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Season 7

Episode 100

(A Different Kind of Challenge (1)

“Mian… It’s all my fault… I wanted seafood, and Zhixin said that restaurant was cheap… and the crabs there were fresh, but we never thought that we would bump into Huo Siyi and his friends.”

“Huo Siyi…?” Huo Mian frowned.

“Yeah, I think Huo Siyi and his friends were just passing by. When they saw us outside the restaurant picking out seafood, they came out of their cars to make fun of us… Huo Siyi started harassing me, I think he was drunk… Anyway, Zhixin was mad and got into a fight with them. They left after giving him a beating. They were driving a black Ferrari, and the license plate is…”

“I got it,” Huo Mian interrupted her and then got up.

“Take good care of him. Once he comes out of the emergency room, tell him to go back to school first.”

“What about you?” Huang Yue felt restless.

“I’m fine, I just need some fresh air.”

Gao Ran and Zhu Lingling immediately went up to Huo Mian when they saw her coming out of the waiting room.

“Is your brother okay?”

“Yeah, he sustained minor external wounds. You guys should go home, it’s late.”

“Where’s Qin Chu?” Gao Ran asked.

“His mom is at the hospital too. He’s upstairs, and we’re going home after he comes down.”

“Okay then, let’s meet up another day.” Seeing that everything was okay, Gao Ran and Zhu Lingling left as well.

Huo Mian watched them leave…

Then, she quickly went downstairs and hauled a cab…

“Where to?”

“Drive around the nightclub area, I’m looking for a Ferrari with the license plate, CE2110.”

Huang Yue didn’t have to tell Huo Mian Huo Siyi’s license plate number for her to know what it was. She had seen Huo Siyi drive it a couple of times before…

– VIP room of the First Hospital –

“I thought you weren’t coming?” Mrs. Qin was happy to see her son, but she still feigned anger at him.

“Are you okay?”

“I wish I was dead, then no one would be in your way,” Mrs. Qin said with a b*tch face.

“You should go rest up with my dad in the States…”

“I’m not going, I won’t go. Don’t think about chasing us out of the country and then living your life with that little vixen… Chu, she’s ripping you off, one day she’s going to take our family for all we’re worth. I went to a Chinese fortune teller, and he said that you guys aren’t meant to be together. You’re not compatible and will face many obstacles in your way… Chu, you need to come to your senses.”

“You must be tired, goodnight.” Qin Chu looked at his mother hopelessly.

Her mother was still the same, and he was too lazy to fight with her about the same thing, over and over again…

“Young Master, are you leaving?”

“Take good care of her.” Qin Chu turned around to leave after saying this.

After he went downstairs, he couldn’t find Huo Mian anywhere…

He only saw Jing Zhixin sitting there, with a bandage around his head… Huang Yue was sitting beside him.

“Where’s Mian?”

“My sis? I have no idea, Yue said that she went to say goodbye to Gao Ran and Lingling.” Jing Zhixin had no idea what was happening.

Qin Chu immediately took out his phone to call Gao Ran’s number…

“We left already. Huo Mian? After she sent us off, she said that she’s going home with you.”

After hanging up, Qin Chu then called Huo Mian…

“I’m sorry, the subscriber you dialed is powered off.”

“Damn it…” Qin Chu became worried; he knew that something was bound to happen.

“Chu, what’s wrong? Where’s my sis?” Jiang Zhixin asked.

“She… she might have gone to avenge you.” Qin Chu immediately ran down the stairs after finishing his sentence…

“What? Avenge?” Jing Zhixin and Huang Yue were flabbergasted.

Huo Mian had been fed up with Huo Siyi for a long time now…

She didn’t want to pay too much attention to him; after all, she wasn’t about to stoop down to his level…

She had just shown her support for his ascendance to the corporate vice-presidency.

But then, he proceeded to harass Zhixin…

Huo Mian loved Zhixin and would never let anyone hurt him…

– Outside Universe Nightclub –

“Sir, could you stop here?”

Huo Mian saw Huo Siyi’s flashy Ferrari parked outside…

She elegantly got off the car, took out a hair elastic from her pocket, and tied up her hair.

Then, she slowly walked into the club…



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