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 Season 7

Episode 49

(Fame Comes with Trouble (9)

“Hello, President Qin and Mrs. Qin.” The host, Jin Lan, gracefully smiled and shook their hands.

“Hello Sister Jin Lan,” Huo Mian was very modest, because Jin Lan was about forty years old, and looked like a competent, middle-aged woman.

“Don’t be nervous, please sit.” Jin Lan gestured, and then the three of them sat down on a long couch.

“I heard that you two are very low-key and rarely show your faces, is that right?” asked Jin Lan with a smile on her face.

Huo Mian looked at Qin Chu, and Qin Chu signaled for her to reply…

She smiled as she replied, “Yes, we don’t like to expose our private life too much since it would become troubling.”

Jin Lan, “That’s right, the outside world didn’t even know that President Qin was already married. You’ve kept things very secretive. I’m curious, when did you two get married?”

Huo Mian, “Four or so months ago, it might be nearly five months now.”

Jin Lan, “How did he propose to you back then?”

Huo Mian, “He didn’t, we went straight to the Civil Affairs Bureau because we’ve known each other since high school.”

Jin Lan, “Speaking of that, I have something to ask President Qin. Apparently, you studied abroad in the States for seven years… but you two didn’t stay in contact during that time, and yet you got married immediately after coming back to the country. Your actions have confused a lot of people, so how did you plan this out?”

Qin Chu was silent for a few seconds, and then he replied, “It’s very simple. I knew that Huo Mian would be my wife when I first saw her many years ago, so even though we didn’t stay in contact during this period, I’ve already put ‘marry her’ on my ‘must-do-list’.”

Then the entire studio was filled with thunderous applause…

Qin Chu’s response was extremely determined, and the audience saw how sincere his love was…

Jin Lan, “Wow… I never expected President Qin to be such an infatuated person. Do the two of you ever fight in your day-to-day life?”

Huo Mian, “Hardly ever, we share quite an unspoken understanding.”

Jin Lan, “Then if the two of you can’t agree on an issue, who ends up listening to who?”

Qin Chu, “We go with what my wife wants.”

The crowd ‘wowed’ in surprise…

No one expected for the leader of the GK empire to adore his wife this much.

Qin Chu and Huo Mian only went on this show to tell the whole world that they were married.

Then, they revealed some daily details of their lives and basically tortured all the single people out there.

Su Yu stared at the screen, and only looked at Huo Mian, as if every smile and every movement was enchanted with abnormal magic, drawing him in…

He couldn’t take his eyes off her…

As for Huo Siqian who was also watching at his office, he just carelessly laughed, “That little sister of mine is finally flaunting her relationship. Seems like someone is declaring his rights over her.”

– The Qin Manor –

“Who let our son accept the interview? Aren’t you going to do anything about it?” Mrs. Qin was furious.

She even called the television station to cause trouble and tried to stop the live broadcast…

However, they didn’t listen to her, so she ended up venting all of her frustrations on Qin Yumin.

“Our son is old enough, and he can make his own decisions. We shouldn’t cause more trouble… At our age, we should just enjoy our retirement. You shouldn’t cause such a fuss….” Qin Yumin calmly looked at the T.V.

“What do you mean by ‘at our age’? That seductress Huo Mian has always been trying to seduce Chu and is always stirring up trouble. Now she has even pushed our son onto a live broadcast to announce their relationship. This is just great, now the whole world knows that she’s our daughter-in-law. What am I supposed to tell those wealthy ladies later on? I’ve always told them that my son was single and that they should look out for possible daughter-in-law candidates for me! This is basically a slap to my face.”

No wonder Mrs. Qin was so furious, it turned out she was face-slapped…

“You did that to yourself.” Qin Yumin didn’t help his wife this time.

Ever since Huo Mian came over for dinner last time, he had already acknowledged Huo Mian’s status as his daughter-in-law…

He even wanted to have a grandson while he was still in good shape and enjoy the happiness of a big family…

However, Mrs. Qin still couldn’t get over it, as if Huo Mian was a needle in her eye.

“No, I have to think of a way to deal with her. I can’t let that little monster stir things up in our family.”

Upon finishing her sentence, Mrs. Qin stood up and went upstairs…

– At the GK Corporate Headquarters –

All the employees watched the live broadcast of their president and his wife during their lunch break and were rattled up…

“Young Madam is really elegant, I like her a lot,” many of the female employees praised Huo Mian.

Jiang Linyue’s face remained grim…

“Director Jiang, what do you think?” Someone who didn’t know how Jiang Linyue felt towards Qin Chu had the audacity to ask for her opinion.

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