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Season 8

Episode 22

(Come and Be My Bridesmaid (3)

Upon seeing Huo Mian’s expression, he couldn’t help but pinch her little face. He smiled, “I was joking around with you, we’re celebrating today, so of course you can drink.”

“Oh yay… long live Mr. Qin…” Huo Mian was incredibly happy, jumping around like a kid.

She kissed Qin Chu’s cheeks with a ‘smack’… the kiss as striking as it could be.

She happily took the bottles of red wine from Qin Chu’s hands and carefully placed them in an ice bucket in the kitchen to cool.

Aside from beef and lamb shabu shabu, there were plenty of greens, fish balls, crabsticks, mushroom balls, beef tendons, and all sorts of seafood on the table.

Huo Mian truly went all out… she invited Gao Ran and Zhu Lingling to an incredibly luxurious meal.

The couples kept busy so that once Gao Ran and Zhu Lingling arrived, they could immediately start eating.

Zhu Lingling walked in with a bunch of sunflowers, and the colors were incredibly beautiful…

“Are those for me?” smiled Huo Mian.

“Yes, aren’t sunflowers your favorite?” Zhu Lingling passed her the flowers.

“Huh? You like sunflowers? How bizarre…” Gao Ran said as he chewed on a piece of ham that he boorishly grabbed from the plate.

“She has loved sunflowers since we were in school. They say that the sunflower represents ‘silent love’, the kind of love that cannot be spoken. I’m not even sure if you’ve confessed your love to Qin Chu yet, after all these years…” Zhu Lingling laughed teasingly.

“Actually, I like sunflowers not because they’re pretty, but because they’re edible…”

Huo Mian remembered that the female lead in a movie once said this hilarious joke…

Gao Ran and Zhu Lingling were immediately stunned by her odd comment.

Just then, Qin Chu walked over, he placed one of hand over Huo Mian’s shoulder and said with spoiling adoration, “Sunflowers actually represent the love for life and dreams. It represents the determination of never giving up.”

“Mr. Qin clearly knows me well.” Huo Mian shyly looked at her husband, shooting glances at each other with deep emotion.

“Whoa… could you two not be in show-off mode just yet… could you tell us first what today’s good news is?”

Gao Ran couldn’t stand it anymore, so he found a spot and sat down. Then, he spoke as he ate, and his mouth didn’t rest for a single second.

“Honey, you should announce it yourself.” Qin Chu held her hand.

Huo Mian carefully placed the sunflowers into the vase in the living room…

Then, she turned around, looked at the other three, and laughed, “I announce… that I’ll be taking an exam in a few days.”

“A test? For your driver’s license? That’s not right… don’t you have one already?” Gao Ran still didn’t realize what she was talking about.

“What test? Are you going to be a professional manager? Are you going to GK to help Mr. Qin?” Zhu Lingling was also surprised as she asked Huo Mian.

Huo Mian shook her head. “Neither. This time, I’ll be taking a medical exam, to get my medical license.”

“Damn… are you going to be a doctor?” Zhu Lingling exclaimed.

“Isn’t that exam a seasonal thing? Isn’t it every year around March? Are you sure?” Gao Ran seemed to know quite a lot.

“Director Wu and our hospital’s major chiefs sent a joint request, and it was approved. I can take the exams in about a week or so.”

“Then, you… would be able to achieve the dream you’ve had since you were young.” Zhu Lingling was excited for her.

Back when they were in high school, the two of them sat together…

Huo Mian read plenty of medical books, so Lingling knew that Huo Mian wanted to be a doctor more than anything in her life

It was because she never wanted to see her beloved family members leave the world due to pain and torment…

A lot had happened over these years, and for many things, Huo Mian couldn’t do what she truly wanted.

Zhu Lingling never dared to ask her about being a doctor again, because Lingling feared that she would become upset…

Who knew that this would all happen so suddenly…

“Yes… just like my post today, ‘the gift God gave me was only a bit late, but it was never lost’.

After all these years, she had been turning around in circles, but finally, she got the chance to achieve her initial dream…

“Congratulations… doctors aren’t a well-received profession nowadays, but I respect them very much… Huo Mian, I hope you can become an exceptional doctor.”

“Good luck… Honey.” Qin Chu took the lead to raise his glass.

The four of them celebrated together… and the atmosphere couldn’t be any better…

“Which specialty are you going to choose?” Gao Ran picked up a green vegetable and asked her an important question.


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