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Season 7

Episode 62

(The Means of a Calculating B*tch (2)

“If the set-up really failed, I would be celebrating like I always do…”

“So, it went well?” Huo Mian asked her in surprise.

“I wouldn’t say that it went well. My parents really like this person, but I don’t really feel comfortable about it.” Then, Jiang Xiaowei poured two glasses of liquor, passed one glass to Huo Mian, and downed the other one.

“Ahem… let me secretly drink with you another time, my husband is downstairs. If he finds out that I’ve been drinking, he’s going to kill me.” Huo Mian really didn’t have the guts to sneak a drink. Last time she drank, she ended up at the police station, and Qin Chu’s interrogation made her want to slit her throat.

Mr. Qin was really scary when he was mad. Yes, he spoiled her, but he would never tolerate her malicious habits.

“Okay, then I’ll drink …” Jiang Xiaowei poured herself another glass and drank it all in one gulp.

She didn’t even blink and drank the alcohol like it was water…

Huo Mian had never seen a more intrepid girl than Jiang Xiaowei…

“You didn’t like him?” Huo Mian probed.

“How should I put this? He’s someone who is suited for marriage. He’s 30 years old and is a young president who works in the environmental protection sector. He got his PhD degree from abroad and is a business genius. He’s handsome, well-cultured, has a clean family background, and has not been in a lot of relationships.”

“Woah… how can you not like him?” Upon hearing Xiaowei’s description of him, even Huo Mian was impressed.

Good men barely existed nowadays, being able to meet a man like this during a set-up date was extremely lucky.

“Yeah, he seems good at first sight, and I think he’s a good person to marry… but… something’s missing.”

“You’re not feeling it?”

“Something like that… He’s a typical Scorpio and is so rational it’s scary… He knows exactly what he wants, and I know that he doesn’t love me. He thinks that I’m good for marriage, and once we get married, he’ll be able to have a wife. From the surface, we look like a perfect couple, a perfect pair, but we are just going to be putting on a show to the outside world when the feelings aren’t there.”

“But you can’t think like that, what if you guys start developing feelings for each other after you get married? There are a lot of people who fall in love after marriage.”

“But I’m not willing… and I don’t want to take this bet… What if I still don’t like him after we get married? Am I supposed to get divorced?” Jiang Xiaowei smiled bitterly.

“What’s the situation right now?” Huo Mian asked.

“Our parents want us to… get engaged in a week.”

“That fast?” Huo Mian was shocked.

“Yeah… did you know? I’m actually contradicting myself. On one hand, I feel like at my age, I should just find a decent man to marry. After all, I’m not a young girl and can’t fantasize about love and romance anymore. On the other hand, I’m really not willing to settle… When I get married, I want to marry for love and not because someone is suitable for marriage… After all, the man you choose will determine how you live in the future.”

“You have a point there, so what do you plan on doing?” Huo Mian sympathetically looked at Jiang Xiaowei.

She was such an outstanding woman, but she’s miserable, all because of the pressure of marriage…

At that moment, she felt relieved that Qin Chu was the one she married…

If she had married Wei Dong to save her brother or continued pretending to be ordinary and married Ning Zhiyuan, she wouldn’t be as happy she was right now… After all, it was pathetic to marry a man she didn’t love.

“I don’t know what to do either, you need to help me think of a way.” Jiang Xiaowei poured herself another drink.

Before she drank it, however, Huo Mian took the glass from her…

“What’s the point of getting drunk? You’ll still have to face reality when you sober up.”

“Then what am I supposed to do, Huo Mian… Do I really have to marry that man? I’m not willing to settle…” Jiang Xiaowei looked at Huo Mian, her eyes glistening with tears.

Before Huo Mian had the chance to speak, the door of their private room suddenly opened…

“I can’t believe you wouldn’t even come say hi to me! Is there someone else more heartless than you in this world?” Su Yu walked in with a grim expression on his face.


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