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Season 7

Episode 73

(Whoever Touches My Man Shall Die (3)

“Don’t worry Mom, I didn’t get this money from the Qin Family. It’s from my own salary. I don’t need anything, so there’s no use in having this money. Your store isn’t doing so well these days, and you’re always holding back on even buying food. You shouldn’t be so harsh on yourself. Zhixin and I have both grown up now, so it’s about time you start enjoying life.”

No matter what Yang Meirong said, Huo Mian still stuffed the envelope into her mother’s apron pocket.

There was twenty thousand yuan inside…

Huo Mian didn’t dare to give her mother too much, because if she gave her mother too much cash, her mother still wouldn’t spend it, and it was unsafe to keep that much money at home.

“Fine, then I will keep this for you, and I’ll give it back to you when you need it later.”

“I don’t need it, just consider them living expenses. Mom… if you want to go back to your hometown, I could take a break from work and come with you.”

Huo Mian faintly remembered that her mother hadn’t visited her hometown for several years now…

“I won’t go back, what’s the point? Your grandmother and grandfather are no longer around anymore. Those gambling uncles of yours only ask me for money, and only money, every time they see me. A while ago, your aunt called me after seeing your interview on TV. She said now that you’ve married into a wealthy family, she wanted you to find her daughter Xiuling a nice husband. I’ve refused. I don’t even want to talk to your aunt, she’ll cause tons of trouble if we’re not careful.”

“Fine, but if you decide to go back, then remember to tell me. I’ll go with you.”

“It’s okay, we are not going back. My home will be wherever you and Zhixin are in the future,” Yang Meirong said while she washed dishes.

“Right… Mom, I suddenly thought of something.”


“I heard that… Huo Zhenghai wanted to do a DNA test on me not long after I was born, and Uncle Jing took me there?”

“Yes, I was still resting postpartum and didn’t have the energy to bother with all that.”

“Didn’t he say anything upon finding out that I was his daughter?” Huo Mian probed.

“He gave us some money, around two hundred thousand or so, but I didn’t care about his filthy money at all… so I told your Uncle Jing to send it back and cut all ties with him.”

“Oh…” Huo Mian seemed to be in her own thoughts.

“Why? Why would you ask about this all of a sudden?” Yang Meirong looked at her daughter somewhat curiously.

“Nothing, I just remembered this all of a sudden. My birth caused quite a scene back then, and he even a DNA test on me. Come to think of it, a man as cautious as Huo Zhenghai would definitely do a DNA test.”

“Yes… he’s an old fox.”

Then, Huo Mian didn’t say anything else and walked out of the kitchen after washing the dishes…

“It’s getting late. Honey, let’s go home.”

“Okay.” Qin Chu gracefully stood up.

“Brother-in-law… I’ll be over for an internship at the most basic level in your company this holiday break, please don’t forget.”


Qin Chu nodded, and then the two of them said goodbye to Huo Mian’s mother and walked out of the old house.

“What did you say to Zhixin?”


“Don’t spoil him all the time,” Huo Mian ordered.

“I know.”

“Honey, there’s this thing that’s very strange. Help me analyze it…”

Inside the car, Huo Mian thought of what happened recently and decided to share it with Qin Chu.

“Okay, go on.”

“I’m not Huo Zhenghai’s daughter, that’s for sure, but apparently back in the day, Uncle Jing took me to find Huo Zhenghai to do a DNA test, and I was proven to be his daughter. At the time, Huo Zhenghai gave my mother two hundred thousand yuan in child support, but my mom didn’t want it, so she told Uncle Jing to return it to Huo Zhenghai.”

“What were you wondering?” Qin Chu said while he driving.

“I was wondering why Uncle Jing kept my identity a secret? He even managed to trick Huo Zhenghai, why though?”

“Maybe he doesn’t want anyone to find out,” Qin Chu slowly said.

Huo Mian nodded. “Also, I suspect that Uncle Jing didn’t give that money back to Huo Zhenghai.”

“Instead, he gave it to the doctor who performed the DNA test?” Qin Chu followed.

“You’re smart… I was thinking the same thing. This makes sense now; Uncle Jing deliberately planned to hide my identity and colluded with the doctor who performed the DNA test to trick Huo Zhenghai, so the Huo Family doesn’t know about this. Oh, that’s not right, I can’t say that no one in the Huo Family knows. I think… that maybe Huo Siqian knows about my real identity.”

“Huo Siqian?” Qin Chu felt incredibly comfortable upon hearing this name.


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