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Season 8

Episode 1

(A Different Kind of Challenge (2)

The Universe Nightclub was the second biggest nightclub in C City, after Seductive Fox. However, unlike the latter, Universe was really badly managed.

A lot of people got drunk and wreaked havoc here, and police officers often frequented this morally-grey establishment.

Huo Mian didn’t want Qin Chu to come with her, because there were a lot of people here, and therefore, more eyes and ears.

If someone saw him, it might harm his reputation.

However, she was different. Huo Zhenghai had just acknowledged her status as a part of the Huo Family, so technically, any dispute she had with Huo Siyi would be considered a ‘family matter’.

Ever since the incident with Zhou Guangming at Seductive Fox, she was no longer impulsive.

Although right at this moment, she was furious enough to rip that scumbag Huo Siyi into a million pieces, she still decided to go with her plan…

“Miss, please stop.” On the top floor, a waiter stopped her.

“I’m Huo Siyi’s older sister, I’m looking for him.”

“Oh, you’re here to see Young Master Huo. He’s in Room E10.” The waiter saw that Huo Mian was alone, so he let down his guard…

Huo Mian nodded her head with a smile on her face and walked towards Room E10.

When she arrived outside, she didn’t go in, but rather glanced at her surroundings.

There was a vent not far away from where she was, and a rooftop balcony above her.

Huo Mian walked up to the dark corridor and used a lighter to look around…

She knew Huo Siyi well and believed that as long as she waited here, she would be able to see him.

Sure enough, three minutes later

A drunk Huo Siyi stumbled out the room with a hot girl, and the two of them made out in the hall.

Then, they walked up to the darker end of the corridor, neither of them noticing Huo Mian’s presence.

Just as Huo Siyi was about to reach out to grab the girl’s breasts, Huo Mian suddenly said, “Huo Siyi… you should really grow up… or else Huo Siqian is going to kill you sooner than later.”

‘Who is it?” Huo Siyi turned his head around drunkenly.

The girl was terrified. “Who’s there?”

“Oh, it’s you,” upon recognizing Huo Mian, Huo Siyi spoke with disdain.

He obviously wasn’t drunk to the point of obliviousness…

“Do you have the guts to come up and talk to me? Of course, if you’re too much of a chicken, you can ask your hot girlfriend to ask her friends to cheer you on.”

Huo Mian knew Huo Siyi’s temper, so she decided to goad him…

“You? Why would I be afraid of you? Are you kidding me? I can beat up ten people at once, let alone you.”

Huo Siyi then stumbled up to Huo Mian…

“Young Master Su…” the hot girl’s pouted in objection.

“Go back, don’t tell anyone,” he said for the sake of his own pride.

That woman glanced at Huo Mian but didn’t recognize her. She thought that Huo Mian was an ex-girlfriend of Huo Siyi’s who was here to cause trouble.

She sadly turned around to leave…

Huo Mian smiled and turned around to cross the corridor, walking up to the rooftop of Universe Nightclub.

Universe Nightclub had ten floors…

This was the tenth floor…

It wasn’t too high, but it was still terrifying to peer down the rooftop in the middle of the night…

Huo Siyi staggered behind Huo Mian, all the way up to the rooftop.

The cold breeze helped him sober up a little…

“What? Are you here to seek revenge for your little brother?” Huo Siyi asked provokingly.

Huo Mian’s back was towards him, and she only answered, “Yes.”

“Hahaha… why don’t you take a look at yourself in the mirror… Do you think you can really do anything to me? Don’t think that being accepted into the Huo Family makes you all high and mighty… Let me tell you, my dad told me that you’re just a dog to us… a dog, do you understand?”


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