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 Season 7

Episode 47

(Fame Comes with Trouble (7)

“I know… I just think that if we announce it, then I would be labeled as Qin Chu’s wife and won’t be able to live a quiet and peaceful life.” Huo Mian thought that as soon as the news got out, it would definitely blow up and cause massive turbulence.

“Labels don’t matter at all, the most important thing is that you’re my wife. That’s the truth, isn’t it?” Qin Chu smiled.

“That’s fair.” Huo Mian nodded, thinking that Qin Chu had a point.

“Soon, it’ll be GK’s thirty-year anniversary party, and you’ll be able to attend as my wife… Honey, I know you like to lay low, but once in a while, you should be more high-profile… After all, you have to kill the hopes of the women who desire your husband.”

“Sheesh… I think it’s you who wants to kill the hopes of those who desire me.”

Huo Mian was extremely smart, so of course, she knew what Qin Chu was thinking…

“My great wife, you’re truly right…” Qin Chu didn’t hide it.

“Then… fine, let’s announce our relationship then.” Huo Mian also felt like hiding their marriage wasn’t a viable solution. They couldn’t sneak around like this for the rest of their lives. After all, marriage was between two people.

After dinner, Qin Chu and Huo Mian held hands and walked around their community; they rarely got to do this…

Since their marriage, this was the first time that they showed themselves off this proudly in the community…

Plenty of wealthy people lived in Imperial Park, so after someone sneakily took a photo, they spread the picture amongst the wealthy circles and word quickly got around.

“Hey, isn’t this a picture of Huo Mian?”

“Let me see…” Su Yu was immediately excited.

“You’d better not see it… it’ll hurt.” Wei Liao looked at Su Yu with sympathy.

“It’s fine, my heart isn’t made of glass.” Su Yu barbarically snatched Wei Liao’s phone after he spoke.

It was certainly Huo Mian’s photo in Wei Liao’s WeChat friend circle, and the man beside her was Qin Chu.

Huo Mian wore a beige tracksuit, and her hair was up in a ponytail. She was looking up at Qin Chu, sweetly smiling at him…

Sadly, the smile wasn’t meant for him…

“Qin Chu’s been making a lot of moves recently, I thought he was always on the down-low. Why is he showing off like this now, allowing for his photo to be taken? Is he going to announce their relationship?”

Wei Liao wasn’t dumb, so after analyzing the situation, he felt like it was very likely.

Su Yu quietly looked at the picture but didn’t say anything…

“See, I told you not to look at it. It’ll hurt you, why didn’t you listen to me?”

Wei Liao snatched his phone back…

“So what if he announces their relationship? Can he stop the sky from raining? People still have their freedom,” Su Yu faintly said, and then picked up a glass of liquor from the table, drinking three consecutive shots.

Wei Liao often ridiculed Su Yu, but after all, they had known each other for years and were very close friends.

He felt empathetic towards Su Yu’s current situation…

“Su Yu, how about…” Before he could finish, Su Yu stopped him.

“If you want to tell me to give up, don’t, because I won’t.”

“You’re too stubborn, there is plenty of fish in the sea… why do you have to torture yourself like this? With your influence, the whole country would rumble at your single command. You could pick any girl to be your wife or to sleep with. You’re basically an emperor who’s allowed to pick as many concubines as he wants.” Wei Liao sighed.

“Humans evolved from apes, so we’re all despicable deep down… you’re right, there is plenty of fish in the sea, but I only want Huo Mian.”

“There’s nothing that can be done to save you.”

“I don’t need help, things are fine the way they are…” Su Yu might be in great pain, but he was actually quite grateful that a woman like Huo Mian appeared in his life.

Her appearance seemed to have become a turning point for his life.

Even the way he lived had completely changed…

He no longer lived as absurdly as he did before – he stopped sleeping with female celebrities, stopped wasting money, and stopped getting drunk.

All of a sudden, he even had a goal in his life…

So it was actually a happy pain…

After Qin Chu and Huo Mian returned from walking around the community, Huo Mian felt a bit stuffy, so she went into the washroom to take a shower.

However, just as she took off all of her clothes, the door was suddenly pushed open…

Huo Mian was so scared that her immediate response was to cover her chest.

“What are you doing?”

“Yeah, that’s a good idea, let me do you.” Qin Chu smiled naughtily as he began to unbutton his shirt.

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