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 Season 7

Episode 56

(Worst Fear Came True (6)

“Um… I’ll find a time to arrange this, but I’d like to make something clear… I’m only responsible for arranging your meeting, but it’s up to my husband to decide whether he wants to collaborate with you.”

“Of course.” Huo Zhenghai was satisfied with the results.

“Oh, and… in the future, don’t meddle in my personal matters without my approval,” Huo Mian said coldly.

Just as Huo Zhenghai was about to say something, Yang Meirong came out with a bowl of soup…

“Drink it while it’s hot.”

“Okay.” Huo Mian nodded.

“What were you guys just talking about?” Yang Meirong asked.

“We… talked about Mian’s childhood. The truth is, I wasn’t a good father to her. With Mian’s talents, she could have attended a reputable university. If she did, Mrs. Qin and the Qin Family wouldn’t look down on her, and no one would gossip about her.” Huo Zhenghai was good with his words; he pretended to show remorse in an attempt to win Yang Meirong over.

Yang Meirong was really gullible, and she immediately fell for Huo Zhenghai’s deceiving kindness …

Huo Mian secretly sighed; she finally understood why her mother lost to Shen Jiani all those years ago.

Shen Jiani was much more calculating than her mother would ever be…

Maybe that was a good thing, because if her mother was the one who entered the Huo Family, Jiang Hong would’ve bullied her to death…

Not everyone was fit to live in the Huo Family. Only vicious beasts could survive.

“So what if Mian didn’t go to a reputable university? She’s a smart girl who can outperform anyone. The MDs who worked at First Hospital all graduated from prestigious schools, but so what? The hospital director still asked my daughter to help with his niece’s surgery and even called her in the middle of the night for help. It’s safe to say that the director values my daughter’s skills. She’s now famous at South Side, and I personally think she’s outstanding. Those who turn white into black should go to hell, karma will get them, sooner or later.”

Naturally, Yang Meirong spoke in favor of her daughter…

She went on for minutes; Huo Zhenghai smiled but didn’t respond…

“Mom… I’m fine, don’t worry about me and don’t listen to what other people say. If the reporters come looking for you, don’t let them in. They don’t have the guts to trespass. If they go overboard, call the police, or hang out with Auntie Wu during the day.”

Huo Mian knew that the exposure of her marriage meant that her family would be constantly harassed…

“I know, I’m fine, just take care of yourself,” Yang Meirong said.

After leaving home, Huo Mian suddenly thought of Wu Xiaoxue, whom her mother had just mentioned.

She hadn’t talked to her in days; had Wu Xiaoxue recovered from childbirth?

Therefore, she made plans to check up on her after work…

After a busy afternoon at South Side, Huo Mian called her.

Then, she bought a bunch of baby stuff and drove to her home.

On her way there, she was watching the news, which reported on how Ni Yang was cornered by reporters and bombarded with questions.

“GK has been involved with one scandal after another, do you regret signing with them?”

“I don’t, GK is great,” Ni Yang replied nonchalantly.

“GK’s president’s wife was born poor and isn’t highly educated, what do you think about that?” another reporter asked.

“I think they’re a great couple. Chairman Mao used to be a cowherd, Zhu Yuanzhang used to be a beggar, and Liu Bang used to be a punk (TL Note: these are all people that went on to become a leader of a country/kingdom). You can’t determine a person’s success by their family background, but rather by their capabilities, okay? I hate those who slam on someone’s family background, I completely support Mr. and Mrs. Qin and am a huge fan of them.”

Ni Yang had a lot of fans, so he was really influential…

Therefore, right after the interview came out, herds of Ni Yang’s fans went to show their support for Huo Mian on Weibo.

Public pressure immediately fell toward the other side…

At this time, what Qin Chu’s mother had said in her interview seemed insignificant…

If she said anything else, people would curse at her for being an evil mother-in-law.

Huo Mian smiled… this young boy sure had the guts to take a stand.

The other stars under GK all took neutral stances because they didn’t want to put themselves in the line of fire. Ni Yang, on the other hand, basically sacrificed himself.

Just then, she received a phone call from Ni Yang.


“Sister Mian, did you see my interview?” He sounded like an excited kid.



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