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 Season 7

Episode 89

(High IQ Kills (10)

He could push any other interview aside, but Legend … was broadcasted live.

All previous marketing promotions had already been released, so if he didn’t go… He might not be able to go again. After all, the hostess, Jin Lan was a person with strict principles.

“Don’t worry, I’ll think of something.” Huo Mian was also struggling since they were pressed for time.

“Those fans are super intense… they recognized me no matter what I wore. Even if I dressed up as a woman, they still might recognize me. There’re so many people outside the hospital right now, not even a fly could get out…”

Ni Yang was filled with regret, it would be a shame if he didn’t go on Legend …

– Outside the door –

Ni Yang’s agent, Yingzi was shouting at Department Director Li…

“How do all of you run this hospital… how many times did I tell you? No one can find out about this. This is ridiculous, now the whole world knows… Let me tell you, if anything bad comes out of this news, then I’ll file a lawsuit against your hospital, and you, his primary physician.”

Director Li was quite elderly, but she had never encountered such a scene…

“We’ve always kept things a secret, I really didn’t know what happened… Calm down, let’s find out a way to deal with this.”

“What do we have left to discuss? They’ve blocked our way… Legend began promoting this live episode with Ni Yang since half a month ago… but look what happened. There’s only an hour left, and Ni Yang is still stuck inside here… There are crowds and crowds of people outside the hospital… so you tell me, what are we supposed to do?”

The old lady, Director Li, was helpless in front of the short-tempered Yingzi…

She was about to lose her confidence and be trampled all over… when Huo Mian pushed open the door and walked in. “Don’t be so hard on Director Li, I’ll think of a way to get you guys out.”

“Young Madam…” Ever since Yingzi found out that Huo Mian was Qin Chu’s wife, she treated her much more politely.

She stopped screaming at her and causing scenes like she was just doing…

“I believe that our hospital has done a very good job keeping things a secret, and we will look into the reason it was leaked. Now isn’t the time for you to fixate on this issue anyways, getting Ni Yang to the interview comes first, so I have to think of a way to get you two out.”

Yingzi knew that Huo Mian would put the GK reputation first, so she would never leak Ni Yang’s case.

Naturally, she trusted Huo Mian completely…

“Fine… but is there a way right now? I get dizzy just by looking at those people outside…I don’t think that even a fly could get out. Those paparazzi aren’t average people, they would dig up someone’s grave if they had to.”

Yingzi was quite worried…

“It’ll be fine. You two, come with me.”

Huo Mian looked at Department Director Li, who was covered with sweat. “You should get some rest, Director Li, I’ll talk to you later about the leak.”

“Okay, sorry to trouble you, Huo Mian.”

Director Li also knew that no one wanted to take the lead at a time like this…

Huo Mian helplessly took up this responsibility… At least, she had to protect Ni Yang and South Side.

– At Imperial Star Headquarters –

“President Su, should we get our PR team to make a move on Ni Yang’s incident?”

“Why would we? He’s not under our label” Su Yu calmly practiced Chinese calligraphy in his office.

He knew about what happened with Ni Yang when everything erupted half an hour ago.

“No, what I meant to say was… should we use this opportunity to get someone to stir things up? After all, he’s under GK …”

An couldn’t get over the fact that Ni Yang had originally planned to sign with Imperial Star, but in the end, went to GK…

He was protesting the injustice for his boss…

“Only weaklings do despicable things such as taking advantage of someone’s misfortune… It’s not my style. You still haven’t eaten yet, have you? Hurry up and get lost, go and get some food.”

“Yes, sir.”

After An left, Wei Liao called him…

“Huo Mian is at South Side as well, don’t you care? Ni Yang’s disease may be real, and I think Huo Mian already knew about this… I hear that the Legendinterview is starting in an hour, but Ni Yang and his agent are still trapped at the hospital, unable to get out. Their cars have been surrounded by crowds and crowds of people… It’s super rowdy there.”

“What does that have to do with me?” Su Yu asked calmly.

“Don’t you think that at times like this, Huo Mian always manages to turn things around? I very much anticipate Huo Mian’s performance, haha.” Wei Liao hung up upon finishing his sentence…

Su Yu placed the unfinished Chinese calligraphy down, picked up the remote control, and turned on the T.V.

On TV., there was a live broadcast of South Side…

“This damned little girl always seems to have something up her sleeves…” Su Yu said to himself. He truly anticipated Huo Mian’s reaction as well.

Under these circumstances, how would she help Ni Yang out of the deadlock and into the television station? The difficulty level seemed to have reached five stars…

“Sister Huo Mian… you still haven’t said how you’re going to get us out,” Ni Yang quietly asked as he followed behind her.

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