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Season 8

Episode 9

(A Different Kind of Challenge (10)

“Sorry in advance, for the trouble I might cause for the rest of our lives.”

Wei Liao’s short sentence resulted in an uproar from the audience…

Jiang Xiaowei was a proud woman with a hot temper, yet tears began falling down her cheeks upon hearing what Wei Liao said…

He didn’t woo her with fancy words like other men did and didn’t spit bullshit about loving her until the end of the world.

All he said was: ‘Sorry in advance, for the trouble I might cause for the rest of our lives’.

But that sentence meant so much to her…

“Trust me, I won’t disappoint you…” Jiang Xiaowei flashed him a tearful smile.

Everyone began clapping…

Huo Mian clapped her hands together like crazy and ended up hurting her injury…

“Ah… ouch.”

“Take it easy, she’s getting married, why are you so excited?” Su Yu was speechless.

He was heartbroken by Huo Mian’s pain but only said mean things.

“I’m happy… I know a lot of couples, but none are like them. The truth is, love doesn’t come only when you’re ready for it. Sometimes when you get ready to receive love, it had already left. I hope that Wei Liao and Xiaowei can live happily ever after.”

Huo Mian was touched as she looked up to the two people standing on the stage, looking lovingly at each other…

Su Yu, on the other hand, stared at Huo Mian’s profile and felt a surge of sorrow…

“You’re so great, but you don’t belong to me…” was what he wanted to say to Huo Mian.

This engagement party almost became a disaster because the groom-to-be ran away. However, since Wei Liao went up to the stage, it turned into the celebration of a happy engagement.

Everyone stayed to celebrate, aside from the Du Family…

Huo Mian had a great appetite and scarfed down two bowls of rice. She felt like all the dishes were exceptionally delicious today.

No one dared to sit with Su Yu and Huo Mian…

Wei Liao, who sat at their table, went onto the stage and became the hero.

None of the others wanted to annoy Su Yu, so they didn’t dare sit with them. The two of them enjoyed a luxurious meal of 18 dishes.

Su Yu passed Huo Mian a napkin. “Wipe your mouth, you need to think about your image.”

“If I’m hungry, I’m going to eat. If I’m tired, then I’m going to sleep. It’s as simple as that,” unconvinced, Huo Mian refuted.

Su Yu originally wasn’t in the mood to eat, but upon seeing Huo Mian eat… the dishes in front of him began to look appetizing.

He picked up his bowl of rice and ate slowly…

He ate whatever Huo Mian ate; everything was surprisingly delicious.

“Honey… you’re here too?”

Su Yu suddenly turned around upon hearing this voice; surprised, he asked, “Mom, why are you here?”

“I’m good friends with Mrs. Jiang. There are so many people here so I just noticed you.” Mrs. Su smiled gently.

“This is…?” From afar, Mrs. Su saw her son sitting with a girl.

She saw how adoringly her son looked at this girl…

She had never seen her son look at anyone like this in the past twenty or so years he had been alive.

“Oh, this is my friend, Huo Mian,” embarrassed, Su Yu touched the tip of his nose and introduced her to his mother.

“Hi, Mrs. Su.” Huo Mian smiled.


“Then, she sat down between Huo Mian and Su Yu…

“How old are you?”


“What do you do?”

“I’m a nurse.”

“Who do you have in your family?”

“Mom… what are you doing, a background check?” Su Yu lost his cool; he pulled at his mother and shot her a look.

Mrs. Su rarely watched the news, so she wasn’t aware of Huo Mian and Qin Chu’s public broadcast of their relationship.

She thought Huo Mian was no more than a recent graduate…

“Mrs. Su, Su Yu and I are just normal, very normal friends,” Huo Mian, worried that Mrs. Su would misunderstand, immediately explained.

“I understand.” Mrs. Su smiled gently.

“Mom… you should go home, call me if you need me, okay?” In order to prevent his mother from asking Huo Mian any more questions, he chased her away.

Before Mrs. Su left, she patted Huo Mian’s shoulder, “Let me treat you to lunch sometime.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Su.” Faced with the gentle Mrs. Su, Huo Mian didn’t know what to do.

After his mother left, Su Yu felt like he could breathe again…

“My mom… she’s always like that, don’t think too much about it.”

“Okay.” Huo Mian nodded.

Just then, Wei Liao and Jiang Xiaowei walked up to them to make a toast…

“Hey guys, since you guys are engaged, isn’t it time to consummate your relationship?” Su Yu smiled shamelessly at Wei Liao.


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