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Season 8

Episode 46

(Huo Mian’s Opponent (7)

The truth was, Huo Mian didn’t have to answer all the questions, but… she didn’t avoid them and truly welcomed all ‘interrogation’.

“This is a simple answer. This entire country is like this; in the past, we’ve encountered instances where patients received surgery before they paid for the fees, but in the end, the doctors and nurses involved were forced to pay for all surgical fees. I really think this depends on the point of view you’re standing from. If a patient is really short in cash, South Side’s Huo Foundation will help those in need. If a patient is just looking for loopholes to take advantage of, then I’m sorry, the medical professionals at South Side may be angels in white, but we’re not a charity and don’t have the ability to pay off all those unpaid fees.”

Each one of Huo Mian’s answers was meticulous and foolproof…

She faced all sorts of questions that the reporters threw at her alone; some of the questions were really sensitive and unkind.

However, she didn’t get angry and patiently answered them, one by one…

She left a good impression on all the media outlets…

After the interview, Huo Mian asked the GK team to hand out some drinks and desserts to the media, further winning their applause.

“It’s a shame that my sister didn’t go into business, but instead wants to become a doctor… Or else she has the potential to become the ultimate business queen.”

Not far from the hotel, Huo Siqian sat in an RV as she watched the live stream and exclaimed with a smile on his face.

After her interview, Huo Mian walked into the hotel and saw a bunch of guests arrive…

“Hey, girl.”

Upon hearing someone call her, she tilted her head to see Zhu Lingling in a pink cocktail dress.

Instead of her usual heavy makeup, her makeup was really cute and pretty.

Gao Ran stood beside her, in a navy-blue suit. Their outfits matched perfectly.

“Did you guys spend the night together? What’s with the tacit agreement?”

“Pftt… I can’t believe you still have the time to make fun of us today. It doesn’t match your status as the Young Madam, okay?” Zhu Lingling laughed lightly.

“You guys should head in and sit down. Your seats are on the front balcony, so you’ll be able to see everything.”

“Perfect, thanks girl, mua.” Zhu Lingling pinched Huo Mian’s face. Then, she put her arm around Gao Ran’s and the two of them walked in.

As they turned a corner, they saw someone they didn’t want to…

Lin Xuejiao…

They were shocked to see her; most importantly, she was wearing the same-colored cocktail dress as Zhu Lingling, but the style was different.

Holy Shit… how unlucky am I to clash outfits with her? Zhu Lingling cursed in her head.

A young man stood beside Lin Xuejiao, seemingly a second-generation heir…

Gao Ran heard that she later seduced a rich man and was close to getting engaged.

However, he never expected to bump into them at an event like this; what an unavoidable confrontation…

“Hey, what a coincidence…” Lin Xuejiao greeted them.

“Jiao, are they your friends?” that man asked Lin Xuejiao as he looked at her.

“Oh… no, he’s just a colleague from the bureau.” Lin Xuejiao immediately denied having any former relationships with Gao Ran.

What a calculating and manipulative bitch…

Zhu Lingling, on the other hand, didn’t care about all that and said, “Honey… what a coincidence that we ran into your ex-girlfriend here.”

“Ex-girlfriend?” That man was a little surprised.

Lin Xuejiao’s expression changed and she immediately explained, “Our parents tried to set us up, but it didn’t work out.”

Then, Lin Xuejiao glanced at Zhu Lingling and teased, “What a coincidence, our dresses are the same color. However, mine is the newest fall line from Europe, and yours was from early spring. You’re two seasons behind.”

“Yeah… with my salary, I can only afford an older design, I’m nothing compared to you, Miss Lin… you get new rich boyfriends faster than we change out of clothes, and since there are always rich men lining up for you, of course you have a lot of money. So, I wouldn’t be surprised even if you come here wearing a global limited-edition dress.”

“You…” Lin Xuejiao was immediately infuriated by what Zhu Lingling said.

“Haha… I’m kidding, don’t take it so seriously. Enough with the small talk now… we’re going in to watch the performances now.” Then, Zhu Lingling intimately put her arm around Gao Ran, and they walked in.

“Honey… don’t listen to that woman spit out nonsense. She’s jealous that our dresses clashed and she doesn’t look as good as I do.”

Upon seeing Gao Ran and Zhu Lingling go in, Lin Xuejiao immediately explained to her boyfriend…

Huo Mian was waiting for Zhixin and her mother, but they didn’t show up or answer their phones.

Just then, she saw Jiang Xiaowei and Wei Liao coming up from afar.

Wei Liao was wearing a black tailcoat and Jiang Xiaowei was wearing a floor-sweeping blue gown. They both looked elegant.

Behind them was Tang Chuan, as well as Su Yu, in a white suit.

“Huo Mian.” Jiang Xiaowei smiled as she waved her hands and walked up to Huo Mian.


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