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Season 7

Episode 58

(Worst Fear Came True (8)

“Of course not… He Man was behind all of it.”

“He Man?” If Wu Xiaoxue hadn’t brought her up, Huo Mian almost forgot that she existed.

“That evil woman hated that I was happily married to Ning Zhiyuan, because she thought that Ning Zhiyuan broke up with her because of me. But the truth is, she’s stupid. I can swear that even if it weren’t for me, Ning Zhiyuan would still never marry her because she’s nothing but a whore. No one would ever want her.”

“Xiaoxue, you’re still not fully recovered and shouldn’t get too agitated. Take your time.”

“I hired investigators to look into it. I had my suspicions, so I told them to get me a tape of the driver who hit me and ran away. You know him as well.”

“I know him?” Huo Mian was even more surprised.

Wu Xiaoxue nodded her head. “Do you remember the pregnant patient who tried to blackmail you?”


“It was her husband. I don’t know how, but that man began hooking up with He Man, and they were together for quite a while. During that time, they planned their attack on me while I was driving and almost killed my baby… Later, I went looking for that man, but they already broke up. By then, He Man and Ning Zhiyuan were back together, so she dumped him. At first, he didn’t want to settle and went looking for He Man, but she hired people to beat him up and broke his leg.”

“Seriously?” Huo Mian frowned.

If what Wu Xiaoxue said was true, then He Man was truly an evil nut…

“Yeah, so I was thinking of seeking revenge against her before leaving the country.”

“Xiaoxue, don’t be silly. You’re leaving the country soon, and shouldn’t risk things…” Huo Mian tried to convince her otherwise.

“Don’t worry, I won’t kill her. I won’t dirty my hands with a bitch like her. I just need to teach her that what goes around comes around.”

Huo Mian was only at Wu Xiaoxue’s for a short amount of time and didn’t even eat the food the nanny made.

It was Wu Xiaoxue’s post-birth meal and a little too bland for Huo Mian’s taste …

Before she left, Wu Xiaoxue handed her a long, rectangular box.

“What’s this?”

“Since I’m leaving, I wanted to give you something. This is my favorite surgery set. I bought it in Germany, so it’s really good quality… I used it to perform countless C-sections on patients who experienced labor dystocia, you can say that I saved a lot of people… Your techniques are great, and I hope that you can use this to save more people. Of course, if you don’t end up becoming an OB/GYN doctor or working in that department, this could be something to remember me by… Once I arrive in Seattle, I don’t plan on being a doctor anymore,” Wu Xiaoxue said faintly.

“You don’t plan on being a doctor anymore?” Huo Mian looked at the set of scalpels but didn’t take it.

“No, my baby’s still young, and I want to be with her as she grows up… I want to open a Chinese restaurant. It’ll better suit my appetite anyway. I won’t be able to get used to Western food every day.”

Then, Wu Xiaoxue stuffed the scalpel set into Huo Mian’s hand…

“Thanks.” The scalpel set felt heavy…

“Huo Mian… bye.” Wu Xiaoxue seemed to be saying goodbye in advance.

“When are you leaving? Send me your itinerary, I want to send you off.”

“No, it’s okay, there’s going to be a time difference. My flight’s in the middle of the night, and I’ll be leaving with my family, so don’t worry about me.”

“Remember to call me.” Huo Mian wasn’t ready to say goodbye.

“I will… you too. I hope that one day, I’ll be able to see you as a doctor…I know that you’ll be an outstanding one.”

Huo Mian smiled, but she didn’t say anything.

After leaving Wu Xiaoxue’s apartment, she saw a man walking towards her as she headed down the stairs.

“Mian… why are you here?” Ning Zhiyuan was here to pick up some stuff but was surprised to bump into Huo Mian here.

He immediately froze in his steps… They were 3 meters apart… and their eyes rested on each other.


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