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 Season 7

Episode 50

(Fame Comes with Trouble (10)

“I don’t think there’s anything special about the young madam… I hear that she comes from an ordinary family, graduated from a third-rate university and is no more than a head nurse. She isn’t pretty, and her figure isn’t sexy. I don’t know what President Qin sees in her. He’s the only reason she’s driving a million-yuan car. But from how I see it, she managed to marry into a wealthy household because she’s manipulative and calculating… and she’s very resourceful. She’s been seducing him since high school; women like her who are determined to marry rich aren’t that innocent…”

Jiang Linyue judged Huo Mian as she sipped on iced coffee…

Her words were incredibly sharp, and the little employees nearby no longer dared to say anything…

If they sided with Jiang Linyue, then they would offend the young madam…

If they helped out the young madam, they would offend Jiang Linyue, someone they couldn’t afford to offend.

Everyone left as they finished their meals…

Jiang Linyue was filled with anger, and she didn’t have much to eat…

She didn’t expect them to announce their relationship so soon…

However, there were advantages to the announcement. That way, Huo Mian would have to face all the trouble and attention.

Jiang Linyue’ predictions were certainly right…

That night, a local internet thread exposed Huo Mian’s family background.

The title read, ‘GK’s Young Madam, a Rare Calculating B*tch’.

Then it listed Huo Mian’s ten sins, with her faults and mistakes tightly packed together.

“1. She was dating someone before, but she dumped her innocent college boyfriend to marry into a rich family.

2. To marry into a rich family, she encouraged Qin Chu to move out of his parent’s home, and messed up his relationship with Mrs. Qin.

3. Her mother was once a mistress, and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

4. She always acted as if she wasn’t a gold-digger, but because she seduced Qin Chu, she’s now living in a luxurious mansion and driving a million-yuan car.

5. She bought a sports car for her little brother under GK’s name.

6. She has quite a relationship with the famous idol, Ni Yang… apparently, Ni Yang betrayed his agent and Imperial Star Entertainment for her.

7. To rid herself of blame, she keeps denouncing her ex-boyfriend, to the point that Ning Zhiyuan is about to be fired by the hospital he works in.

8. She was pretentious and arrogant. She performed a C-section on a pregnant woman without a doctor’s licence and physically harmed that patient.

9. She once got into a fight with someone while partying at Seductive Fox Night Club, but the news was suppressed by the Qin Family.

10. A while ago, she was sent to the police station because she attacked someone, and blamed it on the Deputy Hospital Director of South Side, just so she would be promoted.

The ten points above clearly identifies Huo Mian as a manipulative bitch…”

As soon as the news came out, it caused a massive commotion…

Comments on the internet poured in at astounding speed and mass…

Most of them cursed at Huo Mian. That’s how the internet was – people began cursing and lecturing her before they were informed of the truth.

Su Yu, Tang Chuan, and Wei Liao were having hotpot when the news broke out…

Wei Liao held up his phone and looked through it. “Huo Mian is in great trouble now. Maybe she was too pronounced, and thus attracted haters.”

“What happened?” Su Yu raised his head.

He couldn’t help but persistently ask about all news regarding Huo Mian…

“Take a look for yourself.” Wei Liao handed over his phone.

Su Yu’s expressions immediately turned grim after he read it…

“Look into this IP that wrote this, I don’t think he wants to live anymore.”

“Calm down, Mr. Su. Her husband isn’t even worried yet, why are you so agitated… Plus, you’re not in a position to prove her innocence, so you should just stay quiet and watch what happens.”

“I can’t do that, these are completely made up.”

Su Yu had also closely investigated Huo Mian, so he knew better than anyone what the truth was.

If Huo Mian was truly a manipulative b*tch, how come he couldn’t see it in her?

“This is very normal, Big Boy Yu. There are plenty of poor people these days, and most of them hate the rich. They can’t stand it when others live a better life than them. It’s also reasonable for them to hate on Huo Mian like this, but given her current position and status, she wouldn’t be shaken by a few ‘dark secrets’, so don’t you worry,” Tang Chuan also consoled him.

Huo Mian was just having dinner with Qin Chu at a Korean restaurant when she saw the news.

She held up her phone, randomly looked through it, and then laughed, “Who wrote this, it’s as if they know me very well.”

“We knew this was going to happen when we decided to go public, and things like this will occur more often in the future. Honey, you’re now standing at a place where the wind and the waves are the fiercest… Are you scared?” Qin Chu stared into Huo Mian’s eyes as he asked, word for word.

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