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Season 8

Episode 53

(She Finally Felt A Sense of Crisis (4)

“Hey, don’t do that, you really don’t have to.”

Huo Mian looked like a little kid, with a water bottle in her hand…

Annie Liang, on the other hand, still had her ballgown on and was wearing 7-inch heels underneath.

It was a weird scene, seeing her suddenly apologize to Huo Mian like that…

“I know, but I am truly speechless by President Qin’s love for you… Anyways, I hope that you can say good things in front of the president for me, I’d greatly appreciate it.”

It turned out that Annie Liang wasn’t an idiot. When she saw how much President Qin loved his wife, she finally decided not to offend her.

Not only was she loved by President Qin, but she was also smart and had a lot of tricks up her sleeves…

When she was removing her makeup backstage, she heard others talk about Jiang Linyue and how she was banished because she offended the young madam.

Jiang Linyue wasn’t even allowed to attend GK’s thirty-anniversary party, how terrifying…

When this woman wanted to get rid of you, she would basically end all means for you to survive…

Annie Liang came to the realization that she probably shouldn’t challenge Huo Mian.

“Okay, do your job well, and… be careful of the paparazzi. As a celebrity, you don’t want others blackmailing you.”

What Huo Mian implicitly meant was for Annie Liang to be more discreet in her personal life, in case someone gets their hands on some photos.

“I definitely will.”

After finishing up the conversation with Annie Liang, Gao Ran, Zhu Lingling, Zhixin, and her mother all came out from the ballroom.

“Guys, don’t go yet, let’s wait until Qin Chu comes out and get some food together.”

“Huh, we’re eating together? Don’t you need to dine with the officials?” Zhu Lingling wondered.

“Nope, it’s all over.” Huo Mian smiled.

“Sounds great! What is my brother-in-law treating us to?” Jing Zhixin beamed.

He truly liked this brother-in-law of his…

He was probably the only person who never hated Qin Chu after that incident.

“I don’t know yet, we’ll see.”

“Mom… are you tired?” Huo Mian walked up to her mother and held her hand.


“Sis, you didn’t know, but our mom was so into the performances, especially the Chinese opera one. She wouldn’t even talk to me during it.”

Jing Zhixin was exaggerating to some extent…

Yang Meirong was a little embarrassed. “I’m old now. Back in my day, there were celebrities too, but I was influenced by my grandmother growing up and loved Chinese opera. It’s so fascinating.”

“I’m glad you like it.”

The group waited for less than a minute before Qin Chu came out in casual wear as well…

“What do you guys want to eat?”

“If Mr. Moneybags Qin is treating, then we’re either going big or going home. It doesn’t matter what we eat, as long as it’s something expensive,” Gao Ran joked.

“If that’s the case, why don’t we eat at the Chinese restaurant here?”

“Here? It must be really expensive…” Yang Meirong was worried.

“Mom… don’t worry, this is our own hotel.”

“Our own? Brother-in-law, you bought Ritz Carlton?” Jing Zhixin looked flabbergasted.

“Yeah, it’s easier to hold meetings that way,” Qin Chu said nonchalantly.

Both Zhu Lingling and Gao Ran were speechless…

Yang Meirong said, “How much did you spend on this hotel? You shouldn’t waste money.”

“Let’s go, let’s not stand here.”

Then, the group went up to the Chinese restaurant on the top floor of the hotel.

They went into the most luxurious private room, and Qin Chu ordered 28 dishes, leaving everyone in a daze.

Huo Mian picked up her phone and called Jiang Xiaowei.

After a few exchanges, Huo Mian realized that she couldn’t invite her. If she came, so would Wei Liao. If Wei Liao came, what about Su Yu and Tang Chuan?

This was a family meal, and it wasn’t fitting for them to come…

Gao Ran and Zhu Lingling were old friends who knew Zhixin and her mother, so the overall atmosphere was really great.

As they ate, Jing Zhixin began playing with his phone…

“Are you playing with your phone again? Are you talking to Yue?” Huo Mian moved closer to her brother and glanced at his phone.

“She’s been acting really weird these past few days, I feel like she’s hiding something from me,” Jing Zhixin said with furrowed eyebrows.


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