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Season 7

Episode 80

(High IQ Kills (1)

“Everything you say is good.”

When Qin Chu was talking to Huo Mian, his voice was always warm beyond belief…

When Jiang Linyue heard Qin Chu say that, her face paled…

The president really loved his wife, letting a woman who knew nothing about business management transfer her away.

And the president himself actually silently admitted to it… what the hell is going on?

“Director Jiang, what do you think about my suggestion?” Huo Mian wrapped her arms around Qin Chu’s neck from the back and looked at Jiang Linyue with a smile on her face.

“I don’t think Young Madam’s decision is wise. After all, I am only the director of the Design Department. I don’t think I am capable of managing a branch office…” Jiang Linyue was overwhelmed by anger as she said through gritting her teeth.

“No, I think you’re too capable. You did well all along, and you’re wasting your talent being the director of the Design Department. We trust you.”

“I…” Jiang Linyue was just about to argue back.

Then, she heard Huo Mian say, “Of course… if you think that you cannot excel in that position, you can resign… As everybody has their own choices… Rest assured, seeing that you’re an old employee who has been working at the company for many years, President Qin will give you unemployment benefits for sure.”

Upon hearing that, Jiang Linyue’s face darkened completely…

“I won’t resign, I can excel at that position. Thank you for the arrangement, Young Madam,” Biting her lip, Jiang Linyue forced the words through her mouth.

“Oh, if that’s the case, why don’t you transfer today? Take tonight’s plane to T City, there are many things waiting for you to sort out.”

“Tonight? Isn’t that in a bit of a rush?” Jiang Linyue looked at Qin Chu, begging for redemption.

She seemed to be hoping that the president would speak up for her…


“Do whatever my wife said… if you need anything, communicate with Assistant Yang. That’s all for now.”

After indifferently saying those words, Qin Chu looked down and continued going through company statistics.

Jiang Linyue’s forced smile was uglier than her crying face…

“Thank you, President Qin… thank you, Young Madam, for your trust…” Biting her lips, she left with a heart filled with hate.

After Jiang Linyue left, Qin Chu raised his head and lovingly pinched Huo Mian’s face.

“It’s my first time seeing you be jealous, you’re so domineering.”

“What? You don’t like it?” Huo Mian tried her hardest not to laugh.

“No, I like it a lot… if you’re always so dominant, you should be the president of GK from now on. I’ll be a stay-at-home dad who cooks and looks after the kids.”

“Haha… good, stay true to your words.” Huo Mian burst into laughter.

“Of course, but we have to have a kid first… otherwise, how can I look after them?” After speaking, Qin Chu suddenly turned around, grabbed Huo Mian, and pulled her into his lap.

“Hey… this is your office… don’t be reckless…” Huo Mian immediately panicked.

“Don’t worry, there are no security cameras in the office.”

“It’s not about security cameras, what if someone walked in…” Huo Mian didn’t get the chance to finish her words before Qin Chu’s dominant kisses drowned her…

He knew that they were at his office, he didn’t think about doing anything other than kissing.

In other words, it was always his wife overthinking every time, so wasn’t she the one being a bit too dirty-minded?

When Jiang Linyue walked out of the president’s office, she had already cursed Huo Mian more than a thousand times.

She didn’t think that Huo Mian would be so reckless, transferring her away. What was worse was that the president agreed.

Was it to force her to quit? Would she back down in the face of danger?

No, it was just a branch office, right? She’ll prevail.

She won’t be easily beaten by that woman, Huo Mian…

A little bit of impatience would spoil big plans…

“Director Jiang… are you alright?” seeing her cloudy expression, her assistant asked.

“Starting from today, I am no longer your director… I’ve been transferred to the branch office in T City to be the new general manager.”

After speaking, Jiang Linyue began packing with a grim expression on her face…

The news about Jiang Linyue’s transferral spread across the corporation, and some gossiped that it was because she had offended the president’s wife.

That was why she was banished…

When it was time to leave work, Qin Chu held Huo Mian’s hand as they left the headquarters.

The two decided to return directly to their home at South Hill Manor, but as soon as they got onto the car, Qin Chu got a call.

“Young Master… your mother was hospitalized,” the maid anxiously said.

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