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Season 7

Episode 57

(Worst Fear Came True (7)

“I did.”

“What do you think?”

“You’re awesome…” Huo Mian praised.

“Haha… I don’t know if I was of any help.”

“Of course you were, your fans overwhelmed my Weibo and the haters,” Huo Mian said into the microphone on her headphones as she drove.

“That’s a relief… Oh, right, when I get the time, I want to go see you at the hospital. I think I’m sleeping much better now, and we can continue on with our treatment plan.”

“Okay, don’t worry. I’ve got you on my mind.”

After hanging up Ni Yang’s call, Huo Mian arrived in Wu Xiaoxue’s neighborhood…

She parked her car outside the residential district and went upstairs…

When Huo Mian rang the doorbell, a middle-aged woman opened the door.

“Hi, I’m here to see Wu Xiaoxue.”

“Okay, come in.” The nanny opened the door to let Huo Mian come in.

“She’s in there.” The nanny pointed at the master bedroom.

Huo Mian took the things she bought right into the master bedroom…


“You’re here, Huo Mian.” Wu Xiaoxue was breastfeeding on the bed.

“You’re breastfeeding?” Huo Mian was surprised because not a lot of people did it anymore, especially rich people. They usually fed their children milk powder or hired a wet-nurse.

“Yeah… the mom’s milk is the best for the child.” Wu Xiaoxue smiled.

Her smile shone with motherly love…

She had gained weight, and her face was plumper than it used to be. But her complexion wasn’t that great, probably because of the late nights with her baby.

“These are for your baby.” Huo Mian handed her the baby clothes, shoes, and toys she bought.


“How much longer before you completely recover from childbirth?” Huo Mian sat down on a chair next to the bed and asked her as she played with her baby.

“Five more days.”

“That’s fast…”

“Yeah, it is. Five more days before my baby is one month old.” Wu Xiaoxue looked at the baby girl in her arms lovingly.

Huo Mian looked at the baby closely; her skin was white, she was chubby, and her features resembled that of Ning Zhiyuan.

She didn’t look much like Wu Xiaoxue…

“Does she have a name yet?” Huo Mian asked.

“Yeah, she does, Wu Xinyue. My uncle picked it.”

“Xinyue? Yeah, that’s a really good name, it’s so pretty. Director Wu is good at picking names. But her last name is Wu, does that mean you’re really divorcing Ning Zhiyuan?”

Upon hearing this, Wu Xiaoxue’s expression changed slightly. “Yeah, he agreed to divorce.”

“What about your baby? Does he not want her?”

“I’m not giving her to him even if he asks me to. Plus, he doesn’t want her.” Wu Xiaoxue smiled bitterly.

“Don’t worry, an outstanding woman like you will meet someone better for sure.”

“That’s what I was thinking.”

After Wu Xiaoxue finished breastfeeding, she passed her baby to Huo Mian. “You should hold her. If you hadn’t taken the risk of operating on me in the middle of the night, she would’ve turned into a puddle of blood a long time ago. You saved her life.”

“Don’t make it sound so serious. Xinyue is lucky and destined to be your daughter.” Huo Mian used to work in the OB/GYN department, so she knew how to hold children. After carefully taking Xinyue in her arms, she played with her.

“What about you, anything going on in your tummy?” Wu Xiaoxue asked.

“No, maybe the time isn’t right yet…” Huo Mian looked up and smiled.

“What about you, are you leaving right after the baby turns one month old?”

“Yeah, we already signed the divorce papers, and once I completely recover, all we need to do is go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to finalize our paperwork… I’m leaving in 15 days. In 15 days, I’m leaving this place behind me, and restarting my life in Seattle.”

From Wu Xiaoxue’s tone, Huo Mian could tell that she was reluctant to say goodbye…

“Don’t worry, I’ll come to visit you guys in the States, and you guys should come back to visit as well.”

Huo Mian hugged Xinyue as she said, “Little girl, grow up quickly so you can protect your mommy.”

Wu Xiaoxue’s eyes suddenly glistened with tears…

“Huo Mian… the truth is, I don’t want to go. But I have no choice; my heart… has been broken into a million pieces.”

“Xiaoxue, don’t cry, you need to be brave.” Huo Mian felt awful seeing Wu Xiaoxue like this.

From being pregnant to giving birth to her child, she never had any peace and quiet…

“Huo Mian, do you know who was behind the accident that I got into?” Wu Xiaoxue suddenly asked hatefully.

“Huh? Wasn’t it an accident?” Huo Mian froze for a second.


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