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Season 8

Episode 13

(Let Your Talent Blossom (4)

“I wanted to talk to you about those photos.”

“Um… Young Madam, I don’t want to sound rude, but you don’t work in this industry. I’m not sure you’ll be of much help.” Director Wang was a stubborn man and wasn’t confident in Huo Mian’s taste.

“How about this? I’ll talk and you can listen. If I’m wrong, feel free to point it out. If I’m right, consider my words as a suggestion.”

“Alright then…” Director Wang sat down in front of the computer, still not fully convinced.

Huo Mian walked over as well. She pointed towards a set of photographs and said, “I looked over these photos carefully. You’re probably thinking the same thing as I am. The pictures look very professional, have great lighting, and are shot from amazing angles. Their expressions and poses are perfect too, but something’s just not right, correct?”

“Yes… I’ve been struggling with this too.”

“I felt the same when I first looked over the photos, but quickly realized that since the problem wasn’t in the techniques, then it must be the people.”

“The people?” Director Wang looked puzzled.

Huo Mian nodded and continued, “Mo Xue’er debuted way too early, and as a queen in the entertainment circle, she exudes confidence. Ni Yang, on the other hand, debuted much later than she did. He’s more of a teenage heartthrob, fresh meat if you will. Although they’re quite similar in age, the dynamic doesn’t pair well. It’s awkward.”

“Hm… you know what? I think you’re right.”

With Huo Mian’s reminder in mind, Director Wang began to peruse through the photographs once more.

Although the clothes and make up for every picture looked perfect, there was truly something off with the dynamic between the two models.

It was as if the pictures depicted a relationship between a cougar and her boy toy…

“Young Madam, you’ve really hit the nail on this one… but… how should I remedy this? It’s not like I can switch models…”

“That’s exactly right. You should switch models.”

“But they are currently the most famous models in GK. Plus, it would be hard to tell them, no matter who I switch off.”

“That’s an easy fix. This is what you’re going to do, arrange different partners for them. Find two top-tier models to shoot with them. Of course, when choosing the models, keep in mind that Xue’er needs a mature gentleman while Ni Yang will need the sweet-pretty type of model to be his partner.”

Director Wang gave her a thumbs up and said, “Young Madam, you’re absolutely right. We will do exactly that. If I had known how easy a fix this was, I would’ve asked for your help much earlier. It would’ve saved us a lot of brainpower. Haha, unfortunately, both Ni Yang and Mo Xue’er now want to kill me. We’ve taken thousands of photos today… it has truly been a pain for everyone.”

“Then follow my plan. Bring the models over tomorrow morning and do the photoshoot. It’ll definitely make the deadline for the production process the day after tomorrow. They will go on two consecutive issues. This way, we can better promote GK.”

Of course, Huo Mian wasn’t there just to help…

Other than solving the issue, her goal was to give GK front pages in two consecutive magazine issues. She was hitting two birds with one stone.

“No wonder President Qin chose you… Young Madam, you are incredibly smart and a brilliant businesswoman.”

Huo Mian smiled…

“What are you so happy about?”

A familiar voice sounded from behind…

Huo Mian turned around and saw Qin Chu standing at the door.

“President Qin…” Director Wang immediately stood up at the sight of Qin Chu. He seemed to respect the man a lot.

“Is my wife causing you trouble?” Qin Chu asked as he wrapped his arm around Huo Mian’s waist, with a smile on his face.


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