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 Season 7

Episode 54

(Worst Fear Came True (4)

“Mom… I originally thought that you were just mad in the heat of the moment and angry at me for keeping this secret from you. Even if you don’t like her, she’s still a member of our family. I can’t believe you would ally with outsiders to expose our dirty laundry… It’s fine if you don’t care about my or Huo Mian’s reputation, but how can you not think about what this might do to the company? You’re so reckless.”

“Of course I thought about the company’s reputation, and if you were really thinking about the company, you shouldn’t have married Huo Mian. Don’t lecture me, I may not know anything about managing a company, but at least I know that much.” Mrs. Qin hated that her son would always protect Huo Mian.

Therefore, she had a belly full of fury to vent and objected to everything her son said…

“Fine, if that’s what you think, then I really have nothing else to say… before you wrap your head around things, I don’t think we will be coming back to this home again.” Then, Qin Chu turned around to leave.

“Hey… stop right there!” No matter how Mrs. Qin yelled, Qin Chu was unwilling to stop.

“Young Master… I made sweet soup,” the housekeeper stood below the stairs and said timidly.

“I don’t want it.”

With that, Qin Chu left home with an indifferent expression on his face…

He basically declared that before he forgave his parents, he would never come back to the manor.

“Why didn’t you say something, are you mute? This is what you get for spoiling our son.” Mrs. Qin started venting her anger on her husband.

Qin Yumin had reading glasses on and a history book in his hand. He was calmer than ever.

“I’m not the only one who spoiled our son. Plus, I didn’t think he did anything wrong. He’s done well to manage the company and dealt with the accident in T City well. I’m proud of him.”

“So what, a successful career isn’t everything… look at the kind of woman your prized son ended up marrying, huh? Open your eyes wide and take a good, long look!” Mrs. Qin roared.

Qin Yumin took off his reading glasses, looked at his wife, and asked, “What’s so wrong about Huo Mian? Aside from the fact that she was born into an ordinary family and that she didn’t go to a world-famous university, what’s so bad about her?”

“Everything’s bad about her! She’s ugly and her temper’s awful. Do you know how impolite she is to me?”

“You clawed her, so she clawed you. It’s not like you’ve treated her so nicely in the past. Is she stupid? Why would she still be nice to you?” Qin Yumin refuted.

“Fine… you guys are all standing against me, aren’t you? Seriously, what kind of life is this.”

“Lan!” Mrs. Qin shouted.


“Tidy up the guest room, I’m sleeping there tonight…” Mrs. Qin said as she headed out their bedroom.

“Um…” The housekeeper looked helplessly at Qin Yumin.

“Let her be.” Qin Yumin was more than used to his wife’s crazy rants.

He had endured her bad temper all these years. Now that she was older, she had taken it to the next level.

Not to mention how she tried to meddle with her son’s love life… she basically face-slapped her own son in the face. This time, she had gone too far.

Mrs. Qin’s exposition tanked Huo Mian’s reputation to some extent…

Both Zhu Lingling and Zhixin messaged Huo Mian, asking about what happened.

However, Huo Mian remained calm and didn’t say much else.

The next morning, Huo Mian went to work like always…

The employees at South Side were all used to this because they were aware of Huo Mian’s conduct. Those who liked to gossip discussed the incident amongst themselves.

None of the others, however, talked about what happened…

– At lunch –

Things took a turn into another direction…

Huo Zhenghai personally acknowledged Huo Mian in public to be a part of the Huo Family, and he claimed that he and Huo Mian’s mother was in love back then and that she wasn’t a mistress.

He stated that they broke up peacefully because of differences in personality and that Huo Mian had always been his daughter.

As for Mrs. Qin’s objections, Huo Zhenghai’s response was, “I never ask about my children’s relationships, I’m happy as long as she’s happy. That’s her prerogative. Everyone thinks their child is the best; Mrs. Qin may think that my daughter isn’t good enough for Qin Chu, but to me, Qin Chu’s not good enough for my daughter.”

As soon as his remarks got out, it slapped Mrs. Qin hard on the face… Then, all the major outlets began re-posting this on their websites.

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