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Season 7

Episode 75

(Whoever Touches My Man Shall Die (5)

Qin Chu turned around with spoiling adoration, and looked into Huo Mian’s sad eyes…

He was immediately heartbroken…

So he turned around, and said, “Let’s end things here today, thanks everyone for your hard work.”

The executives went into an uproar once again… the meeting with their boss just reached a crucial point, but because of the Young Madam, the president immediately ended it. How capricious were they…?

“Boss, we were talking about something important just now, and you still haven’t clearly issued your orders on the specific sections of the party raffle yet. Are we to use our own jewelry, or should we use the Italian brand, OW?” Jiang Linyue refused to give up and tried to trap Qin Chu with work.

Qin Chu coldly looked at those in his screen and said, “If you need me to finalize all the details, why would GK need executives like you?”

Everyone immediately fell silent…

No one dared to say anything else…

Qin Chu raised his hand and closed his laptop with a ‘slap’… without any hesitation.

“Sorry… honey, I’ll try to get these things done during the day and not work at night.” Qin Chu looked at Huo Mian apologetically.

Truth be told, Huo Mian was incredibly moved…

She only wanted to play a few tricks to show the scheming Jiang Linyue who the boss was.

However, she never expected that Qin Chu would spoil her this much and that he would even end such an important meeting.

She felt a bit guilty, did she just take things too far…?

“Honey… maybe you should continue on with the meeting, I don’t mind sitting here with you,” Huo Mian tried to convince him.

“No, it’s getting too late. You still have to work tomorrow. We should go to bed, let’s go.” Qin Chu wrapped his arm around Huo Mian’s shoulder.

The two of them walked out of the study…

“Honey, are you hungry?” Qin Chu suddenly asked.

Huo Mian shook her head…

She was actually fairly tired, if she didn’t see Jiang Linyue in the video conference just now, then she was planning to go to bed after giving Qin Chu his cup of coffee. However, since that woman was around, she had to put on a flirtatious show. Who knew that Qin Chu would be so supportive? He immediately turned off the video conference without another word, as if he wanted to spoil her to the moon and back.

After their president shut off his laptop, the executives still sat there…

“Director Jiang, you knew that… President Qin is known for spoiling his wife, why would you rush towards that gunpoint?” Someone sighed.

Jiang Linyue coldly said, “If the young madam really loved President Qin, then she shouldn’t have intervened with our company business. What is this? The boy who cried wolf? If she keeps doing this, one day, she’ll ruin GK. She nothing but bad luck.”

“Ahem… you better not let the president hear this, or else he’ll fire you on the spot. Okay, it’s late now, let’s all go to bed.”

The executives all consecutively went offline…

Jiang Linyue turned off her computer, overwhelmed with anger…

She prepared tons of materials and details, which she originally planned to show off in front of the president.

However, before she even had the chance to, Huo Mian came in and ruined everything…

“Huo Mian… just you wait. They might be all scared of you, but I, Jiang Linyue, am not.”

Jiang Linyue squeezed the prepared materials into a ball, and threw them into the garbage can…

– On the wide bed –

The two of them fell asleep in each other’s embrace, and Qin Chu held Huo Mian like a child.

“Honey… will you always be this good to me?” Huo Mian asked as she wrapped her arms around Qin Chu’s neck.

“Of course.”

“Forever and always?”

“Yes.” Qin Chu didn’t hesitate at all.

“Then what about our next life, what if we lose our memories when passing through the River of Forgetfulness? Will you still remember me?”

“Honey… why are you so sentimental today?” Qin Chu smiled as he gently caressed Huo Mian’s beautiful hair.


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