We’re not all-mighty… but we should at least do something that’s meaningful.”

After Qin Chu spoke, Gao Ran immediately raised his thumb. “Brilliant… you’re the big boss of GK for a reason; you’re very well-thought out. Little citizens like us cannot compare to you.”

“That’s true… but these things are too professional and I got confused by just listening to you. Anyways… girl, I’ll support you no matter what you choose. In the future, I can proudly say that my best friend is a doctor, hahaha!” Zhu Lingling cackled like a witch once again.

Moved, Huo Mian looked at Qin Chu. His suggestions had always been so sincere…

“That’s a sure thing. I need to sleep on it before coming to a final decision, anyways… I’m very happy, thank you guys for celebrating with me.”

The four of them raised their glasses once again.

Over dinner, Gao Ran suddenly thought of something, and he asked, “Right, how’s the thirty-year-anniversary party going?”

“We’ve already finished preparing it, and it will proceed according to plan this Friday night,” Qin Chu slowly said as he placed his wine glass down.

“I’m not sure where that director of ours heard the news, but he said that you’re inviting the famous Beijing Opera singer, Zhang Lanyu. My gosh, he’s been nagging me about it for the past few days, he wants an invitation or something… I’m speechless.”

“Yes, there’s no guest limit this time… We’ve prepared a very big ballroom, with tons of food and snacks… so you can grab a few invitations and invite your friends and families.” Qin Chu was incredibly generous.

“That’s wonderful… my parents are obsessed with that Beijing Opera singer as well, along with my grandpa, haha… they all want to come. So the rumors are indeed true, aren’t they?” Zhu Lingling also laughed.

Before Qin Chu could speak, Huo Mian smiled and said, “This thirty-year-anniversary is as grand as the annual Chinese New Year Gala. In addition to our own artists, GK’s also inviting renowned individuals from all walks of life. Beijing opera is a national treasure, so it’s an essential program. There will also be plenty of domestically renowned singers and movie stars. Anyways, it will be absolutely splendid.”

“I heard that one of the hosts will be Jin Lan… and that male host Yang Xiao, who’s been super popular recently, will be the other one. Mr. Qin, is that true?” Zhu Lingling continued to gossip as she looked at Qin Chu full of anticipation.


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