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Season 7

Episode 91

(Let’s Make a Little Human (2)

“I’ve actually always wanted to sign with Imperial Star, but later… something came up.”

“Come you talk about what happened that led you to change your decision?” asked Jin Lan.

Ni Yang was silent for five seconds…

Then, he looked at the whole crowd and slowly said, “Because I wanted to help my big sister.”

“Sister? You have a sister?” Jin Lan continued to ask.

“No, she’s not my biological sister, but she’s closer than that. I really respect her character.”

“Then your sister… is she in any way related to GK?”

“Yes… my sister is the young madam of GK.”

The crowd present went wild after Ni Yang spoke…

Sounds of surprise came from the crowd…

“I met her by chance and thought she was a really nice person. Now, I treat her like an older sister. A while ago, President Qin’s company was about to open a film and television company, and given our close relationship, I decided to sign with GK.” Ni Yang smiled.

“The young madam sure gets along with others quite well. Just a while ago, there’s been rumors of you guys being more than friends… It turns out you treat her like a sister. It’s great that everyone finally knows now.”

Ni Yang’s live broadcast caused quite a lot of turbulence…

However, it also disproved the rumored relationship between Huo Mian and Ni Yang from before.

Once Qin Chu came out of the conference room, the problem had already been solved…

He heard Assistant Yang’s rambled re-telling of the whole event…

Then, he looked down and remained silent for three seconds before asking, “So the company wouldn’t take care of things when a celebrity under our label was trapped, and my wife had to take care of things? Then why did I spend all that money on the public relations team? Are they just for show?”

Assistant Yang could tell by the president’s tone that he was pissed…

“Don’t worry sir, Young Madam was very capable. She solved it perfectly and successfully moved Ni Yang out of South Side… I’ve already spoken to her on the phone. Ni Yang’s negative news stories have already been drowned out by the live broadcast.”

“The most important thing is… if my wife had to handle every single thing, then am I just paying for all of you to sit around and do nothing?”

It wasn’t that Qin Chu didn’t want Huo Mian to intervene with company’s dealings…

Instead, he didn’t want to trouble his wife and make her worry about company matters all the time.

She already had plenty to deal with at South Side…

“Sir… it was an emergency, I wanted to come to find you, but you were in a closed-door meeting and we couldn’t get in.”

“Oh? So, you mean it was my fault?”

“No, no, no… I’m just saying that it’s good that Young Madam helped us out of this mess. Please don’t be mad, sir.”

“Notify the PR Department that their salaries for this month will be deducted by fifty percent… and fire everyone on the public relations team at GK’s Film and Television.”

“Uhm… fire them all? Is this really appropriate?”

“Why are you still here?” Qin Chu stared at him.

Assistant Yang was so scared that he immediately ran off and disappeared…

The president was hardly ever this pissed off, but he was truly terrifying when he was.

After news got out, the incident immediately became the hottest topic on Weibo…

Was GK’s public relations team incompetent? No, they were a gold-plated team that had survived all sorts of trouble and turbulence.

They once helped bring an adulterous actor back to life…

They really weren’t incompetent this time; instead, their Young Madam was just too fierce.

No one normal would ever consider getting Ni Yang out in a corpse delivery van.

She was so terrified that she appeared a little twisted…

However, it was exactly what Huo Mian did, and Ni Yang’s safety was guaranteed…

After Huo Mian dealt with Ni Yang’s problem, she went to see Department Director Li.

“Director Li, there’s a mole inside the hospital… I’m uncomfortable with the leak of Ni Yang’s file… I suggest that we investigate into this.”

“That can’t be. Only you, me, and Director Wu know about this…” Director Li kept shaking her head.

“Could it be that our database was hacked? It doesn’t seem plausible… To avoid drawing attention, I’ve especially changed Ni Yang’s name. They shouldn’t know… Director Li, are you sure no one else aside from the three of us knows about it?”

“Oh… I just thought of another person who knew…” Director Li suddenly thought of someone.

“Who is it?” Huo Mian looked up and asked nervously.


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