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Season 7

Episode 60

(Worst Fear Came True (10)

“What? You won’t even fulfill your husband’s only wish?” Qin Chu grieved.

“Mr. Qin… you’re bullying me…” Huo Mian clamored.

She was inexperienced to begin with, so why would he ask her to take initiative…

Her on top? Oh my god, it was so dirty she didn’t even want to think about it…

“I’m kidding, let’s eat.” Qin Chu lovingly let go of Huo Mian’s hand.

Then, he enjoyed a seafood meal with her…

Qin Chu’s stomach was sensitive, so he only had some lobster congee…

“Oh right, Honey, I wanted to talk to you about something.”


“Huo Zhenghai helped me today, but he asked me for a favor in return.”

“What favor?” Qin Chu looked up and glanced at Huo Mian.

“He wants to have tea with you and talk about a possible partnership between the Huo Corporation and GK.” Huo Mian decided to skip the part about Su Yu.

She didn’t want to mention Su Yu in front of Qin Chu because she didn’t want to give her husband a headache…

Even though there was nothing going on between her and Su Yu…

“Haha… he sure is calculating.”

“Yeah… he went over to my mother’s house today and completely duped her by pretending to be a good father… But I told them that I’ll arrange for you guys to meet, and you will decide whether a partnership will happen. I’m only responsible for putting you guys in the same room. You’re not mad at me, are you?”

“Why would I be?” Qin Chu smiled.

“Really? So you plan to meet up with him?”

“I’ll do it… since my wife already agreed, I have to save you face…” Qin Chu spoiled Huo Mian to no end.

He never blamed her for acting on her own accord…

“Honey… you’re the best.”

“I know… so shouldn’t you thank me later?”

“Ugh… here you go again.” Huo Mian was truly speechless.

Ever since Mr. Qin came back, he had been craving more sex than usual…



“I once saw on a female magazine that couples are only supposed to do it 2 or 4 times a week, it’s not good for our health if we do it too often,” Huo Mian said in all seriousness.

“But… I also read on a magazine that newly-weds can do it once a day, or many times a day.”

“Um… really?” Huo Mian was flabbergasted.

“Yeah… so we’re not even married for a year yet and are supposed to be in our honeymoon phase, isn’t it normal to want more? Why, honey… are you sick of me?”

Huo Mian melted at the sight of Mr. Qin’s innocent expression…

“No, I’m not… Honey, why would I be sick of you?”

“So you’re saying ‘yes’ to being on top tonight?” Mr. Qin then proceeded to dig a hole.

Then, our little fox that claimed to be a genius foolishly jumped right in…

The truth was when you’re faced with the person you love, all your IQ would be flushed down the toilet.

She couldn’t resist Mr. Qin’s seduction, and ended up taking initiative and being on top, with her hands on her face the whole time…

But, it felt really good; she realized that this position… was really nice…

Obviously, she still had a lot to learn…

Seeing Huo Mian moan in pleasure, Qin Chu chuckled and decided that they were going to switch positions more frequently in the future.

His goal was to try out every one of the 108 positions on the book…

It was going to be fantastic…

After Mr. Qin tired Huo Mian out, she laid on their bed, exhausted and ready for bed.

However, Jiang Xiaowei suddenly called her.

“Huo Mian, come hang out. I’m on the top floor of Seductive Fox, Room C.” Then, Jiang Xiaowei immediately hung up the phone.

Huo Mian was instantly awakened…

Ever since she became friends with Jiang Xiaowei, her heart had been in overdrive…

She always appeared and disappeared as she wished…

“Honey, are you heading out?” Qin Chu asked curiously when he saw Huo Mian sleepily leave the bed to get dressed.



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