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Season 8

Episode 19

(Let Your Talent Blossom (10)

When Huo Mian went upstairs, she originally thought that only Director Wu would be there, but it turned out that there were about twenty or so people inside the conference room.

In addition to those from her hospital, there were a few renowned chief physicians from the First Hospital; it was certainly a sight to see.

Were they about to fire her?

Huo Mian became a bit nervous…

She really didn’t want to be fired, she loved her job…

Most surprisingly, Huo Siqian was there as well, because he was the founder and donor of the hospital’s Huo Foundation.

Therefore, he participated in South Side’s major decision-making process, of course, given that he had time and was willing to come.

“Director Wu…” Huo Mian was a bit dumbfounded after she walked in.

She looked around at all sorts of key members and renowned doctors and thought that she was in big trouble.

The hospital would only gather such personnel upon announcing something important.

“Please sit, Huo Mian.” Director Wu nodded at her, gesturing for her to take the only empty seat available.

Huo Mian nodded and walked towards it…

Huo Siqian rolled a pen in his hands and smiled upon seeing Huo Mian…

“A lot has happened at the hospital recently. I just got back from America… to take care of some personal matters, and I’m very sorry that I wasn’t available to handle things in a timely matter. I’ve let all of you down,” Director Wu said in a formal manner.

Huo Mian thought that Director Wu probably went to the States to help with Wu Xiaoxue’s immigration. After all, their entire family had immigrated.

Come to think of it, Director Wu was actually quite fond of that niece of his.

“First off, a few issues. Even though South Side lacks leadership roles, management is very well done. There weren’t any messes, and thanks to its improving reputation, there has been an influx of patients, and our track record is optimistic. Second… the incident involving Deputy Director Guo and Department Director Qi has already passed, so please stop gossiping about it, I hope we can move on. The newly-appointed Deputy Director will report to duty next week; he is a skilled manager whom I especially hired from out of town, and I believe that he is capable of successfully managing South Side. Third, and most importantly, I would like to talk about our colleague, Huo Mian.”

“Director, I will work very hard… you’re not planning on firing me, are you?”

Huo Mian couldn’t settle down and immediately stood up upon the mention of her name…

Everyone laughed…

It was as if everyone knew of something that only she didn’t.

“Mian, I didn’t know that you were capable of being nervous.” Huo Siqian laughed at how cute she was being.

“If you’re the one being fire, you won’t be able to stay calm either,” Huo Mian disputed.

Director Wu also laughed upon hearing what she said, “Sit down, no one’s firing you.”

“Then are you going to demote me? It’s fine, I don’t have to be a head nurse.” Huo Mian thought that she was being punished for what happened with Ni Yang. Or maybe it was because she had been taking too much time off, and it had angered the director?

“It’s not that either, listen to me.”

Director Wu didn’t know how to respond. He could tell that Huo Mian really liked working at South Side.

“After the hospital’s executives and chiefs looked into this, we’ve decided that with your current abilities, Huo Mian, you’re no longer suited to be a head nurse.”

“So you’re still going to punish me,” Huo Mian quietly mumbled.

“Your current professional and personal abilities are more than enough to become a qualified doctor.”

“Doctor?” Huo Mian was a bit shocked; being a doctor was a dream that she didn’t even dare to think about.

Ever since she chose to attend a nursing college, she basically lost her chance at becoming a doctor…

“But since you don’t have a doctor’s license yet, some of us have decided to send a joint request so you can go through a series of examinations.”

“Exams? What exams?” Huo Mian was a bit puzzled upon hearing what Director Wu said.


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