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Season 7

Episode 90

(Let’s Make a Little Human (1)

Even though Ni Yang knew that Huo Mian was resourceful and almighty, he was still very worried…

After all, he was very stressed at a time like this…

Plus, he felt bad about troubling Huo Mian…

Huo Mian turned around to look at him, and she asked in all seriousness, “Are you superstitious?”


“Do you have any taboos of the sort…”

“I’m not superstitious…” Ni Yang shook his head obliviously.

“Then are you scared of dead people?”

“Uhm… I shouldn’t be. I still haven’t seen a real one yet…” Ni Yang wondered why Huo Mian kept asking him odd questions.

“Young Madam… please tell us, we’re really running out of time.”

Yingzi kept looking at her watch and was on the verge of a break-down…

If they offended Jin Lan, then they might not ever be able to go on Legendagain…

However, Qin Chu didn’t seem to know about what was happening…

All the GK executives were holding a closed-door meeting regarding the thirty-year-anniversary party.

“Fine… I only have one solution, and I hope that you won’t be offended by how heinous it is.”

Huo Mian was ruthless; she led Ni Yang and Yingzi around a corner and into a small remote Western-style building…

A massive sign was posted above. Ni Yang looked up and was immediately dumbfounded when he saw the word ‘Morgue’.

“Huo Mian… are you asking for me to pretend to be a corpse?” Ni Yang felt like crying.

“You can’t do that, it’s terribly bad luck if you pretend to be dead…” Yingzi immediately said.

Huo Mian glanced at them once and calmly said, “I’m not asking for you two to be corpses, I’m only asking for you to go out with the van that carries corpses. Are you up for it?”

“Uhm…” Ni Yang became dumbfounded once again.

“Time is running out, let’s go. It’ll be fine, it’s just a dead body, it won’t…” Yingzi said, determined to get out.

– Five minutes later –

A transport van carrying corpses slowly left the back door of the hospital…

There were plenty of fans and reporters there, but no one suspected the corpse van.

Ni Yang wore a white jumpsuit with a sanitary mask, as he sat with Yingzi in the freezer at the back.

The driver and delivery man sat up front…

The corpse was wrapped up by a long black bag…

Even though it looked very scary, Huo Mian said that the person who died was an old grandpa who died peacefully of old age.

He was to be transported to a funeral home to be cremated, and there was no need to be scared…

Plus, they didn’t have to stay in the van for too long, as everything would be fine once they left the hospital and exited the overpass.

– An hour later –

At the much-anticipated TV show, Legend Column …

They all knew that Ni Yang was trapped at South Side and waited for broadcasting station to be humiliated.

However… a bizarre scene occurred…

Ni Yang, in a handsome chocolate-colored trench coat, was sitting in the live broadcasting studio and was interviewed by Jin Lan.

In the end, viewership ratings were higher than ever…

The television station entrance was blocked once again…

“That Ni Yang sure is an immortal… his car was clearly still at the hospital, and he couldn’t get out under everyone’s eyes. How did he do this? Does he know how to teleport?” Tang Chuan exclaimed in the WeChat group.

“Once again, this sounds like the great works of Goddess Huo…” laughed Wei Liao.

Su Yu didn’t say anything, but he knew that only that weirdo Huo Mian was capable of getting Ni Yang quietly out of South Side, without anyone noticing…

“Please sit, Ni Yang.”

“Hello Sister Jin Lan,” Ni Yang shone a rare smile at her. Ever since he accepted Huo Mian’s odd treatment, he clearly became more cheerful than he was before. Back then, he wouldn’t even go on interviews, because he was scared that he would say something wrong.

“Everyone’s very concerned about your contract recently… Could you tell us why you ended up switching from Imperial Star to GK?”

Jin Lan’s questions had always been very sharp…

After she asked, everyone in the audience was rattled up… as they all waited for Ni Yang’s response.


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