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Season 7

Episode 88

(High IQ Kills(9)

As expected, this old man had an objective every time he said anything…

“I already told him, your assistants will schedule the meeting later on.”

“What about Su Yu… can’t you help Yanyan… your Auntie Shen said that we won’t let you help us for free… we could transfer the east-end ecological park villa to your name… all you need to do is introduce them… that’s it.”

“Sorry, Mr. Huo, I don’t know Su Yu well… and have no talents to deserve your villa, really… It’s too expensive of a gift.”

Huo Mian placed her bag onto the passenger seat of her Audi R8 and then got into the car after she spoke…

A villa? Hehe, did she really need one?

“Head Nurse, I’m sorry to disturb you on the weekend, but could you come over?”

“What happened?” Huo Mian asked as she picked up the call from one of the nurses at South Side.

“A lot of fans and reporters have gathered here. I don’t know who started the rumor that Ni Yang was seeking treatment at our hospital, and he’s been diagnosed with something like depression. The situation is very chaotic right now, and Director Wu is in America right now so he won’t be able to come back on time. No one is in charge right now, so Department Director Li told me to call you.”

“Okay, wait for me, I’ll be right over.”

Huo Mian stepped all the way down onto the gas pedal and drove towards South Side at a great speed…

How did Ni Yang’s chart get out? Who leaked it? There shouldn’t have been a lot of people who even knew about this.

South Side was in complete chaos when Huo Mian arrived…

Even a calm person like she was scared by the scene before her…

Tons of fans surrounded the hospital entrance…

There were all sorts of media outlets, and although the police were here, they couldn’t control the scene.

“Gao Ran… what’s wrong?” Huo Mian hadn’t seen Gao Ran in days.

She went up to ask when she saw him giving orders and trying to control the situation.

“Ah… I don’t want to talk about it, someone leaked the information that the kid, Ni Yang, was being treated here… and now it’s completely messed up… I haven’t had anything yet today, I’ve been trapped here this whole time, trying to maintain order. I told them to leave, but they won’t listen… his fans are so stubborn…” Gao Ran complained.

A situation like this was supposed to be under the jurisdiction of the closest police office branch…

However, there were too many people around and they couldn’t handle it, so they asked for backup…

To avoid more commotion, the director of the Public Security Bureau personally issued orders for Gao Ran to come here with his team.

“Okay… then I’ll head in now to see what’s going on inside.”

As Huo Mian walked inside, her cell phone rang…

“Huo Mian…”

“My lord… where are you?” Huo Mian called Ni Yang several times along the way but he never picked up, so she was very worried.

“I’m trapped on the top floor, and I can’t get down at all… some fans pretended to be patients and managed to get into the hospital… What should I do? I can’t get out, and I have an interview this afternoon.”

“Why didn’t you tell me beforehand that you were coming over?” Huo Mian felt helpless.

“Department Director Li said that she wanted to do a check-up on me, and I didn’t think too much about it… I also didn’t know that someone leaked the information… Sister Yingzi is basically yelling at Director Li right now…”

“Okay, stay there and don’t move. I’ll be right up.”

Huo Mian changed into her lab coat after she walked in…

“Head Nurse, you’re finally here, you should head up.”

Huo Mian knew that she was only a head nurse, and she didn’t have the authority to represent the hospital.

Even though the hospital deputy director position had been kept empty ever since Deputy Director Guo got into trouble… there were plenty of other leaders who could handle this, but why weren’t they here? Of course, it was because they didn’t want to assume responsibility.

After all, this incident caused too much of an uproar… If handled properly, then they wouldn’t be praised since it was within their duty to do so; but if handled improperly, they would face disciplinary actions.

Everyone wanted Huo Mian to take the fall for this difficult and uneasy task…

They all thought Huo Mian’s current status was too distinguished. Even if something were to happen, given his respect towards President Qin, Director Wu wouldn’t say anything.

Huo Mian could understand them, so she had no complaints, even if she had to take the fall for everything…

After she arrived on the top floor, she saw Ni Yang in the hypnosis room, walking in circles anxiously with a mask covering his face.

“Huo Mian… you’re finally here. What should we do? I only have an hour left before the interview, and I haven’t changed or done my makeup yet… I need at least half an hour to get to the television station… what should I do? I have to be there, I’m being broadcasted on Legend .”


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